5th Century Coin Now “Hate”

In another example of political correctness gone mad, an eBay auction of a 5th Century Thracian coin with a swastika has been halted on the grounds that it was “hateful or discriminatory.”

The coin, being sold by one of Europe’s largest coin auction houses, was minted in the city of Apollonia Pontica, located in present-day Bulgaria.


According to an article in the Antiques Trade Gazette, eBay cancelled the auction on the grounds that the listing was “hateful or discriminatory.”

Munich-based auctioneer Numismatik Lanz listed the coin on the site earlier this month but was told it was classed among objects that “glorify or trivialize National Socialism” which eBay prohibits on its German site.

When the decision to remove the item was questioned—at which time bidding had reached €48—the auctioneer was told: “We are aware of the fact that the symbol on the article you have listed was also in use in other countries and during other periods.

“However, within the current legal framework, a swastika is considered to be an anti-constitutional icon and not allowed. We therefore had to remove your listing.”

Numismatik Lanz is a famous auction house devoted to rare coins and medals, as well as military decorations and numismatic books which has been in operation since 1947.


The banning of the coin because it has a swastika marks a new development in censorship in Germany, and sets a dangerous precedent for a vast number of ancient archaeological artifacts.

The swastika—originally a letter in the ancient Indio-European Sanskrit alphabet meaning “well-being,” can be seen in a vast array of ancient monuments, classical Greek and Roman artifacts, European and American architecture—and in pre-World War II popular culture.


Swastikas on a Sumerian bowl, 6000 B.C., and on a Greek gold disk, 8th century B.C.


A Minoan pottery piece from Crete, circa 3000 B.C., and an Artemis with swastikas. Greece, circa 700 B.C.


Swastikas on the Ara Pacis Augustae, Rome, 13 B.C.


Assorted 20th century uses of the swastika.

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  1. This action, probably, boosts the value of the coin………………….
    Perhaps it should be purchased by a museum that could exhibit it as representative of life in the 21st Century and label that as a time where humanity and its Political Correctness sought to deny the knowledge of history. I have to presume that any item bearing the Swastika will be banned by Ebay including Mein Kampf and all German war memorabilia?

  2. At least Jewish Ebay stays coherent with their hatred against the Aryan Symbols.
    But even the six pointed star was never Jewish.

  3. The next step will be to join forces with ISIS to blow up every ancient monument and destroy every artefact.

    I am heartily sick of the Marxists and their PC madness.

  4. Why are we even listening to the anti-White, anti-Western White/Jewish SCUMBAGS who promote anybody and anything that isn’t White or Normal (phew)? It is so time to take the fight to them (the Lefties), instead of taking their BS like a bunch of emasculated wusses!

    Anytime they throw out charges of ‘racism’, we retaliate by hitting them where it hurts the most – in their pocketbooks! We don’t buy their products, in person or online, We boycott the race traitors, and hopefully drive them into bankruptcy.

    We cannot continue to take unjustified abuse by multicultural race hustlers, but must retaliate!

  5. Never look at the district maps that are set up next to railway stations in Japan. They have swastikas to show the location of Buddhist Temples.

  6. Those responsible for the alleged halting of the auction of 5th century Thracian coin are nothing but a mere bunch of STUPIDs and the real faces of Neo-FASCISTs. Swastika is 11000 years old symbol of peace and goodwill. How can it be a hated symbol as because it was used in Germany misused it for a mere period of 25 years between WW I and WWII ? Had Hitler adopted the “Christian Cross” for his NAZI party flag in place of Swastika, do these so called guardians of humanity “Hated the Cross of Christ” – a symbol – reminiscent of extreme torture – for which Jesus had to die?

  7. Talk about seek and ye shall find ! Who are these idiots who spend their lives obsessively nit-picking and twisting facts to come up with a peculiar right-on interpretation fitting their strange agenda.

  8. This is just the beginning I think. Soon our flags, museums, literature and entire european culture will be called hate and outlawed. Equip yourselves like men and fight! Rage rage against the dying of the light!

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