72% Nonwhite Baltimore Set for Record Homicide Level

The 72 percent nonwhite city of Baltimore, Maryland, is set to have its highest ever homicide rate in one year in 2015, according to statistics released by authorities. The records show the city is set to match or exceed the previous record in 1993, when 353 homicides took place.


The city was recently trashed by large mobs of blacks after the death of a black male, Freddy Gray, while in police custody for possession of a switch blade knife. The mobs conducted a rampage through the city, injuring at least twenty police officers.

In those riots, more than 250 blacks were arrested, over 350 businesses damaged, more than 150 vehicles were set alight, and 60 “structure fires,” were started. In addition, some 27 drugstores were looted, and thousands of police and Maryland Army National Guard troops were deployed, before a state of emergency declared in the city finally brought the unrest to an end.

As usual, “white racism” was blamed for sparking off the riots—even though the far more numerous incidents of whites dying in police custody never sparks off the wholesale looting of towns anywhere.

Now, with the Baltimore police thoroughly chastised by the anti-white establishment and city government, the crime rate is spiraling once again, as reported by a local TV station, NBC’s WBALTV11.

According to that station, Baltimore is set to reach a new record high murder rate in 2015. Between 1990 and 1999, the number of murders in the city exceeded 300 each year, and that was regarded as a record.

But, as WBALTV11 pointed out, the “city is actually ahead of that pace this year. In 1999, the city recorded 305 homicides. The 258th homicide that year happened on Nov. 16. This year, the 258th homicide” occurred on October 5, which is five weeks faster than the 1999 pace.

The mayor of Baltimore, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, said at a press conference that a “cycle of retaliation killings” had been “surging in recent months” and that this “problem” had been ongoing for a long time.

“We have a violence problem. We have had one for decades,” she added.

Murders are so frequent in the nonwhite metropolis that the Baltimore Sun newspaper even keeps an updated map showing where homicides occur, and how many have taken place.

Those records show that of the last 100 homicides in the city, only six victims were identified as “white.”

However, even this is unlikely to be accurate, as US government data deliberately classifies Hispanics as “white” when creating crime reports.

For example, this current FBI report of one of the “most wanted” individuals in the city, first degree murder suspect Carlos Flores Garcia, lists his race as “white.”


As a result, it is safe to assume that nearly all the murder victims—and perpetrators—in Baltimore are nonwhite, and that even the census figures which claim that 28 percent of the city is still white, are likely to be underestimates.

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  1. Lol… Herman…..Very apt and so obviously true.
    I`m just amazed there haven`t been mass riots by downtrodden taxpayers in protest at having to support such scum.

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