Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) Imports “Refugees” to White Countries, Even from Israel

The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) organization—targeted by the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter Robert Bowers—works full time to bring fake refugees to America and Europe, while at the same time helping to expel... Read more »

Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society again Demands US Take in “Refugees”—But not in Israel

The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society—the Jewish organization targeted by the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter Robert Bowers on account of its pro-Third World invasion activity—has launched a petition signed by over 1,400 rabbi demanding... Read more »

US-Guatemala Sign Invader Deportation Agreement for Fake Asylum Seekers

The United States and Guatemala have signed an agreement to allow the US to deport nonwhite invaders falsely claiming “asylum” if they reached the southern U.S. border by crossing through Guatemala. Read more »

Israel Rejects UN “Migration Compact”—but Israel-Supporting Jews in America Slam Trump for Doing the Same

Israel has become the latest state to formally reject the United Nations’ Compact on Migration—which effectively legalizes the Third World invasion of white nations by nonwhites—even though Israeli-supporting Jews in America have... Read more »

Pittsburgh Massacre: White Terrorist Blamed Jews for Refugees, Ignored Catholics, Lutherans, and Episcopalians

The white terrorist who murdered eleven Jews in a mass shooting at a synagogue outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, blamed the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) for being behind the fake refugee influx into... Read more »

Israel Locks up 1-Year Old African Invaders—But US Jews Condemn Trump for ‘Unjust’ Immigration Policy

The state of Israel locks up children of African invaders as young as one year-old—at the same time that the Israel-supporting US Jewish lobby has publicly condemned the Trump Administration for its... Read more »

EU Starts to Panic at Rate of Chinese Acquisitions

The European Union is busy drafting a law which aims to stop Chinese companies from buying up European firms and technology, deputy German Finance Minister Matthias Machnig has announced. As reported by... Read more »

US Jews, Muslims Join Forces to Help Nonwhite Invaders in Europe

The Hebrew Immigration Aid Society (HIAS) and Islamic Relief USA—two American-based groups—have announced a new joint “boots on the ground” initiative in Greece to help nonwhite invaders get “asylum” in Europe. Read more »

Invaders Bring New Untreatable TB to Europe

Third World invaders from the Horn of Africa who entered Europe pretending to be refuges have introduced a multidrug-resistant new form of tuberculosis “never before been described," experts at the University of... Read more »

Jewish Hypocrisy over Trump Travel Ban Ruling

Jewish Supremacists in America—including Anti-Defamation League (ADl), the Hebrew Immigration Aid Society (HIAS), the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism (RAC)—have slammed the Supreme Court’s ruling that the Trump travel ban is... Read more »

US Jews Slam Trump over New “Refugee Checks”

The Hebrew Immigration Aid Society—America’s largest Jewish organization working full time to import hundreds of thousands of nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees into the US—has slammed the latest “refugee” screening announcement... Read more »

Pro-Invasion Jewish Lobby Renews Attack on Trump

The left wing Jewish lobby—which demands that America absorb even more Third World invaders pretending to be refugees while simultaneously supporting Israel which refuses to let “refugees” in—has renewed its legal and... Read more »

Pro-Invasion Communists Killed in Fresno, Paris Attacks

In what must count as one of the more ironic twists to emerge from the ongoing nonwhite terrorist attacks, one of the whites murdered by the black racist gunman in Fresno, California,... Read more »

US Jews Condemn Trump’s Deportation Rules—But Back Israel’s

All the major Jewish activist groups in America—including the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS)—have come out in opposition to the new deportation guidelines announced by the Trump... Read more »

“Neo-Nazi Underground” Fantasy

Claims by the Deutsche Welle (DW) news service—now syndicated across the world—that “hundreds of neo-Nazis have gone underground” in Germany and are preparing “terrorist structures,” is a fantasy based on distortions of official figures... Read more »

U.S. Jews Demand Refugees—But Not in Israel

The Hebrew Immigration Aid Society (HIAS) has demanded that the “US remains a place where families fleeing war and persecution can find safety and dignity”—in an article published in Israel—though the Jewish... Read more »

Israel Deports Invaders to Africa

Israel continues to forcibly deport thousands of Eritrean and other nonwhite invaders back to Africa—and has accepted just four “asylum” requests since 2009. Simultaneously, Jewish lobbies in America and Europe are at... Read more »

Jews: US Must Take in More Muslims

The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS)—America’s largest Jewish pro-“refugee” organization, has demanded that the U.S. “take a leading role” in bringing even more Muslims to that country—but at the same time, stands... Read more »

Jews Push Muslim “Refugees” on US

America’s only officially state-funded Jewish “refugee” organization, the Hebrew Immigration Aid Society (HIAS), works full time to bring as many nonwhite—and mainly Muslim—invaders as possible into the US—but at the same time... Read more »

1216 Rabbis Want Muslim “Refugees”

At least 1216 rabbis from all Jewish denominations have signed a petition letter sent to the White House urging America to take in Muslim “refugees,” the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) has... Read more »

Jews Want “Refugees”—But Not in Israel

Every major Jewish organization in America has publicly demanded that America open its doors to hundreds of thousands of Muslim “refugees”—while at the same time supporting the Jews-only state of Israel which... Read more »

German Journalist Fired for Refugee/Terror Tweet

Well-known German journalist Matthias Matussek has been fired with immediate effect from his job at Die Welt newspaper for linking the Paris terrorist attack to the “refugees” streaming into Germany—even though that... Read more »

Jews at “Forefront of Welcoming” Invasion

European Jews are “on the forefront of welcoming the influx of largely Muslim migrants and refugees,” one of Europe’s leading Jewish historians, Dr. Diana Pinto has claimed. Speaking at a Jewish Community... Read more »

Israel’s Nazi Nuremberg Law-based Citizenship Definition not Strict Enough, says its Chief Rabbi

Israel’s Nazi Nuremberg Laws-based citizenship rules are not strict enough to preserve Jewish racial purity and more needs to be done to prevent non-Jews from marrying Jews, that country’s chief rabbi has... Read more »

As Israel Rains Death upon Gaza, US Zionist Groups Demand America Absorbs Illegal Immigrant Invasion

In one of the more blatant examples of extreme hypocrisy from the Jewish lobby in America, Zionist-supporting organizations have asked Obama to “welcome the stranger” and absorb the recent illegal underage immigrant ... Read more »

Jewish Supremacists Deport Africans to Uganda

Using the guise of “charity,” Jewish Supremacists are arranging the dumping of African “asylum seekers” in Israel into the central African nation of Uganda, thereby circumventing the fact that there appears to... Read more »