Abbott: Europe is Being Invaded

Former Australian prime minister Tony Abbott has warned that Europe is being “invaded,” that white nations are “losing their character” through mass Third World immigration, and that the invasion needs to be turned back at the borders.

In addition, he said, Turkey’s leaders have urged Muslims to take back parts of Europe and among the invaders are “soldiers of the caliphate bent on mayhem.”


Making the direct comments during a speech to the Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists—a group of conservative European parties—at their major annual meeting in Prague, Abbott asked, “why shouldn’t each country keep the final say over who can enter?”

“After all,” he said, “a country or a continent that can’t control who enters its territory will eventually lose control of its future.”

“Of course, it is a decent and a humane impulse to give a better life to people from wretched places.

“But once people have gone beyond their first place of safety, they’re not asylum seekers but would-be economic migrants,” Abbott said, the first major European leader to say this in public.

“But a million people coming by boat and almost a million people coming by land last year has the look of a peaceful invasion,” he continued.

“Some of Turkey’s leaders have even urged Muslims to take back parts of Europe; and among the would-be migrants are soldiers of the caliphate bent on mayhem.

“Many of those taking to boats across the Mediterranean or clamoring at Europe’s gates look set to join an angry underclass. Too many are coming, not with gratitude but with grievance, and with the insistence that Europe should make way for them.

“Over time, this becomes an existential challenge. And if Europe won’t meet it—as Brexit shows, as the reimposition of border controls show—individual countries will insist on dealing with it in their own way.”

He went on to say that “Europe’s navies must do their humanitarian duty and rescue people who might otherwise drown; but taking them onto Italy and Greece just guarantees that more will make this dangerous journey.

“So long as people think that arriving in Europe means staying in Europe… they will keep coming. Sending them to more European countries won’t solve the problem; it will just spread it around.

“People in no immediate danger have to be turned back at Europe’s borders,” he said. “People intercepted in the Mediterranean have to be returned to their starting point. This crisis can’t be managed; it has to be resolved.”

“Now Australia is an immigrant nation; we well appreciate that people from Africa and the Middle East have every reason to seek a better life—but they have no right to demand that Europe should provide it to them.”

Abbott then went on to detail how his administration in Australia had solved the problem of a seaborne invasion.

“That’s what Australia did, under my government: we stopped illegal boats at sea and escorted them back to Indonesian waters.

“If the boats were scuttled, we had big orange life rafts on hand so that people could safely return from whence they’d come.

“I knew the risks to our personnel; I knew the damage this would do to relations with Indonesia; I knew the outcry it would spark from well-meaning activists but it simply had to be done.

“Effective border protection is not for the squeamish, but it is absolutely necessary to save lives and to preserve nations.

“The truly compassionate thing to do is: stop the boats and stop the deaths—and, for more than two years now, there have been no illegal arrivals by boat in Australia and the drownings have stopped,” he said.

“Europe’s challenges are on a larger scale and the geography is different but with the right will and organization there is no reason why there could not be similar success.

“You have to match the conviction of those demanding entry with the greater conviction that you have a right to say ‘no.’ What’s needed is an end to self-doubt about the entitlement of European nations, individually and collectively, to keep their character.”

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  1. Hurrah for Tony Abbott – Australia`s `Farage` – another rarity amongst today`s politicians – someone who actually talks sense – rises to the occasion. His speech will no doubt be ignored and meet with a stony silence from the braindead Brussels brigade.

    1. We thought the same here in Aystralia when we voted out Labor a couple of years ago and put the supposedly ultra-conservative Abbot in. Since then, outside of some trending right on economic issues, absolutely nothing has changed and despite promising to get rid of the 18C Racial Villification Laws, the Abbott Government has backed away from this under pressure from the Jewish Lobby and they are now talking about amending the law instead – maybe! The immigrants are still flooding in and they are now talking about making it a condition of residency that the third world immigrants be sent to country areas instead of city – all with the aim of diversifying the homogenous white culture that dominates in our rural areas still. Poor, uneducated and with little English they have no hope of getting work in these areas. What work they do get will be taken from working class whites who rely on manual labour to make a living. For the most part though, they will sit on the public purse and just act as a massive drain on tax payers all the while causing crime levels to rise and social dislication and confluct. So agressively anti-white agenda from this so-called right wing government. On top of that Abbot is trying to have our constitution changed to acknowledge Aborigines, a change which is a Trojan Horse for more anti-white legislation which will then be used by all the non white migrantts to get special benefits and privileges at YT’s expense. Oh as a result of the Irish vote, this ‘conservative’ government, under Catholic PM, is now saying ‘gay marriage’ is inevitable but we wont get the luxury of a Referendum on it, it will just be legislated on in next year or two. So yeah, changing parties has been disappointingly pointless

      1. You must have missed this sentence then, at the top of the article.

        Former Australian prime minister Tony Abbott has warned that Europe is being “invaded,”

        Malcolm Turnbull is the current Australian Prime Minister, and has been so since
        15 September 2015. One whole year has since gone by. Do keep up!

        Tip: If you want people to read your lengthy comment/s, paragraphs are essential.

        1. Take into note that Turnbull is of a jewish mother, he worked for Goldman Sachs and has always lived in the jewish part of Sydney

          1. spot on Bob, there used to be amongst his “images” MT donning skull cap having a serious conversation with a Rabbi, phot since removed, having jewish mother qualifies him as same

          1. We know you were, and the question is, why? He has been out of a job for rather a while. Your criticisms re: homosexualism and Aborigine lunacy are (right and valid) criticisms of the Turnbull government – but Abbott has had nothing to do with these problems.

            I do grant that you are quite correct in noting his ineffectual rule, however. Many promises, none fulfilled. It’s almost as though there’s some external factor (aside from his own incompetence, which, admittedly, may have played a part) that prevented Abbott from getting things done.

  2. best thing he did, got the mandate by winning election and dealt with it, despite all efforts by the taxpayer funded public broadcasters. His opposition has declared it will overturn his policy if elected. God help Australia, for the evil globalists won’t.

    1. GAsoven, I’m not sure of whom you speak when you say he got nothing done? If it was Abbott I believe you need to rethink that. Boats stopped, mining tax and power tax gone, free trade achieved and others. Yes he made some mistakes but so they all do. I like Abbott because apart from those achievements he got through, he is not afraid to say it as it is. Abbott and Trump were the only ones who called Castro for what he was. Nothing from Turnbull, missing in action, afraid to be disliked. Unfortunately, Abbott didn’t have the gift of the gab as the say like Trump and Mal, but looking back he did more than a lot of M.P’s in that short time and I think given more time before he was knifed he would have done more and learned a lot more as well. Abbott cares about Australia Turnbull cares about himself I’m afraid, and he’s weak because of that.

  3. “Effective border protection is not for the squeamish, but it is absolutely necessary to save lives and to preserve nations”

    That’s it in a nutshell. Well said Mr Abbott.

  4. Loved it all except, “Australia is an immigrant nation…”. Uh, no. This is the kind of BS they try to put off on the countries that started out as colonies of European nations, mainly Britain, like the U.S. and Canada. This propaganda is used to make citizens of those nations feel guilty and obligated to taken in “refugees” and millions more through “legal” immigration. They also use this meme to brainwash people into believing that these nations never really had a homogeneous identity, race and culture, i.e. “Our country was always multicultural. Immigrants were here from the beginning.” Except…they weren’t.

    1. North America is a continent build by immigrants, sure. European immigrants, the white race, Catholic, Christian.
      Hence, the fast development, prosperity.
      Started going down the drain when other kind accumulated.

  5. Unfortunately many eu politicians are under payroll of certain establishment that cannot be trusted. They fed the people with lies, gained power and do what they want to destroy the peace and harmony being created in the last few decades.

  6. based Abott, Australia is in the right hands with a strong and sensible leader like that, if only European leaders could listen to him and stop this madness.

  7. Nations have the right to turn away, and nations have the right to self defence, self determination, and enforced military garbage collection.

  8. Wow this is the best thing I’ve heard come from any politician in a very long time. Well Done Abbott, it took your fall for you to respectfully rise!!!

  9. The Australian press has muddied the issues a great deal. I had no idea that Abbott had different attitudes to Turnbull. Up to now I’ve disliked Abbott greatly, but I think I’ve just been converted.

    1. Actually Abbott made a speech practically the same in Britain just after Turnbull knifed him. He warned the world of what would happen if Countries didn’t close their borders. He was scoffed at here in Australia for saying it as usual. when Turnbull went to Germany he said he had no intention of telling Merkel what to do, having a shot at Abbott. Who is wrong and who is right and has the guts to say it as it is. Abbott and Trump were the only two who called Castro for what he was, however Mal was missing in action.

  10. A breath of fresh air reading this. I never liked Abbott. I thought he was the worst thing that happened to Australian politics, but now he is no longer leader he is able to say things that need to be said in order to preserve European identity. Let”s hope with the election of Trump more high profile public figures will start speaking out.

  11. It is easy to be outspoken when you are not in power because you don’t have to back up words with deeds. Excellent speech nonetheless.

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