A Racial Analysis of the French Elections and What it Means for WhiteSurvival Strategies

France Presidential ElectionThe size of the non-white vote has become a game-changer in France (and other western nations) but the results of the French presidential elections provide hope and potential opportunity for long term white survival after the coming racial apocalypse.

These are the only possible conclusions of a detailed racial analysis of the first round voting of the French presidential elections over the past weekend.

How many white French people voted for the survival of their race and nation in the French elections? How many votes does Marine Le Pen’s 17.9% of the vote accumulate to?

To answer this question, it should first be borne in mind that in France it is illegal to gather statistics based on race, ethnicity or religion.

But there are some basic assumptions that can be made.

France has a population of about 65 million people (Bilan démographique 2010 – La population française atteint 65 millions d’habitants).

 In 2010, 27.3% of babies born in France had at least one foreign-born parent and 23.9% had at least one parent born outside of Europe (parents born in overseas territories are considered as born in France). (Données détaillées des statistiques d’état civil sur les naissances en 2010).

The French national institute of statistics INSEE estimated in 2008 that nearly 12 million foreign-born immigrants and their direct descendants (born in France) live in France, which represents almost 19% of the total population. Because of the law which prevents the recording of race, it is nearly impossible to say how many of these are European or not.

However, in 2008, France granted citizenship to 137,000 persons, mostly to people from Morocco, Algeria and Turkey.( Turks and Moroccans top list of new EU citizens) so it is not unreasonable to expect that the vast majority of that 19% figure will be non-European.

Allowing for statistical errors and traditional deliberate liberal establishment undercounting, it is safe to say that the non-white population of France is of the order of 20 percent and climbing.

In 2003, the French Ministry of the Interior estimated the total number of Muslims alone to be between five and six million (8–10%). (Religious Views and Beliefs Vary Greatly by Country, According to the Latest Financial Times/Harris Poll). This figure is already a decade out of date, so the Muslim population is likely to be in excess of 10 percent of France.

In 2012, there were 46,037,965 registered voters in France, of whom 35,885,801 actually cast their votes.

The results of the first round of voting in the 2012 French Presidential elections—not in percentage terms (as the media most often uses), but in actual numbers of votes cast—were as follows:

François Hollande, Socialist Party: 10,273,480

Nicolas Sarkozy, Union for a Popular Movement:  9,754,316

Marine Le Pen, National Front: 6,421,802

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Left Front:  3,985,089

François Bayrou, Democratic Movement: 3,275,395

Eva Joly, Europe Écologie–The Greens: 828,381

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, Arise the Republic: 644,043

Philippe Poutou, New Anticapitalist Party: 411,182

Nathalie Arthaud, Workers’ Struggle: 202,561

Jacques Cheminade, Solidarity and Progress: 89,552

Most of the parties underneath Marine Le Pen’s result are varying shades of Communist parties.

While a tiny number of non-whites voted for Le Pen (it’s a French thing), it is likely that most of the non-white vote went to the Socialist Party candidate Hollande (see image accompanying this article, which was taken at a Hollande rally in Paris).

That which did not go to him, was distributed between Sarkozy and the Communists.

This means that once the millions of non-white votes are strippd out, Le Pen probably polled as many white French votes as Sarkozy and Hollande.

The non-white vote has therefore, proven critical in this election—and it means that in future elections in France, it will de decisive, as their numbers increase exponentially.

This scenario is not only playing itself out in France, but has already occurred in the US (where the majority of whites voted against Barack Oabama, but he still won with a coalition of blacks, Hispanics and liberal whites) and is set to become a factor in other western European nations before too long.

There are therefore, four possible scenarios where this can all end:

1. A political earthquake can occur, where the whites who have been stupid enough to vote for anti-white parties suddenly wake up en masse and vote an anti-immigration party or candidate into office.

Likelihood: small—as liberals are willingly suicidal.

2. An establishment politician is elected to office and implements policies which halt the slide into Third World domination.

Likelihood: tiny.

3. The Third World element grows as overwhelms and exterminates the First World, leading to the total destruction of western civilization.

Likelihood: Very possible.

4. The Third World element grows and western society collapses, while a white First World element remains and manages to exploit the opportunities caused by the resultant Third World chaos to launch a new form of western civilization, under vastly different circumstances.

Likelihood: Possible, but only if racially-conscious whites do their homework now, and do it properly.

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  1. Thank goodness I am on my way out f this life and not at the beginning.
    I pity my nephews and nieces who will have to live with this.
    If I were younger and in good health would choose Singapore to live in.

  2. Number four is basically becoming organized like Jews. Caucasians are too meritocritous and individual. Even in the days, about one hundred years ago, when Caucasians did exhibit some racism, it was never organized and it's exclusion of others was small.
    Caucasians pride themselves on this Christian friendliness. Foreign people think we are suckers.

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