Israel’s Yad Vashem Admits List of “Holocaust Victims” Isn’t “Accurate”

Yad Vashem—Israel’s official holocaust memorial center—has admitted for the first time that its “list of holocaust victims” is inaccurate and that the process of collecting names “is not 100 per cent fail-safe.” Read more »

New York Rabbi: “Nazi Death Camp” Survivor Who Was Never in any Camp, Only Ever Arrested by the Communists after the War

The huge funeral of famous New York Rabbi Yisroel Avrohom Portugal has provided yet another example of the outrageous lies which the media perpetuates about the holocaust—in this case, claiming that he... Read more »

Jews Angry because New Budapest Holocaust Museum Doesn’t Blame All Hungarians

Israel’s Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum has broken off all cooperation with the Hungarian government regarding the building of yet another Holocaust Museum in Budapest—because the new museum doesn’t blame all Hungarians for... Read more »

Stutthof Trial: Drama as Former Guard Says he Never Saw “Gas Chambers” or Atrocities

The trial in Germany of a former SS guard at the Stutthof camp has taken a dramatic turn with the declaration by the accused that he never saw any “gas chamber” or... Read more »

94-Year-old German On Trial for Operating Clothes Disinfection Chamber at Stutthoff Camp

A 94-year-old German, identified as Johann R., a retired landscape architect from North Rhine-Westphalia, has been put on trial for “war crimes” at the Stutthof concentration camp during World War II—including “gassings” in... Read more »

Author Marks “International Holocaust Day” with Free Book Giveaway

Holocaust historian Peter Winter has announced the free release on the internet of the latest version of his best-selling book The Six Million: Fact or Fiction in response to that book’s banning... Read more »

Jews Demand Amazon Stop Selling “Free Palestine” Material

Fresh from their successful campaign to stop retail giant Amazon from selling any books which question the “Holocaust,” the Jewish lobby has now started an attempt to suppress any material which promotes... Read more »

Hitler, Zionists, and Ken Livingstone

The UK Labour Party’s decision not to expel veteran leftist activist and former London mayor Ken Livingstone has been met with completely predictable hatred and venom from the Jewish lobby in that... Read more »

Israel’s Holocaust Memorial Located at Zionist Massacre Site

In an act of “chutzpah,” Israel’s formal holocaust memorial museum, Yad Vashem, is located at the site of a brutal mass murder massacre carried out against Palestinians in the village of Deir... Read more »

Another “Holocaust Survivor” Hoax Exposed

Yet another famous “Holocaust survivor” in the US, 90-year-old Joseph Hirt, who has spent fifteen years lecturing schools about his “escape from Auschwitz,” has been shown to be a fantasist liar who... Read more »

Zionists Offered to Fight for Nazis

Not only did the world Zionist movement cooperate with Hitler—as claimed by UK politician Ken Livingstone—but it also formally offered in writing to fight for the Nazis against the British to facilitate... Read more »

Anne Frank Diary Co-Authored by Father

The Diary of Anne Frank was not solely written by the young Jewish girl, but was in fact co-authored by her father, Otto Frank, after the war, the foundation which holds copyright... Read more »

Sobibór Archeological Dig “No Proof” of “Gas Chamber” and Contradicts All Earlier Chamber Claims—Researcher

The recent excavations at the Sobibór concentration camp—announced as “proof of the gas chambers” by the controlled media—are nothing of the sort and there is no evidence to show that these foundations... Read more »

Smithsonian Red-Faced after “Treblinka Star of David Tiles” Shown to be Not Jewish At All

The Smithsonian Institutes’ TV documentary division has been severely embarrassed with the revelation that its recently-released “Treblinka: Hitler’s Killing Machine” documentary—which claimed to have “proved” the existence of “gas chambers” at Treblinka... Read more »