Jews Ethnically Cleansing Gaza, Sending Palestinians to Europe, Israeli Govt. Admits

Israel is busy ethnically cleansing Gaza and actively seeking to export that population to Europe, a senior Israeli Government official has told The Times of Israel, boasting that last year alone, 35,000... Read more »

Hypocrite Tears: Netanyahu “Mourns” New Zealand Muslims, but Jewish Army Has Shot 9,000 Muslims in Gaza

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has officially condemned the mass shooting of Muslims in New Zealand—ignoring the fact that the Jewish army has shot at least 9,000 Muslims in Gaza over the... Read more »

Israel Starts New Border Wall on Gaza—as US Democratic Party Gets another Pro-Israel Lobby Group

The Jews-only state of Israel has started work on a massive extension of its border wall with the Gaza Strip—at exactly the same time that the anti-Trump wall US Democratic Party has... Read more »

Gaza: Jews Murder 120 Palestinians in 60 Days as Controlled Media and West Stay Silent

Jewish soldiers have murdered the 120th Palestinian in Gaza since the start of the protests inside the Gaza Strip—to almost complete silence from the controlled media and the Western establishment—intuitions which would... Read more »

UN: Israel Stands Accused as War Crimes Investigators Go to Gaza

The United Nations has voted to send investigators from its Human Rights Council (HRC) to look into the massacre of Palestinians by Jewish army forces in Gaza—despite the United States and Australia... Read more »

Syria and Gaza: Contrasting Reactions of Western States Reveals Jewish Lobby’s Control

The completely different reactions by Western governments to events in Syria and Gaza conclusively reveal the international Jewish lobby’s control: in Syria, fake reports of “chemical weapons” attacks causes US airstrikes, but... Read more »

Open Bias: Jewish-Lobby Controlled West Silent on Israeli Gaza Massacres

In another indication of the power the international Jewish lobby has over almost all Western governments and mass media, the ongoing mass slaughter of Palestinians by Israel—in which at least 31 have... Read more »

Latest Jewish Supremacist War Crime in Gaza: Ambulances Bombed

Video evidence of the latest Jewish Supremacist war crime in Gaza has emerged–that of an Israeli bombing of ambulances in Gaza. This criminal act follows after the largest online newspaper in Israel,... Read more »

The Real Reason for the War in Gaza: Zionist Supremacist Ethnic Cleansing

The real reason for the war in Gaza is not, as Israel claims, to “destroy Hamas tunnels,” but actually to perpetuate the ethnic cleansing of Palestine of Palestinians. Watch this incredible time... Read more »

As Israel Rains Death upon Gaza, US Zionist Groups Demand America Absorbs Illegal Immigrant Invasion

In one of the more blatant examples of extreme hypocrisy from the Jewish lobby in America, Zionist-supporting organizations have asked Obama to “welcome the stranger” and absorb the recent illegal underage immigrant ... Read more »

AIPAC Jewish Lobby “Full of Lies and Liars” Says Council for the National Interest

The recently-completed American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) Jewish lobby has just completed its annual summit in Washington—and was packed full of lies and liars, according to president of the Council for... Read more »

Jews Do Have Double Values: “Progressive Policies” or Themselves, Major US Jewish Paper Admits

A new article in the Jewish Daily Forward newspaper titled “The Left is Making Jews Choose: Our Progressive Values or Ourselves” has inadvertently revealed that Jews engage in ethno-nationalism for themselves and... Read more »

Russia Steps in with $10 Million Aid to Palestinians after US Pulls Out

The Russian government has stepped in with a grant of $10 million in aid to Palestinian refugees ethnically cleansed from their land by Jews in Palestine, marking yet another step up by... Read more »

Israel: Jews have Shot Dead 217, Wounded 22,897 Palestinians Since March, says UN

At least 217 Palestinians have been shot and killed by Jews in Israel since March 2017, and have wounded another 22,897 with live fire, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian... Read more »

Israel’s Jewish Agency Head: Non-Jews Marrying Jews is an “Actual Plague”

The newly elected head of the Jewish Agency for Israel—the official organization which brings Jews to that ethnostate—Isaac Herzog, has described marriages between Jews and non-Jews as “an actual plague.” Read more »

US Homeland Security Visits Israel’s Border Wall to “Get Ideas for Trump Wall”

US Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen has carried out an in-situ inspection of Israel's border wall with Egypt on Tuesday this week “for ideas for the US border with Mexico,... Read more »

Palestinians Retaliate against Israeli Massacres with Unexpected Missile and Mortar Barrage

Palestinians suddenly—and unexpectedly—retaliated in force with a barrage of over 110 missiles and mortar fire into Israel, responding to weeks of indiscriminate massacres, sniper shootings, jet fighter bombings and murders  of protesters... Read more »

‘Only Jews Have Right to Self-Determination’—Jewish State Bill Passes First Reading in Israeli Knesset

The Israeli parliament has passed the first reading of the “Jewish State Bill”—which will legally define Israel as a Jews-only state, states that only Jews have the “unique right to self-determination,” and... Read more »

“Left vs. Right Jews” Charade Collapses as Israeli Labor Party Breaks off Relations with UK’s Labour

The charade of “differences” between “right wing” and “left wing” Jews has collapsed for all to see with the news that that Israeli Labor Party has broken off links with the UK’s... Read more »

Israel: “World’s Most Moral Army” Exposed as Murderers by New Video

The Jews-only state of Israel’s army—whose propagandists continually claim to be the world’s “most moral”—has been exposed as cold-blooded murderers with the release of yet another video showing an unarmed stationary Palestinian... Read more »

17 Dead, 1,400 Injured: EU Calls for Probe into Latest Israeli Massacre of Palestinians

In a major break with the Jewish lobby—which normally strictly controls public pronouncements from European Union officials—the EU's diplomatic chief Federica Mogherini has called for an official investigation into the deadly massacre... Read more »

Blacks Resort to Jewish “Wakanda” Fiction to Deny Africa’s Backwardness

Blacks living in America, Europe and Australia—and including one of the stars of the film—have been forced to resort to the Jewish fiction of a “secret advanced civilization” as portrayed in the... Read more »

Israel Behind Latest Terror Car Bombing in Lebanon

One of the perpetrators of the latest car bomb to explode in the southern Lebanese port city of Sidon has confessed to being directed by the Israeli secret service, the press office... Read more »

Trump Blames Palestinians for “No Peace”

The Trump administration has cut off $125 million in funding for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, which provides aid to Palestinians driven out of their homes by the Israelis, accusing... Read more »

Israel: “2-State Solution” Smashed

The Israeli parliament ushered in the new year with a law that made it nearly impossible for its government to hand over control of any parts of Jerusalem back to the Palestinians—a... Read more »

International Jewry Endorses FPÖ Boycott

The chairman of the Israel-Austria Friendship Group in the Israeli Knesset, the official organization of Jews in Austria (Israelitische Kultusgemeinde), and the World Jewish Congress have all endorsed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin... Read more »