90% of US Naturalizations from 3rd World

In a further confirmation of the danger that legal immigration poses to America, new figures from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have revealed that 90 percent of all US citizenship naturalizations in 2013 were made by people originating from the Third World.


The statistics, provided in spreadsheet format at the DHS website (“Profiles on Naturalized Citizens”) show that in 2013, there were 779,929 successful naturalizations as US citizens—of which only 80,333 were from people born in Europe.

According to the DHS, there were 248 naturalizations made by people from Austria, 1,797 from Belarus, 513 from Belgium, 3,662 from Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2,646 from Bulgaria, 112 from Cyprus, 794 from the Czech Republic and the former Czechoslovakia, 127 from Denmark, 213 from Estonia, 300 from Finland, 2,534 from France, 4,066 from Germany, 938 from Greece, 984 from Hungary, 75 from Iceland, 1,295 from Ireland, 2,355 from Italy, 364 from Latvia, 16 from Luxembourg, 786 from Netherlands, 80 from Norway, 8,697 from Poland, 1,585 from Portugal, 4.050 from Romania, 8,222 from Russia, 117 from Serbia, 1,830 from Serbia and Montenegro, 413 from Slovakia, 58 from Slovenia, 1,367 from Spain, 2,807 from the former Soviet Union, 783 from Sweden, 452 from Switzerland, 8,624 from the Ukraine, and 9,459 from the United Kingdom.

All the rest were from nonwhite countries, with people originating in Asia making up a third—the single largest group.  By country, the biggest groups after Mexico are India, Philippines, Dominican Republic, and China. There were also 3,466 naturalizations made by Jews born in Israel.

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Naturalized citizens are foreign nationals who have become citizens of the United States after fulfilling requirements established by Congress in the Immigration and Nationality Act. To become a naturalized American, an immigrant generally must have been a permanent resident of the US for at least five years (three years if the spouse is American) and pass a citizenship exam.

The map below shows the number of naturalizations broken down by state. Asians are the biggest group in 24 states, while in the remaining 26 states plus the District of Columbia, 10 other nationalities make up the biggest number of “new” US citizens.


In nine states, Indians made up the biggest group of naturalized citizens. Those from the Dominican Republic, who nationwide topped those from China for the first time in a decade, are the biggest group in five states, the DHS data show.

Dominicans have now for the second year running, made up the biggest group of naturalizations each year, narrowly exceeding the number of Indians.

The origin countries of naturalization demonstrate clearly that even without illegal immigration—which has not slowed down at all—legal immigration will also lead to the inexorable flooding out of America by nonwhites and the consequent destruction of that First World created nation state.

Those conservatives who claim therefore to be in favor of “legal” immigration, as opposed to “illegal” immigration fail to comprehend that the only difference between the two processes—as they are currently configured—is a question of time.

Illegal immigration and legal immigration under the current laws will both result in the destruction of First World America—one will just do it more quickly than the other.

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  1. Whichever way we look at this data one thing is for sure: they didn’t invade US as it’s happening right now in Europe! Some campesionos from Mexico may dig a tunnel here and there under the famous border fence to enter US but essentially it’s a very effective deterrent against illegal immigration. Most poor Mexicans are later quite happy to be employed as domestics or broom pusher, etc. but we are not talking anthing like the invasion of these North African parasites in Europe. Smuggling of drugs from Latin America still takes place but that’s quite a different story. Another important aspect is that US doesn’t tax its own citizen to death to give away money to immigrants like no tomorrow – that’s what makes Europe such a fvck-up for honest working people who as taxpayers are footing the bill for the immigration madness!
    Lately US started to expel forcibly many parasites from Somalia and Ethiopia who are engaging en masse in illegal activites. One of those parasites found later “asylum” in Sweden and brutally murderd Elin Kranz, a murder that shocked even totally brainwashed Swedes!

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