85% of Women Fail US Marine Entrance

Six out of seven female recruits to the US Marine Corps fail the physical entrance test, as opposed to just 3 percent of men, new figures have revealed.

The high failure rate underscores the idiocy of fake feminist equality which demands that biological reality be ignored in job determination.


The high failure rate was revealed in an Associated Press report detailing the US Marine Corps’ record some six months after the Pentagon ordered all combat jobs open to women.

According to the figures obtained by the AP, seven female Marines are either serving in those posts or waiting to serve, while 167 who failed the entrance test are performing noncombat duties.

The AP said that six out of seven female recruits—and 40 out of about 1,500 male recruits—failed to pass the regimen of pull-ups, ammunition-can lifts, a 3-mile run, and combat maneuvers required to move on in training for combat jobs.

Recruits who fail the tests, normally taken about 45 days into basic training, are automatically deployed into less physically demanding Marine jobs.

The nonsense of the enforced physical equality is revealed in the AP’s politically correct next comment: “The high failure rate for women recruits, however, raises questions about how well integration can work, including in Marine infantry units where troops routinely slog for miles carrying packs weighed down with artillery shells and ammunition, and at any moment must be able to scale walls, dig in, and fight in close combat,” the AP said.

Marine Commandant Gen. Robert Neller told the AP that he wasn’t surprised that few women are interested in the combat jobs.

“Some of them are not interested at all, some want just to make it gender neutral and we’ll just figure it out,” Neller said.

“The majority of them, when you get them together, they say, ‘Look, I’m not really interested in this. I love being a Marine; I like what I’m doing as a Marine. And I’m really not interested in this, but I don’t want you to tell me I can’t try.'”

Marine Corps leaders initially balked at allowing women into certain infantry, reconnaissance and combat engineer jobs, pointing to studies that showed mixed gender units did not perform as well as male-only units. But Defense Secretary Ash Carter ordered all combat jobs open to women.

The demand for “equality” in roles which are obviously biologically-suited to men—or women—forms part of the modern liberal pretense that there are no differences based on race or sex.

It is however noticeable that there is not any huge feminist pressure for more women truck drivers, or other professions like firefighters.

The demand for “equality” ignores the fact that there are clear biological roles, neither of which imply inferiority or superiority—but whose existence the far left seeks to destroy as part of their agenda to destroy all civilizational roots.

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  1. Having served in the Infantry, I’ve always been sceptical about the ability of women making the grade as front line troops. This does not take away the challenges they have to go through to achieve this, but I recall my annual 10 mile road bash, and even some guys, as they got older and put more weight on found that hard. I was lucky in that I was still very much an active rugby player but the USA and their Marines are totally different ball game to us. Personally, I wonder how many non-combat jobs they’ve got available in the Marines?

  2. For years they have been sending some of their best men to Lympstone to experience the Royal Marines training. Surprising the number of them fail.

    1. Who thinks these crazy ideas up in the first place and who in government sanctions them.
      Policy chiefs and political advisors are obviously being lobotomised on a grand scale.

    1. I totally agree. I’m a woman too and in no way, shape or form would I ever consider being a police officer, soldier, or fireman.

      I mean would anyone feel comfortable if their house was on fire and they needed to be carried out of it by a fireman on a ladder and they sent the 5’2″ 100 lb woman to do it?

      No! Send the big, burly 6’2″ 200+ lb fireMAN, please and thank you. 🙂

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