7,000 Iranian Fake Refugees Fly into Serbia on Way to EU

At least 7,000 Iranians have flown into Serbia by aircraft on commercial flights as “tourists” with no intention of returning and instead making their way to Germany or Britain where they will lodge fake “asylum” applications to take advantage of race-denying liberal “refugee” rules, it has emerged.

According to an AFP report, based upon data provided by the largest pro-invasion leftist organization in Serbia, Infopark, the Serbian and Iranian governments abolished reciprocal tourist visas in August 2017.

Since then, the Iranian invaders have poured into Serbia, arriving on commercial flights, pretending to be tourists.

Now they number at least 7,000, and are set to increase by at least 600 every week as that is the capacity of the current airline flights between the two countries. Two airlines are already offering flights and a third will follow in April and most of the flights are already fully booked until the end of summer.

According to Info Park’s communication officer Stevan Tatalovic, a number of Iranians are using the visa liberalization agreement to come to Europe and stay there illegally as migrants.

Their intention is not to seek asylum in Serbia, but to continue on, often to Britain or other EU countries, Tatalovic said.

Two airlines are already offering flights and a third will follow in April and most of the flights are already fully booked until the end of summer.

Infopark’s report said that Serbia is being “used as a transit zone” and it was “felt to be the safest and cheapest bypass” to a final destination in Western Europe.

The visa liberalization allows citizens of Iran to enter Serbia as tourists, with the right to stay up to 30 days, but “many Iranians use their stay in Belgrade to establish connections with smugglers, who will transfer them to their desired destination, across the borders of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary or Romania.”

“Most of them arrived in Belgrade by planes of Turkish and Gulf companies with connecting flights in Istanbul, Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Qatar.

“In response to the increased demand for Belgrade as a destination, two Iranian airlines have announced direct flights from Tehran to Belgrade, working to reopen a route that has been shut for the last 27 years.

“The direct line with Airbus A320 was allowed on 13 January, 2018, with two flights per week and the same followed later by Qeshm Air”

“This strange phenomenon of tourist visas facilitating illegal migration has led, in the first place, to identification problems,” the Infopark report added, pointing out that “the registration that follows an intention to seek asylum is in this case not applicable, i.e., is not for ‘tourists.’

“In response to this legal complexity, Iranian citizens attempt to cover up their origin, in some cases discarding or destroying their official passports. This creates great confusion between aid organizations and relevant institutions who must then register people who have rejected and destroyed their identification, and do not wish to be discovered.”

In addition, the visa-free liberalization was extended to India, and although “much smaller numbers have been recorded for Indian citizens, the question remains whether the tourist-migrant phenomenon will include them at a rate similar to Iran,” the Infopark report concluded.

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