800,000 Invaders with Criminal Records

There are in excess of 800,000 nonwhites living illegally but openly in the United States in “sanctuary cities”—and nearly 700,000 of these illegals have felony arrest records.

There are now more than 300 jurisdictions—entire states, counties, cities, and municipalities—which have enacted “sanctuary city” laws which prevent the full enforcement of federal immigration law.


According to a press release issued by the Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS), most of these “sanctuary city” zones are “controlled by Democrats in general and liberals in particular.”

What CAPS did not mention—for fear of being called “racist,” of course—is that most of these zones are also now majority nonwhite, thanks to legal immigration policies enforced by both Republican and Democratic parties. Of the more than 30 “sanctuary cities,” only a handful are still majority white.

Nonetheless, as CAPS pointed out in its statement, “sanctuary officials feel that federal enforcement of the southern border is either unnecessary or immoral, and thus they have decided that there is no real crime in entering and residing in the United States unlawfully.”

The liberal Migration Policy Institute conceded that there are over 800,000 illegal aliens with criminal records, nearly 700,000 of them with felony arrest records, the CAPS statement continued.

“Those numbers, of course, reflect only those who have been arrested and faced trial, not the unknown number who have committed crimes without being apprehended or charged.

“In some sanctuary cities, lawlessness among undocumented immigrants has reached epidemic proportions,” the statement said.

“Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan Institute found that two-thirds of all outstanding felony warrants in the city of Los Angeles involved illegal aliens—as well as 95 percent of outstanding murder warrants.”

In addition, “sanctuary cities” are on record as having released over 10,000 known criminal aliens into the general population whom Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents were attempting to deport.

“Hundreds of thousands of criminals are currently protected from deportation as they await trials and sentences.

“Among them, most infamously, is Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, a seven-time convicted felon and five-time deported illegal alien who was not turned over to ICE by the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department that held him in custody on a drug charge.

“He was instead released just weeks before he murdered Kate Steinle,” CAPS said, referring to the infamous July 2015 case where a nonwhite invader murdered a white woman on Pier 14, San Francisco.

Sanctuary cities are careful to employ euphemisms rather than explicit references to illegal immigration, CAPS explained.

“But not labeling San Francisco as an ‘illegal alien sanctuary’ or even an ‘immigration sanctuary’ only institutionalizes the idea of any city becoming a ‘sanctuary’ from any federal law it finds convenient.

“If sanctuary cities continue to flaunt federal immigration laws and if the federal government does not cut off federally earmarked funds to such offenders—or if ICE does not threaten to use force to arrest and deport illegal aliens—then the concept will spread, and spread well beyond matters of immigration law.”

CAPS pointed out that the selective “nullification” of laws which the “sanctuary cities” do not like “now thrives because our ‘pen and phone’ president has decided to suspend federal immigration law enforcement in the manner that—on over 20 occasions before his reelection—he had warned was unconstitutional.”

CAPS referred to a recently-released ICE report where that organization admitted to freeing 19,723 criminal aliens in 2015. The number of convictions between the criminal aliens totaled 64,197—including 8,234 violent convictions and 208 homicide convictions.

“Any self-respecting country has control over its borders. We currently have a situation in which local governments, sheriffs, and now even ICE managers are caving-in to special interests and promoting sanctuary policies,” Jo Wideman, executive director of CAPS, said.

“I have had numerous conversations with grieving parents who lost their children to criminal illegal aliens. Years later, pain of their loss, caused by the hasty release of an illegal alien with a known criminal record, is simply devastating.”

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  1. It’s the normal law abiding citizen who the government are against both in the US and the UK. The politicians all love the immigrants, criminals, rapists and terrorists!

  2. I have yet to work out why European and now US governments protect these criminals, do they hate their own citizens that much to allow this invasion.

    1. You haven’t yet worked out that Jewish paper money, which enables them to control entire economies, is what drives the process. Bent lawyers can always be hired, as can thugs, representatives of the jewish media, ‘think tanks’ and so on. Think of the tide of propaganda for Churchill, which has existed without any real foundation since the 1930s. Or the simple fact that an unqualified clown like Obama is obeyed by masses of subservient people. Just to get some idea of the way laws are flouted and ignored.

  3. “Sanctuary cities”… the mind boggles.
    Heaven help America … their President needs sanctuary in a mental institution.

  4. Yanks watch out!!. What is happening in Europe is happening to you. Europe (unbelieveably) is already three or four steps ahead.

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