500K+ “New Citizens” in 1st Quarter

A total of 249,730 new citizenship applications have been received by the US government in the first three months of 2016, while a total of 442,219 are “pending.”

If the trends continue, Hispanic activists expect there to be nearly one million new citizens this year, about 200,000 higher than last year—and a clear reaction to the rise of Donald Trump.


According to the latest datasheet issued by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), 175,428 of the applications received during the period January 1 to March 31 have already been approved.

Some 19,564 have been denied, while another 442,219 are noted as the “number of applications awaiting a decision as of the end of the reporting period.”

The states with the largest number of naturalizations are California, Florida, Texas, and New York. There are about 8.8 million immigrants in the United States eligible for naturalization, according to the USCIS.

The USCIS statistics do not break down applicants by race or origin, but the rise comes in the wake of an ongoing drive to register citizens and voters by Hispanic organizations to help defeat a Trump candidature in the November presidential election.

“Our next step is to continue registering every eligible Latino to vote,” Ben Monterroso, executive director of the “Mi Familia Vota Education Fund,” told the Washington Post.

Cristóbal Alex, president of the “Latino Victory Foundation,” was also quoted as saying that citizenship is the first step toward the voting booth, and seeing those naturalization application figures jump means that we will see a higher Latino voter turnout.”

According to the Washington Post, the two racially-organized nonwhite organizations are just some of dozens of organizations—including the Obama administration and both political parties—that are promoting citizenship or voter registration during the presidential campaign year.

Univision, the US’s television station which caters to Central and South Americans living in America, has drawn more than 100,000 people to hundreds of voter registration and citizenship drives aimed at urging Latinos to vote.

Earlier, Univision said it was hoping to register three million new “Latino” voters this year.

Despite the Trump campaign reaching out to Hispanics, some 81 percent have an “unfavorable” view of him, mainly because of his declaration to end illegal immigration and build a wall with Mexico.

The increasing number of Hispanic voter registrations will without question play a significant role in some of the swing states which Trump needs to win if he stands any chance of winning the November election.

* The racial mobilization of Hispanics has, as usual, passed without comment from the controlled media and the establishment.

Compare for example, what their reaction would have been if a “European-American Victory Foundation” had been formed and had started mobilizing on a racial basis to register white voters to vote against Barack Obama.

The same media that is now so quiet about the “Latino” mobilization would be screaming “racism” from the rooftops if Europeans would dare to organize on the same basis that the nonwhite organizations are currently doing.

The establishment’s double standards in this regard are just another example of institutional anti-white racism and bias.

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  1. Obviously the politicians, especially Obama and Cameron are in league with the NWO, the Jews and the Coudenhove-Kalergi lot!

  2. “A total of 249,730 new Hispanic-Latino citizenship applications have been received and a total of 442,219 are “pending.”
    Talk about swelling the numbers ….`by hook or by crook`…….[pun intended.]

  3. What are White Americans who are die-hard Trump supporters going to do if he doesn’t get in? Trust me, even IF he gets in, they will not hand over their power or just stop going about their anti-white agenda. The Jews and nonwhites are ruthless

    1. If Trump does get in, he should put the army on the streets if there is any backlash from the non whites! As for the Jews, he should tell them to f off, as America is for Americans!

  4. I too hope that Trump will get in and right all the wrongs that have been done, however, we must remember that EVERY MEMBER of his team in a KEY POSITION is an AshkeNAZI jew (really the only Nazi’s there are (as compared to Hitler’s NSDAP)

  5. From this I can see that America as I used to know it is finished. Most South American countries are pretty lawless, have very high rates of crime, gangs and corruption. Look at Brazil and Mexico just to name two. these immigrants take all this with them to the USA. I cannot believe that stupid Obama has opened he floodgates to let millions of these people into America. I think the towns and cities of America will have to invest in more and more cops to try to keep a lid on all the criminality that will explode soon. I cry for the old American way of life because it is finished.

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