Israeli Parliament Says No to Homo Child Surrogacy, Upholding Ban on Homo Marriage

The Israeli parliament has voted down a proposed law to allow homos to have children by surrogacy, upholding their earlier decision to outlaw homo marriage. Read more »

Hypocrite ADL Blasts Trump over Trannies, but Supports Homo-banning Israel

The hypocritical Jewish Supremacist Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has blasted Donald Trump’s banning of mentally ill “transgenders” from the U.S. military—but is steadfast in its support for the Jews-only state of Israel, which... Read more »

Israel Votes Down Homo Rights—Again

The Israeli parliament has rejected a raft of laws promoting “marriage equality” for homosexuals, lesbians, and “transgenders,” even as the Israel-supporting Jewish lobby in America is at the forefront of promoting... Read more »

Jews Promote Homosexual Marriage in America but Outlaw it in Israel

All official Jewish groups and organizations in America have welcomed the Supreme Court’s ruling that homosexual marriage is legal throughout the country—but these same Jewish organizations also all back Israel, which has... Read more »

Israel: State-Funded Yeshiva Rabbis Filmed Teaching Jews that “Non-Jews must be Jewish Slaves”

Two of Israel’s state-funded rabbis at a pre-military religious academy in a West Bank Jewish settlement have been recorded telling their Jewish students that non-Jews are genetically inferior and are best being... Read more »

Open Bias: Jewish-Lobby Controlled West Silent on Israeli Gaza Massacres

In another indication of the power the international Jewish lobby has over almost all Western governments and mass media, the ongoing mass slaughter of Palestinians by Israel—in which at least 31 have... Read more »

UK Jews Put Israel Ahead of Leftist Ideals

Despite their traditional loyalty to the far left, just 8.5 percent of Jews in Britain plan to vote for the Labour Party in the upcoming general election in that country—solely because that... Read more »

Israel’s “Blacklist” Prevents Jews Marrying Non-Jews

The Israeli state keeps an official blacklist of people not racially Jewish enough in order to prevent them from marrying Jews—and investigates the racial ancestry of at least 5,000 people every year... Read more »

Israeli Subversion: Corbyn’s Call Blacked Out

British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn’s formal request to the British government to investigate Israeli subversion of U.K. politics has been completely blacked out by the controlled media—providing conclusive evidence of the... Read more »

Israel Bans Interracial Marriage Book

Israel’s Education Ministry has formally banned a book about an interracial affair between a Jew and a Gentile because, the Jewish state’s government says, the book “threatens Jewish identity” and does not... Read more »

Jews: “No Limit” on Invasion—Except in Israel

The head of the “Jewish community” in the German state of Thuringia has officially warned Germany against putting any limit on the number of Third World invaders pouring into Europe—while at the... Read more »

Homos, Nonwhites, Big EU AIDS Threat

Homosexuals and nonwhites remain the biggest spreaders of AIDs in the European Union, and were together responsible for 66 percent of all new infections during 2014, says a new report issued by... Read more »

Jews Want “Refugees”—But Not in Israel

Every major Jewish organization in America has publicly demanded that America open its doors to hundreds of thousands of Muslim “refugees”—while at the same time supporting the Jews-only state of Israel which... Read more »

Rise of White Terrorism Inevitable Response to Nonwhite Invasion and Terrorism, Says New Zealand Mosque Shooter Manifesto

The mass shooting in a Christchurch, New Zealand, mosque by a self-identified white terrorist is the inevitable result of the orchestrated global campaign being waged to destroy white people through mass immigration... Read more »

Russia Steps in with $10 Million Aid to Palestinians after US Pulls Out

The Russian government has stepped in with a grant of $10 million in aid to Palestinian refugees ethnically cleansed from their land by Jews in Palestine, marking yet another step up by... Read more »

Illinois: Establishment Horrified as 56,944 Vote for Only Openly Pro-White Congressional Candidate

Arthur Jones, America’s only openly pro-white Congressional candidate, received 56,944 votes in the heavily Democratic 3rd Congressional District of Illinois during last week’s midterm elections—horrifying the establishment, and highlighting how many votes... Read more »

Japan Rejects Fake Refugees: Only 20 of 20,000 Applications Accepted

Japan has continued with its policy of rejecting fake “refugee” claims, and last year only accepted 20 out of 20,000 applications, new data from the Immigration Bureau of Japan has revealed. Read more »

Trump Reneges on “Dreamer” Invasion

President Donald Trump has indicated in a new tweet that he is prepared to renege on his election promise to halt the Deferred Action for Child Arrival invasion scam—which has let at... Read more »

ADL: Jew’s Bomb Threats against Jews are “White Hate”

The Jewish Supremacist hypocrites of the Anti-Defamation League, who continually decry white “racism” while endorsing ultra-racist Israel, have counted the 162 bomb threats to Jewish Community Centers made a Jew in Israel... Read more »

Race, Jews, and the British General Election

The 77 percent of Jews who voted for the Conservative Party, and the overwhelming numbers of nonwhites who voted for the Labour Party, fundamentally shaped the outcome of the June 2017 British... Read more »

Hungarian Town Wants Europeans

The mayor of the town of Asotthalom, southern Hungary, has become the first European politician to make a public call for Europeans who seek to get away from a “multicultural society” to... Read more »

Trump, Jews, and the Real Test of Independence

Donald Trump’s election victory has brought the long-simmering fight between “right-wing” and “left-wing” Jews to the surface—but the real test of how this will affect the Jewish lobby’s power will be in... Read more »

Pakistan’s Racial Citizenship Law

Pakistan’s deportation of the famous green-eyed “Afghan Girl” back to Afghanistan has focused attention on the fact that Pakistan has a racially-based citizenship law. Sharbat Gula was arrested after trying to buy... Read more »

Jews: US Must Take in More Muslims

The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS)—America’s largest Jewish pro-“refugee” organization, has demanded that the U.S. “take a leading role” in bringing even more Muslims to that country—but at the same time, stands... Read more »

Jews: AfD an “Indictment” and “Nightmare”

The Central Council of Jews in Germany has condemned the strong vote for the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party over the past weekend as an “indictment of Germany” and a “nightmare come... Read more »

IDF’s Chief Rabbi: “Rape Gentile Women”

The newly-appointed chief rabbi of the Israeli army, Colonel Eyal Karim, is on record as saying that mixing with non-Jews is a “very bad thing,” but that Jew soldiers “raping attractive Gentile... Read more »