75,000 Polish Nationalists March

A nationalist crowd estimated at around 75,000, burning flares and carrying Polish flags, marched through the streets of Warsaw on Friday, taking part in Poland’s National Independence Day celebrations under the banners of “Poland the Bastion of Europe.”

The nationalist march—known for its strident opposition to the Third World invasion of Europe—was by the far the largest component of a series of public demonstrations which took place to mark Poland’s national day.

The annual Polish National Independence Day rallies in Poland are nationwide celebrations marking the regaining of independence in 1918 following 123 years of partition by the Russian empire, the kingdom of Prussia, and the Habsburg empire.


The nationalist section of the celebrations, which draws the huge crowds, was organized by two Polish nationalist organizations, Mlodziez Wszechpolska (All-Polish Youth), and the Obóz Narodowo-Radykalny (National Radical Camp).

Banners reading “Mohammad not welcome,” and other patriotic slogans were in evidence, as the tens of thousands of people moved through the city center.

mohammed-not-welcome poland-rally-crowd-04 poland-rally-crowd-03 poland-rally-crowd-02 poland-rally-crowd poland-bastion-europe

The nationalist element of the Polish Independence Day celebrations has now drawn the largest crowd for two years in a row, with the 2015 celebrations drawing what was then a record crowd of 50,000.

Separately, a few hundred communists and their supporters held what they called an “anti-fascist” march in the city. One of their most prominent banners was in English, Arabic, and Hebrew, reading “Together against racism.”


Above and below: Communists and homos carried out a small counter demonstraton, carrying banners in English, Arabic, and Hebrew.



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  1. Wonderful sight – so many people uniting to protest against the enforced invasion of their country …….more power to their elbow. I for one especially love the Mohammed banner .
    What a pity the establishment refuse to face facts.

  2. The Poles MUST steadfastly and absolutely reject the stinky EU plan to force blacks and browns on to Polish soil.
    All and every means must be used to stop this vile act of national poison drinking.

  3. Nationalism is not racism. I wish more countries had citizens as outspoken and brave and the Polish people. When ever I see interviews with people at these rallies, they are very aware and their answers are intelligent and true.

  4. We are proud on the Polish people. A lot of them are working hard here in Holland. They are our brothers and sisters. The difference between people with Western culture and islamic culture is huge.

    Now I am proud to see Polish People defend our Western culture and think: wish we were Polish in Holland too……

    Love and Respect!

  5. I do believe the Nationalist/ Conservative Revolution is under way.
    It will gather momentum with the Austrian election & Italian referendum in December. Th e Hungarians must now sort their rejection of EU policies and the rest of Europe will soon get into step with them.
    Can’t wait to witness the 2nd French Revolution. How’s that old blade on the guillotine?

    1. Maybe the Real Russian people are friends of the Real Polish people, but the (((Bolsheviks))) who murdered 20,000 Polish Army Officers in Katyn Forest are not.

  6. Just got to say the poles know how to march, they are amazing . Here in England its the lefty activists and liberals that go on the marches I hope Nigel gets lots of support.

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