88,300 “Minors” Invade Europe

Some 88,300 nonwhites claiming to be “minors” were part of the invasion force which landed in the European Union in 2015, according to new figures released by the EU’s statistical agency, Eurostat.

Around half (51 percent) of the invaders classed as “unaccompanied minors”—that is, below the age of 18, claimed to be from Afghanistan.

Saad Alsaud

“Refugee unaccompanied minor” Saad Alsaud is reported to have been the fastest 14-year-old in Sweden, dwarfing younger boys and girls in a running event.

The numbers are a dramatic increase over previous years, the Eurostat figures revealed. Previously, the number of “unaccompanied minor” invaders stood between 11,000 and 13,000 over the period 2008–2013, but then in 2014, the numbers doubled to slightly more than 23,000. This figure then nearly quadrupled in 2015.

A substantial majority of “unaccompanied minors” were males (91 percent) and over half were aged 16 to 17 (57 percent), while those aged 14 to 15 accounted for 29 percent, and those considered to be aged less than 14 for 13 percent.

Of course, these estimates are based on what the nonwhites themselves claim, and as previously shown, large numbers have lied about their ages in order to qualify for extra benefits and speedier processing.

 In 2015, the highest number of “asylum applicants” considered to be “unaccompanied minors” was registered in Sweden (with almost 35,300 “unaccompanied minors,” or 40 percent of all those registered in the EU Member States), followed by Germany (14,400, or 16 percent), Hungary (8,800, or 10 percent), and Austria (8,300, or 9 percent).

Together these four EU Member States accounted for three-quarters of all “asylum applicants” considered “unaccompanied minors” registered in the EU in 2015.

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The largest shares of “unaccompanied minors” among all young “asylum applicants” in 2015 were recorded notably in Italy (where 56.6 percent of all “asylum applicants” aged less than 18 were unaccompanied in 2015) and Sweden (50.1 percent), followed by the United Kingdom (38.5 percent), the Netherlands (36.5 percent), Denmark (33.7 percent), Finland (33.2 percent), and Bulgaria (33.1 percent).

In total in the EU, “unaccompanied minors” accounted for almost a quarter (23.0 percent) of all “asylum applicants” aged less than 18 in 2015.

Of the 45,300 Afghans considered “unaccompanied minors” in the EU in 2015, more than half were registered in Sweden (23,400).

Afghans represented the most numerous citizenship of asylum seekers considered “unaccompanied minors” in fifteen EU Member States. Syria (16 percent of the total number of “unaccompanied minors”) was the second main country of citizenship of asylum seekers considered “unaccompanied minors” in the EU Member States in 2015.

Of the 14,300 Syrians seeking protection in the EU Member States and considered “unaccompanied minors” in 2015, seven in 10 applied in one of the following three Member States: Germany (4,000), Sweden (3,800), and Hungary (2,200).

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  1. Why the hell are people from Afghanistan allowed to settle in Europe. There are other closer countries more suited to their religion and ‘cultural’ ways! As for ‘minors’, would that be 16-35yrs? That figure of 88,000 can probably be trebled!

  2. Expect numbers to rise, now the crooked EU want to fine countries who don’t want to take in these savages being forced upon them. So much for democracy, all countries should just exit now, the EU is just far too corrupt and rotten

    1. What’s your obsession Christine?
      You already made your position clear when you told us not to try and come to New Zealand, yet you seem to care so much about us all here…I have to say I’m getting really angry at your hypocritical posts on this site, just why do you care so much?
      If the TNO staff don’t post my reply then I’m done with this…there is no free speech!

    2. Britain must vote to leave the EU.

      Urge all your friends and relatives to vote ‘leave’.

  3. What an utter farce this “unaccompanied minors” bullsh*t has turned out to be.
    How many hundreds of thousands of them have been wandering the world totally unnoticed ?
    Pull the other one !
    Next move : Relatives arrive mob – handed amazed to `discover` their missing kids.
    Cue photos : Hordes of weeping invaders coyly smile at the cameras through their tears.
    Hope transport is ready and waiting to whip the lot of them straight back home. No? Thought not !

  4. 88,300 potential sex attackers, criminals, pickpockets, muggers and drug dealers…future doctors, engineers, nurses, car mechanics, opera singers..ahem..guess I got it right first time!

  5. This is as bad as Obama’s Children’s Crusade in the USA, Obama even sent planes to some Central American countries to fly these kids into the US. Our last 5 Presidents refused to enforce our immigration laws resulting in the 30 to 50 million illegal aliens now in America. Many of our elected officials sold their soul and their country for money, power and votes. Illegal colonization is slowing killing us.

  6. If you want a laugh Daily Express has printed a comment by that disgusting POS Blair re antiBrexit, readers comments are gold, seems no one can stand the lying vermin, I wholeheartedly agree with one comment Blair should do everyone a favour and drop dead

  7. Another very cunning attempt to gatecrash Europe.
    ‘Minors’ are never but never deported – this is why they are sent.
    Once firmly esconced in Europe they send over for the rest of family, who are guaranteed entry under insane ‘family reunification’ laws.

    Believe me when I state that each ‘minor’ sent to Europe has a multiplication effect of *at the very least* over a hundred invaders who come in in a chain after him.

    1. Well said, why if we can see what their plans are can’t our politicians see whats happening, or perhaps they just don’t care about their citizens anymore.

  8. All the children in the picture appear to be of the same mental age, which is coincidentally the the same as that of the EU politicians.

  9. Lord Dub a refugee from the Kindertransport is the man spearheading the arrival of 3000 refugee children into the UK from countries such as France and Greece (which are not at war). You could find 3000 neglected cold and hungry children at risk in 1 London borough.

  10. Once these minors who probably are about 25, get residency then their families will be found and want to join them, just another way around the weak borders, these illegals have it all planned out and the weak European governments bend over backwards to accept and appease them.

  11. I’m waiting for this farce getting more farcical, such as unaccompanied grannies, young military aged, sexually frustrated “men” in grey wigs and a stick.


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