6,000 in 2 Days: Leftist-aided Mass Invasion Speeds up

More than 6,000 Third World invaders pretending to be refugees were brought to Europe courtesy of far leftist charities and the Italian coast guard over the past two days—even though most were less than 20 miles off the Libyan coast when they were picked up.

The six thousand Africans were plucked from the sea on Friday and Saturday of the Easter weekend alone—all claiming to be refugees but in fact only running away from their self-created disaster zones, and now bringing those Third World conditions with them to Europe.

The Malta-based “Migrant Offshore Aid Station” (MOAS) founder, Christopher Catrambone, was quoted as saying, “Nobody has ever seen anything like what we are witnessing this weekend.”

A MOAS statement issued on Saturday, April 15, said that that organization had plucked an estimated 1,800 invaders from the sea, and that 2,074 had been pulled from the sea on Friday by its boats.

“This weekend is set to be the latest marker in the record-breaking escalation,” the MOAS statement said, claiming that this was a “humanitarian crisis” instead of calling it for what it actually is: a mass Third World invasion.

Last month, Joseph Walker-Cousins, former head of the British Embassy in Benghazi, warned that more than a million Africans had gathered in Libya waiting to travel to Europe across the Mediterranean Sea. Walker-Cousins said Operation Sophia—the EU naval mission which was supposed to slow the invasion by cracking down on the smugglers—was failing and was only “incentivizing failure.”

It encouraged criminal gangs to put the invaders to sea in overcrowded, rickety vessels, safe in the knowledge that if they capsized, EU ships would try to rescue them, he said.

In December 2016, a report from Frontex, the EU’s border agency, said there were “clear indications” that gangs were in cahoots with non-governmental organizations to assist the invasion.

The report said the invader boats had been given “clear indications before departure on the precise direction to be followed in order to reach the NGOs’ boats.” From there, the “aid” boats, all run by European far left activists, pretending to be charities, picked them up, and steamed across the Mediterranean Sea to drop them off with the Italian coast guard.

Frontex figures showed that the number of “rescues” triggered by a distress signal fell from roughly two-thirds of all incidents last summer to just one in ten in October—and coincided directly with a rise in the number of rescues carried out by the “charities.”

Conclusive evidence of how this swindle works can be seen with a Facebook posting from one of the “charities,” Jugend Rettet (run by an assortment of barely-disguised communist front organizations including “Flüchtelinge Willkommen,” but also with backing from Garmin Ltd., an American multinational technology company which manufactures GPS systems).

On Sunday, April 16, Jugend Rettet posted up on its Facebook page the text of a radio signal one of its ships had received. The signal read as follows (verbatim as on the Facebook page, typographical errors left unchanged):

all stations all stations all stations

this is

Jugend rettet

At 13:11 received following on chanall 16:



Callsign: PC2609

MMSI: 244870962

Position: 33°14´N 012°26´E

“we are crowded with 400 rescued people…we expect increasing bad weather soon…after having them on board for nearly 24h we reached our capacity to sustain the survivors for much longer…therefor we can no longer guarantee the safety of those people…we request an urgent disembarking…around us are more people in distress…”


When the coordinates 33°14´N 012°26´E are plugged into Google Maps, it can be seen that the “distress signal” was being sent from less than 20 miles off the Libyan coast.

Jugend Rettet boasted in a later update that it had “saved” the invaders and dropped them off in Malta with the Italian coast guard. This process shows how these far leftists are actively promoting the invasion, exactly as the Frontex report revealed.

Yet the European Union does nothing to stop these “charities” which are in fact merely part of the smuggling chain.

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  1. What is so difficult for the fantasists of multiculturalism and "diversity" to accept? The countries of the West already have their social and economic problems, with high unemployment in Southern European countries like Greece, Italy and Spain. They neither need nor want millions of low IQ, unskilled, potentially violent black Africans. They should not be allowed to even set foot on European soil, because the instant they do, not only do they trigger the lengthy and costly "asylum" process and over-generous welfare systems, but armies of the politically correct and the aforementioned fantasists of multiculturalism fight to stop their deportation. Keeping them out is the only solution, and that will take military force.

  2. These evil organisations are co-conspirators in mass rapes, assaults, arsons, murders and all the other offences made by the invaders pretending to be refugees.

  3. As heartbreaking as it is we should realize that European leaders have been bought and paid for and these people will come to Europe and it will destroy it, There appears to be no stopping it. The people do not have the will to stand up and fight for their countries.They refuse to elect people who see this as a problem they are responsible for their own demise. You can lead a horse to water….

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