75% of Invader “Children” are Adults

Six hundred out of 800 nonwhite invaders pretending to be child refugees in Denmark have been exposed as liars after they were subjected to medical tests which proved them to be adults.

The testing was started after it became obvious that most of the lying invaders were far older than they claimed, and were hoping to cash in on extra benefits and fast-tack “asylum” processing.

According to a report in the Jyllands-Posten newspaper, the tests included teeth root x-rays, physical body examinations, and x-rays of knuckle joints in the hands, all of which are reliable age indictors.

The paper said that the teeth tests consisted of x-ray images of the invaders’ teeth, and particularly the positioning of the wisdom teeth within the jawbone and the development of teeth roots.

These indicators, the Jyllands-Posten said, develop along a detailed and specific genetic path, which means that the development stage can provide a probable age of the subject.

This is particularly valuable, the paper added, because even if the subject has been exposed to tooth decay, the root positions will still be normal. Finally, if the teeth are fully developed, it indicates that the subject is at least 21 years old.

In addition, doctors also examined the invaders’ bodies, looking at the development of reproductive organs, mammary glands, and hair.

Finally, experts used x-ray images of hands and the finger bones, focusing on knuckles. In this regard, the space between the knuckles is a highly accurate indicator of age, as growth zones are close when the bones are fully developed.

This happens when the last growth plates are closed around the age of 18 or 19.

From a summary of these three tests, experts from the Danish Immigration Service have been able to accurately age the invaders claiming to be children—and found that of the 800 test subjects, 600 were lying about their age.

It is not just in Denmark that the invaders have lied to get into the country. In Britain, official figures revealed that two-thirds of all the “Calais Jungle children” who recently entered that country are actually adults.

A report in the Sun newspaper said that official U.K. government data from the year ending in June revealed that 1,060 “asylum” applicants’ ages were called into question.

Of the 933 who were recorded as having an age assessment, 636 (68 percent) were deemed to be over 18.

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  1. Oh my God, I foolishly thought they were all courageous poor children making it hardly to Denmark. But probably if they feel like children they can still get a fast asylum process in Denmark.
    Remember the “feeling” is important, not facts.
    …Soros and his associates must be rolling on the floor laughing.

  2. Who would have believed the invaders would lie about their age so they could claim more benefits, they aren’t in fear of their lives or escaping persecution, they are economic invaders.

  3. So they are adults. Are you going to send them back? Are you stuck with them? What a bloody stitch-up. So are you going to import another 800 so you can find you have 600 more adults to house and feed? Useless, you are all bloody useless. Turning Denmark into another filthy hell hole, like the one they just left. All hopeless, culturally 1000 years behind, used to living in filth and squalor, uneducated, illiterate, dishonest, well you had better do something and quick. Soon, or Denmark will be kaput.

  4. Although foreign travel is now no longer an option, I would not step foot in the whole of the EU even if I was given 1st class travel and 5* accommodation, personal chauffeur to go drinking all paid for. This problem is far from over and the next 5 years could see a major uprising, although at present it seems the general public are not yet organised to make the changes to get rid of the invaders and the politicians who are protecting them.

  5. And 99% of them are muslims!
    How many rapists, criminals, potential terrorists?

    All paid by the f…. UE, UN, Soros, the saudis and so on (and of course your taxes).

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