706,913 Nonwhite Invaders applied for “Asylum” in Europe during 2017

A minimum of 706,913 nonwhite invaders pretending to be “asylum seekers” applied for “refugee status” in Europe during 2017—none of them coming from countries where they were “fleeing for their life”—and bringing the total of such invaders since 2015 to 3,348,336.

According to figures released today by the European Union’s European Asylum Support Office (EASO), the total for 2017 was lower than 2016 and 2015, but still higher than that of 2014.

The EASO report for 2016 revealed that at least 1,291,785 nonwhites applied for “asylum” in Europe that year, and in 2015, the total number of invaders falsely applying for “asylum” reached 1,349,638.

The 2017 EASO report said that “monthly applications remained stable throughout the year,” with the average number of invaders ranging from 49,042 in December to 66,443 in March.

At least 3.5 percent of all applications concerned claimed “unaccompanied minors” (UAM), the report said.

Only 98,000 of the 706,913 “applications for asylum” in 2017 were from those claiming to be “Syrians”—which means that only 13 percent were from people claiming to have fled an actual war zone.

Even then, under all accepted conventions, there is no need to have actually fled Syria, because most of the country has remained under stable central, government control, and no-one needs to have left the borders of that nation.

The nationalities of the other “applicants” reveals the true nature of the mass nonwhite invasion of Europe. According to the EASO report, Iraqis, Afghans and Nigerians all lodged more than 40 000 applications in 2017.

The top ten of countries of origin also included Pakistan, Eritrea (28,049), Albania (25,512), Bangladesh (21,143), Guinea and Iran.

Other noteworthy increases were recorded for Venezuelan (+ 158 %), Turkish (+ 45 %), Georgian (+ 35 %) and Ivoirian (+ 24 %) applicants.

In January 2018, some 54,000 “applications for international protection” were lodged in the 28 European Union Member States, plus Norway and Switzerland, the EASO report continued.

Despite issuing close to 60,000 decisions in the first instance, approximately 450,000 cases were still awaiting a decision.

A third of all applications for international protection in the EU were submitted by citizens of just five countries: Syria, Iraq (49 630), Afghanistan (47 248), Nigeria (41,890), and Pakistan (32,292).

The EASO report also noted that the number of applications from the mixed-race regions Georgia had become the sixth most common citizenship among all applications in the first instance.

“The figures indicate that Georgians have been applying for asylum in increasing numbers since a Visa-Liberalisation agreement for travel in the Schengen Area took effect in March 2017,” the EASO report revealed.

“Reflecting this increase, in January 2018 applications more than doubled (an increase of 113%) the number registered four months earlier (from 874 in September 2017 to 1,859 in January 2018). Despite the increased numbers of applications and resulting pressure exerted on national systems, just 3% of Georgians who applied for asylum in the EU+ were granted either refugee status or subsidiary protection in 2017.”

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  1. This is disgusting and all 3 million plus must be deported back to their own country of origin. Europe and especially the UK cannot support these parasitic invaders, nor do we have the space, especially the UK which now supports 709 people for every square mile of its tiny, densley overcrowded 93,400 square mile land mass.

    In addition our own cultural and religious identity is now seriously under threat, as well as our own nationaility, all of which we have a human right to hold, maintain and pass onto future generations of our own people. Thiis is mass white genocide, its ethnic cleansing and it MUST BE STOPPED. Failure to do so will result in all out bloody civil war. We will have to take up arms and force these scroungers out of OUR WESTERN COUNTRIES that they have NO ENTITLEMENT TO SETTLE IN NOW OR IN THE FUTURE.

  2. The paradox that most people cannot grasp is that asylum applications lodged in the EU have escalated in number as the world has grown more peaceful. According to EU figures asylum applications have increased eightfold since 1984 even though the world was a much more violent place then. So much attention is focused on particularly dramatic conflicts currently occurring in the Middle East that people forget that long running insurgencies have ended in many countries including Colombia, Algeria, and Lebanon, and that military dictatorships and state terrorism have ended in Latin America. This trend towards peace has been documented in a book by Steven Pinker called The Better Angels Of Our Nature. According to Wikipedia “The book contains a wealth of data simply documenting violence across time and geography. This paints a picture of massive declines in violence of all forms, from war, to improved treatment of children”.

    The problem of escalating asylum applications is partly caused by the big disparity in incomes and job opportunities between Western Europe and The Third World where most of the violence and despotism occurs due to their lower level of cultural development. This creates a strong incentive to use our asylum laws as a way of getting to the front of the immigration queue for those who would not normally qualify for visas and work permits. Another factor influencing the increase in numbers of asylum applications is excessively permissive granting of asylum which encourages more opportunists to try their luck by applying for asylum. Obviously more stringent criteria for granting asylum would reduce the number of applicants, but governments do not want to do this because they are influenced by the pernicious theory of ‘replacement migration’ which says that continuous high levels of net immigration can offset the aging of their native populations and bring imaginary economic benefits.

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