6,000 Patriots March in Berlin

In a show of strength which has horrified leftists, more than six thousand German patriots today took part in a mass “Merkel must go” rally in Berlin right in front of the Chancellor’s offices.

The rally, organized by the Wir für Deutschland (“We for Germany”) movement, was one of the largest patriotic open air meetings in “red” Berlin’s recent history, and an indication of the growing resentment in that country.

Although police reports said the rally attendance was “around 3,000,” eyewitnesses such as Ignaz Bearth, leader of Pegida Switzerland, dismissed this claim as propaganda, saying in a Facebook post that his experience in counting crowd sizes in Dresden indicated double the official police figure had turned out.

Berlin-001 Berlin-002 Berlin-003 Berlin-004

Participants waved flags from various states including those of Brandenburg and Saxony. European flags—including some Russian colors—were seen as the mass of people moved from the gathering point at the Berlin Central Station to the Brandenburg Gate.

About two hundred antifas tried to block the procession, and attacked the police. The authorities quickly cleared the communists out the way.

The rally comes the day before voting starts in three German states—Rhineland Palatinate, Saxony-Anhalt, and Baden-Württemberg. The Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party is widely expected to make major gains in these elections, the first to be held since Merkel opened Germany’s borders to the mass nonwhite invasion.

The AfD is polling double digits in all three states, an impressive turnaround for a party which was only founded three years ago and looked close to collapse when its original founder left last July.

In Baden-Württemberg, Merkel’s Christian Democratic Party (CDU) is, according to the polls, set for a severe setback and might, for the first time since 1948, lose their status as the biggest party in the region.

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  1. Give it your best shot Germany, tomorrow we will find out if you still have the fighting spirit your grandfathers had.

    1. We will find out if Germans still love democracy. When parties are in power for this long it becomes a parliamentary dictatorship.

  2. 6000 protesters is not enough. To make a real statement that government understands you will need more than 160,000.
    Then you will see some action. But I guess most of the population don’t even care what’s happening.
    The brainwashing has been done very well.
    Bye bye Germany!

  3. Excellent! A mass show of public support is not a coup d’etat, but it plants the idea in people’s minds that nationalists might rule Germany someday, which totally changes their attitude toward today’s nationalists.

    For example, suppose you’re called into the boss’s office because it has been brought to his attention that you’ve said things that could be taken as “racist” or “xenophobic”. You don’t deny this, but hint that there’s a “list” of people who’ve done harm to patriotic Germans. He smiles nervously, says something noncommittal, and sends you back to work.

  4. Don’t just hurt the CDU, destroy it. Send the message to the whole party, hide behind Merkel= no hiding place.

  5. You’ve just got to look at the protestors to see they are decent ordinary people, not rabble rousers – unlike their feral and violent opponents.

  6. The end of Merkel approaches. Europe will sound a sigh of relief that it pulled back from the abyss, represented by the stupidity of the EU project.

  7. The apathy factor at local elections in the UK is very high and about 30% at General Elections, but this problem in Germany created by German politicians supporting one, I repeat, one person is justification for a total wipe-out of the current sub-servient local politicians in those three states. Fingers crossed.

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