705 Attacks on Invader Centers

New official figures from the Federal Criminal Police Office of Germany (Bundeskriminalamt, BKA) claim that there have been 705 “attacks” on invader centers in that country this year so far—including at least 57 cases of arson.

The number of attacks is on course to exceed the “unprecedented” 1,005 such incidents last year, BKA chief Holger Münch said.


Speaking in an interview with the Tagesspiegel newspaper, Münch said that by comparison, there had only been 199 such attacks in 2014. In that year there were only six arson attacks.

Münch added that of the 705 incidents reported by the BKA, 124 involved “acts of violence.”

As the establishment’s chief spokesman on such matters, Münch then went on to blame the populist Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party for the rise in attacks.

“The AfD has made xenophobia socially acceptable in our society,” Münch said. The party provides an “ideological breeding ground and legitimate cover.”

If Münch was however honest, he would admit that the real reason for the increase in support for the AfD and the rise in attacks on the centers is in fact the wholesale invasion of Germany by millions of nonwhites—in other words, the policy of Angela Merkel and the German establishment parties.

He added that it was “frightening” to realize that “around three quarters of the identified suspects were not previously known to the police as extremists.”

“We observe therefore that a whole new range of politically motivated offenders have appeared on the scene, and that often local networks are forming to arrange attacks on refugee shelters.”

Therefore, he continued, the Attorney General and the police are pursuing a strategy “to respond at the first signs of terrorist structures,” and then to “crush them as soon as possible.”

Münch then went on to discuss what steps his government is taking to suppress dissent on social media outlets such as Facebook.

“Facebook responds to our requests [to remove material] quickly and thoroughly,” he said. “But we expect Facebook to take a more active role.”

He said that the number of investigations for “hate postings” had tripled in the last two years in Germany to nearly 3,000.

Münch admitted that the German government was having trouble closing down freedom of speech on the Russian-based Vk.com social platform, which is an alternative to Facebook.

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  1. So the fact that Merkel instigated this madness is acceptable, even though it has resulted in normal decent hard-working taxpayers (that’s just my opinion) becoming so angry as the laws do not allow freedom of speech, they decide to vent such anger on the buildings they are paying for but for which they do not want in their neighbourhood. Add to that the crime wave, the segregated swimming, the politicians should be harrassed with thousands of emails daily and made to attend public meetings monthly. That is of course wishful thinking, democracy and accountability in Germany is dead and buried.

  2. C`mon patriots… you`re doing a fantastic job !
    Having lit the touchpaper Merkel retired to the sidelines thinking things would quickly calm down.
    I can`t wait to see her reaction when the “extremists” really start to up the ante.
    Mad Mutti has totally lost the plot.

  3. So the low life communist scum of government expect the people to accept all the third world unintelligent scum and pay for them as well? Long overdue time to get rid of the anti German trash and deport EVERY last one of them.

    AUSTRALIA’S most notorious terrorists face indefinite detention if they remain radicalised at the end of their jail sentence.
    Laws to be introduced in federal parliament this week September 11, are aimed at the likes of teenage jihadist Sevdet Besim jailed for 10 yrs last week over his plot to run down a police officer and cut off his head on Anzac day.
    The legislation – known as High Risk Terrorist Offender legislation- will update the criminal code for post sentence preventive detention if a Supreme Court judge can be convinced the terrorist poses an unacceptable risk of conducting an attack.
    Under a second piece of legislation to be introduced this week , children as young as 14 could be jailed for years if they breach the conditions of new control orders – the same penalty will apply to adults.
    As the world marks the 15th anniversary of the September attacks that killed 2977 people in the US Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has warned of the need for vigilance against homegrown attacks.
    Nearly 50 people have been charged with terrorist offences in the last 2 yrs.
    The law is aimed at unrepentant terorrists with no desire to rehabilitate but its hoped the tough provisions might also address the the growing threat of radicalisation within Australai’s toughest jails.
    “There are still people outside our country and some within it, who hate the freedoms that we enjoy and seek to threaten them and undermine them with violence,” Mr Turnbull said “Around 200 people in Australia are being investigated for providng support to individuals and groups in the Syria-Iraq crisis. “So we must not only attack the disease at its source in the Middle East, but redouble our efforts at home.”
    Separate provisions will allow for control orders, which are rarely used in Australia, to be placed on terrorists as young as 14. Penalties for breaching the control order conditions will include 5 yrs in prison.
    Supplementary comment– This should be emulated all mover the western world. Its a simple solution.

  5. So the police are going to crush the patriots according to this attorney general,and the police man ,easily identified by his uniform lives amongst the population he his crushing.If i was a policeman i would be developing bad eyesight and very poor crime solving skills in order to stay alive when the backlash really gathers momentum…..terry

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