70% + Nonwhite Chicago’s Disastrous Finances Portends Second Detroit

Chicago—America’s third largest city—is teetering on complete financial collapse and is set to follow Detroit’s path down to Third World ruin as its nonwhite population rises to over 70 percent and whites... Read more »

Half of Detroit’s 8 Mayoral Candidates are Convicted Criminals

Half of the eight mayoral hopefuls on Detroit’s primary ballot next week have been convicted of felony crimes involving drugs, assault or weapons, according to the Detroit News.Three were charged with gun... Read more »

Detroit: A “Flurry of Killings” over Christmas

The murder rate in the black disaster zone city of Detroit is on track to top last year’s total—once again highlighting the fact that blacks are almost completely responsible for all violent... Read more »

Race-Based Detroit School Disaster

Less than 7 percent of eighth graders in Detroit schools are able to use whole numbers in math, and less than 4 percent are able to understand basic written material, the 2015... Read more »

“Detroit Turnaround” Farce: Crumbling Black City Propped Up by Federal Tax Money

The much-vaunted “Detroit turnaround”—where the majority black Midwest US city was supposed to “recover” from total collapse—is a farce maintained only through massive federal subsidies, while the city’s population has contributed nothing... Read more »

Black Disaster Detroit to Accept Handouts from Whites to Escape Bankruptcy

Today’s widely expected court ruling that the black disaster city of Detroit will be able to get out of its bankruptcy status is the result of a handout by white institutions of... Read more »

Black Detroit’s Collapse Dramatically Captured by Google Streetview 2008–2013

The black-controlled city of Detroit’s ongoing collapse into ruins has been vividly captured on camera by Google streetview images taken over a five year period from 2008 to 2013. The comparative streetviews... Read more »

Detroit’s Art Collection Likely to be Sold off as Black City Continues its Collapse

The famous art collection at the Detroit Institute of Arts—potentially worth $866 million—might be sold off in yet another attempt to temporarily postpone the black city’s inevitable collapse. The idea of selling... Read more »

Detroit Continues Downward Spiral: No Paper for Death Certificates, Illustrious Medical Center Closes and Wild Dogs Overrun the Streets

The shattered remains of the black-ruled city of Detroit continues on its downwards spiral, with the latest disasters to strike the once magnificent city being a shortage of paper to print death... Read more »

Detroit: The Death of White Civilisation

Anyone who doubts the long-term effect of the swamping of the First World by the Third, need look no further than Detroit in Michigan, where a new report has revealed that almost... Read more »

Bankrupt Detroit: The Inevitable Result of the Third Worldization of American Cities

The city of Detroit has come up hard against the reality of race at last: filing for bankruptcy yesterday, “emergency” city manager and imported “turnaround expert” Kevyn Orr hilariously claimed that it was... Read more »

Black-Controlled Detroit is “in a Death Spiral”

Black-controlled Detroit is in a “death spiral” and has real debts of in excess of $17 billion, the emergency manager appointed by the state of Michigan has announced. Kevin Orr, appointed to... Read more »

Detroit “Turnaround” off to Inauspicious Start

Despite a city deficit of $327 million and long-term liabilities of more than $14 billion, the first act of the black “turnaround specialist” brought in by desperate white liberal Michigan governor Rick... Read more »

Race and Detroit’s Bankruptcy

Brussels, the unofficial “capital of Europe” is already more than 25 percent Muslim, and when other non-Muslim Third World immigrants are added in, at least 57 percent of the city’s population is... Read more »

Zimbabwe “Even Worse” One Year after Mugabe, Africans Admit

Zimbabwe—which was widely hailed by the controlled media to have “turned a corner” and be “on the road to recovery” following the forced resignation of Robert Mugabe a year ago, is now... Read more »

Rabbis Warn Jews: Don’t Loan from US’s Jewish-owned Largest Mortgage Company, because ‘Only Non-Jews can be Charged Interest’

The rabbis of the Agudath Israel of America—the major orthodox Jewish community organization—have issued a Jewish legal ruling warning Jews not to take out loans with America’s largest mortgage lender, Quicken Loans, because it... Read more »

Two-Thirds of Majority Nonwhite US Public School 8th Graders “Not Proficient in Reading or Math”

America’s slide into Third World status is continuing apace as nonwhites replace whites at all levels in society—as confirmed by newly-published government figures which show that over two-thirds of 8th graders in... Read more »

“Skilled Third World Immigrants” Stealing Millions from US Taxpayers in Medicaid, Medicare Fraud

“Highly skilled” Third World immigrants—mostly claiming to be “healthcare professionals”—are stealing millions of dollars from US taxpayers through scams bilking the Medicaid and Medicare healthcare systems, a review of Department of Justice... Read more »

Fake “Asylum Seekers” Sue US Govt. over “Prolonged Detention”

Nine Third World invaders pretending to be “asylum seekers” from Haiti, Venezuela, Honduras, Mexico, and El Salvador, have sued to the US Government for being after being detained while their applications are... Read more »

Baltimore Businesses Collapsing under Black Crime Plague

Increasing numbers of commercial businesses in the black overrun city of Baltimore, Maryland, are closing up and fleeing in the wake of an 88 percent increase in commercial robberies in that metropole,... Read more »

Trump Pretends NFL Row “Has Nothing to do with Race”

US President Donald Trump has insisted that his new row with the National Football League (NFL) over the disrespect being shown to the American national anthem has “nothing to do with race”—even... Read more »

Chicago: 9 dead, 30 Wounded in Weekend Nonwhite Crime Plague—But All Media Talks about is Charlottesville “Evil”

The ongoing nonwhite crime plague which is destroying American cities claimed another nine lives in Chicago alone over the past weekend—and wounded another 30—but all the controlled media can talk about is... Read more »

Race and Crime: The Most Dangerous Cities in the World

The clear link between race and crime has been highlighted once again with the release of the 2016 rankings of the world’s most dangerous cities—and the fact that every single one of... Read more »

More Indian Doctors Arrested in US’s First FGM case

In yet more evidence of the destruction of America caused by legal Third World immigration, two more Indian doctors have been arrested in Michigan in connection with America’s first ever criminal court... Read more »

Indian Doctor Makes US History: First Ever FGM Prosecution

In another indication of the collapse of First World standards due to Third World immigration, an Indian doctor in Detroit, Jumana F. Nagarwala, has made history by becoming the first person to... Read more »

Whites Blamed for Flint, Michigan, Water Crisis

White people and “systematic racism” are to blame for the water pollution crisis in Flint, Michigan, according to a state “Civil Rights Commission” report—even though it is clear that the real cause... Read more »