500,000 Invaders “Vanish” in Germany

More than 500,000 nonwhite invaders who entered Germany last year have already “vanished” and most likely have spread out through western Europe, making use of the “freedom of movement” European Union rules, new figures have shown.

The figures, released in answer to a question in the German parliament, showed that only around 600,000 invaders—of the 1.1 million who officially entered—stayed in Germany.


According to a report in the far left Die Tageszeitung in Berlin, there were officially 1.25 million “refugees” registered in Germany as of the end of 2015.

However, this number includes 627,000 invaders who were already registered at the end of 2014, meaning that the actual number which registered in Germany in 2015 “only” rose by around 600,000.

The numbers showed that around 950,000 of the total had either been offered asylum, were awaiting an answer, or were officially “tolerated” although their application had been rejected.

Figures from the Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge (Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, BAMF) revealed that during 2015, there were a total of 442,000 new “asylum” applications handed in, of which only 283,000 had even begun to be processed.

A further 300,000 meanwhile had not yet even lodged an application.

Government officials have tried to explain the huge discrepancies by blaming the fact that the 1.1 million arrivals reported for 2015 comes from the government’s EASY registration system. This system supposedly records every nonwhite invader who arrives in Germany, even those who then travel on to other countries.

The EASY system also only records those who present themselves to the border authorities—and therefore those who enter the country by any other means are not even counted.

In addition, it was earlier reported that at least 130,000 nonwhites who had registered with the EASY system had just “vanished” in-between registration and allocation to the invader centers.

Other figures from the BAMF found that increasing numbers of invaders are getting “protected status” in Germany.

The official figures show that in 2014, “only” 25 percent of applicants were granted asylum, but in 2015, this figure had risen to 48 percent, and for the first two months of 2016, the “acceptance” rate had risen to 64 percent.

In addition, the BAMF figures said, another 10 percent of applicants were granted protection for “other reasons,” meaning that at the end of the day, “only” 24 percent of applicants are being rejected.

The “open doors” invitation by Chancellor Angela Merkel to the entire Third World to come to Germany has therefore had consequences for all of Europe, not just Germany

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    1. Nothing is as it happens . An older plan of 100 years of destruction of the United Nations is going on now in Europe . The purpose of the ? A Babylon the world in which one nation has the right to keep its identity and to defend their interests .

    1. in fact, your list would be endless……!!!! All thanks to the stupidity of one woman, Merkel. May she die and rot away somewhere

  1. Pretty sure all those “vanished” will miraculously reappear during the Summer months, as girls start to undress for the warmer weather.

    1. Yes it will be interesting as the crime increases in Germany. We will be entitled to laugh at the stupid German populace and pity the other European countries as the coming crime wave ensues.

      1. Herman J, that is not fair to refer to them as the “stupid German populace”…rip Merkel all you want, however…I get to feeling the same defensive way here in USA when we as a whole get ripped to shreds by others just because we have a hijacked Whitehouse administration, House, Senate and overall Government, owned & operated by the dozens of Zionist Jewry lobbies operating throughout our entire country, making the rules, deciding what constitutes as hate speech, decides what our news is, it is beyond disgusting and the only innocent people I have a problem with, whether it be here in the JewS.A. or in Western Europe, anyone who is aware of just exactly what is going on and chooses to keep their head in the sand or WORSE YET, supports it! Anybody who is not Jewish needs to be aware and cognizant of the FACT that the Jew is the common dangerous enemy of all white Europeans, and this includes us white Americans, as the populus of whites are of European decent, myself Eastern European, half Polish and half Ukrainian. I am horrified for Europe and the horrible invasion that’s taken place and continues to worsen. I read about Hungary and think to myself if they can do it, why can’t other countries do this? I love that Orban is giving the big F.U. to slimebag Soros, whose money can’t buy him everything he wants as he seems to think he is entitled to. I wish somebody would kill him already – not that it would solve the problem but my God it would be a step in the right direction. Germany has really taken the brunt of it and you know damned well this is exactly why that fat little piggy puppet, a disgrace to Poles and Germans everywhere, was put in place, to lay down and take all of this, under the biggest LIE of all time as a pretext – the HOLOHAUX!!!
        What have Ukrainians been entitled to in the way of reparations since millions of them were slaughtered and starved out in the mid 30s? what’s that you say, not a damned thing? Yes, I thought as much.
        White must unite and NOW. This is getting worse by the week and none of us will be safe, NONE of us. White is worth fighting for. The Jew is too lazy to lift a finger and if they think for even a second all of these brown bodies they are replacing us with are going to maintain and fix all of the many things put in place by the white man, they are sadly mistaken.
        it won’t take long for Europe and USA and Canada, Australia, to all become TOILETS and if they think these invaders will fix any of this, they are insane.
        When I heard the brown invaders wouldn’t get off the special buses in Sweden to go to their new homes, the holiday houses that looked nicer then what some Swedes are living in and they were ingrates, I felt sick with rage.

  2. If this story is true, we now have 500,000 invaders in Europe that we know nothing about, neither who nor where they are. They only thing we can be sure of is a large number of them, if not most, are criminals or terrorists. To any sane person, this should be cause to declare a state of emergency.

    1. The EU doesn’t understand such negative words as “emergency”. All must burn to the ground for their precious, stupid marxist ideology.

    2. The political elite don’t consider it to be an emergency. They (include camoron with his “too many White Christian faces”) consider it to be a success, in accordance with the Coudenhove-Kalerigi Plan (read PLOT) For those who don’t know – the latter awarded Frau Merkel for her ‘outstanding contribution to the ‘integration’ of Europe.
      Then there is the Frankfurt School with it’s 11 point plan (read Plot) Number 5 being HUGE IMMIGRATION to DESTROY IDENTITY.

  3. Maybe they went to Romania? They must of heard about the Free Friend Chicken a politician was giving to people for votes.

    The American liberal press didn’t cover that story….they were afraid the entire black population would run to Romania.

    1. Romania doesn’t want refugees, my friend. And even if they want to take them, they don’t want to stay there. They want Germoney. Got it?

  4. Angela Merkel and the Bilderberg group are the responsible for this invasion. Germans must organize themselves against it and deport these people ASAP.

  5. People don’t want to be displaced from there homes. Maybe it’s time for these refugees to helped to get there own countries back. Martial law should be enforced in a way that these people can get there own properties back, even if they are just rubble. They should be never be allowed to disrupt normal people’s lives. These people running our governments should walk the walk and have about 10 or 12 of these people live with them in there home. If they believe so strongly that their country should accept refugees then Merkel should feed the house them in her own home. Supply them with free medical out of here own pocket. I can’t believe that the German people have allowed her to run the European Union into the ground single handedly. Too much power from one person is never good. She has infringed on the rights of so many.

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