6,000 Fake Refugees for Single Sydney Council

Another 3,000 fakers pretending to be refugees from Syria and Iraq will be resettled in just one Sydney council—Fairfield—this year, a figure which will mean that half of Australia’s entire “intake” will be landed in that one area.

The mass invasion—organized and supported by the government—is bogus because in both Syria’s and Iraq’s case, there are vast stretches of territory in those countries which are completely safe and unaffected by conflict.

There is, therefore, no reason at all for any “Syrians” or “Iraqis” to flee their countries.

Bonnyrigg mosque, Fairfield, one of dozens in the area.

Fairfield City Council has already absorbed 3,000 of these invaders from Syria and Iraq in 2006, and has been told to prepare for the same number this year, bringing the total to 6,000.

Between July 2015 and January 2017, 15,897 invaders from Syria and Iraq have arrived in Australia, according to the Turnbull government.

This regular intake will increase from 13,750 to 16,250 next financial year and 17,750 the year after that.

In the 2015–16 mid-year budget update, the government allocated A$638.1 million over four years toward supporting the additional Syrian and Iraqi fake refugee intake. Additional funding has been set aside based on the anticipated number of future arrivals.

One hour west of the Sydney CBD, Fairfield and the surrounding areas have been a destination for nonwhite invaders for many years, with large Iraqi, Assyrian, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Lebanese communities.

According to Fairfield Council’s website, Fairfield City is “one of the most multicultural cities in Australia; more than half the residents were born overseas and over 70 percent speak a language other than English at home (2011 census).”

The unemployment rate is consistently above 8 percent, nearly double the national average.

In July 2016, Fairfield was named as “Australia’s most dangerous suburb” after a gang war over drugs erupted into a series of public shootings.

The two major gangs involved are the DLASTHR (The Last Hour) gang and a young breakaway group called The True Kings.

Both are branches of the “Assyrian Kings,” the gang that assassinated police officer David Carty in a savage 1997 stabbing murder during which gang members sliced off the constable’s nose.

Sydney’s Assyrian community of more than 20,000 people, whose families originally came from Turkey, Syria, and Iraq, mainly live in the greater Fairfield area which includes the suburbs Edensor Park and Abbottsbury.

The Assyrian Kings gang was formed from northern Iraqi “refugees” who fled the Middle East in the wake of the 1990 Gulf War, and were given “asylum” in Australia.

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  1. Just what is going on with the Australian Government?
    The civilised, balanced World has always respected and looked up to the tough Australian policy toward fake migrants. So, tell me what has happened to change that?
    I suspect I know the answer so perhaps someone could simply confirm that Australia now has a ‘death wish’ via a overwhelmingly liberal/left Government that subscribes to the concept of ‘multiculturalism’ to include peoples who want to destroy the existing way of life and eventually convert all Australians to The Cult of Submission i.e. Islam

    1. Turnbull is a former Goldman Sachs man, placed to do as he is told, as is Carney and no 2 at the Bank of England, Draghi etc

      If you are a fan of John Cleese, you might want to watch
      ” The endgame white genocide by design. ”

      Also worth reading, ” Project white genocide the dark agenda of Count Coudenhave Kalergi,” and
      ” The moronification of western man are we becoming more stupid? ”

      I think it would be fair to say most Australians are complacent and blissfully unaware of what is going on in their country and the dangers they are facing.

      1. Possibly less so than you’d think. There are a goodly number of anti-Islam parties springing up, and unlike many European countries, the villification of them is not nearly so bad. I’m down in Tasmania, where there is one Mosque on the whole Island(Hobart), and I can assure you, that being an immigrant from UK, I’m far from complacent.

  2. So much for the tough on illegals reputation of Australia. They’re just as infected with political correctness as anywhere else, with the same results.

  3. Were the residents of Fairfield perfectly happy when consulted before the first influx were invited? On being consulted did they happily agree to yet another huge influx ?
    Or did council officials agree a done deal regardless beforehand ?
    The New World Order is certainly gathering speed across the western world with the tacit agreement of our traitorous politicians.

  4. The problem everywhere in the West is that the politically correct, multiculturalism-obsessed fools who make these decisions would not allow a “refugee” or a “migrant” inside 50 miles of their own upmarket neighbourhoods, but are more than willing to dump them in low-income communities which already have social and economic problems. The vast majority are also able to afford private schooling and medical care so will never have to experience the strains and stresses these “refugees” put on public services. Despicable.

  5. That giant mosque, which didn’t arrive on a boat or plane, was undoubtedly paid for by Saudi Arabia. Like all the new mosques in the West to accommodate these parasites. These are people in governments around the globe fattening their bank accounts with payoffs from the Saudis. This must be looked into, and arrests must be made. The local Aussie denizens here did not vote for this to happen!

  6. A One of the first duties of a government is to protect its citizens. To many of the citizens the Federal Government is favoring foreigners in both its policies and financial expenditure. Why? Where is the mandate? If our government was not spending so much on foreigners what could it afford to do in respect to the pensioners?

    1. They’re obviously getting paid off by someone or some group. Pensioners do not have the financial resources to pay bribes.

  7. Its now the caliphate or ghetto of Fairfield, its funny how these supposed refugees have come from refugee camps but the majority have family in the council area, so really its just a way to jump the immigration queue and all western style governments are bending over backwards to appease the muslim minority over their own citizens. The majority of those arriving will never learn to speak English or every have a job, its benefits nirvana for them, then they defraud the government by organising to baby sit each others children, without the kids every leaving their own accomodation, a Somali in Canberra got paid over a millions dollars from the government by claiming to have a child minding service for other Somalis and Sudanese, but no children were ever seen at his residence.

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