Adelson: Trump “Good for Israel”

Arch Republican Party Jewish manipulator Sheldon Adelson has finally announced that he supports Donald Trump—only because he is “good for Israel.”

The endorsement reveals the single-loyalty nature of the Jewish lobby which is exclusively motivated by Jewish interests—and nothing else.


Adelson said he will back Donald Trump now that Trump has locked up the Republican Party’s presidential nomination—even though his newspaper in Israel, the Hebrew-language Israel Hayom effectively endorsed Trump in March.

“I think that Donald Trump will be good for Israel,” Adelson told the BBC this week when attending a gala in New York for the World Values Network.

Adelson did not say if he would be helping to fund the Trump campaign, which is expected to cost billions of dollars in a major clash with Hilary Clinton later this year.

Adelson, who donated more than $90 million to federal political races in 2012, is among the Republican Party’s most heavily courted contributors, and every would-be Republican candidate—except Trump—went to his Las Vegas offices with their begging bowls out earlier in the primary campaign.

In contrast to the 2012 race, when he spent heavily to boost Newt Gingrich’s unsuccessful primary bid and then gave generously to nominee Mitt Romney, Adelson had until now remained almost neutral in the 2016 nomination battle.

The question of whether Trump would be “good for Israel” surfaced in December, when Trump, addressing the Republican Jewish Coalition—another major Adelson beneficiary—said he would not pander to the group or ask for its members’ money.

He also said he would remain neutral on Israeli-Palestinian talks and would not before being elected say whether he would recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Trump has since reversed his stance on all those positions, most recently in his appearance at the Jewish lobby’s American Israel Public Affairs Committee meeting.

This reversal has only ameliorated some of the major “right wing” Republican Party Jews, all of whom initially opposed the Trump candidacy.

A “running tally” of where “Jewish conservatives” stand with regard to Trump was recently published by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

According to the JTA, Trump has been endorsed by:

Ari Fleischer, former spokesman for President George W. Bush: “There’s a lot about Donald Trump that I don’t like, but I’ll vote for Trump over Hillary any day,” he said on Twitter.

Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y.: “He is by far a much better candidate for president than Hillary Clinton,” he told the New York Jewish Week.

Jeff Ballabon, head of a strategic communications firm: “We’re on the Trump train because we know where Hillary Clinton wants to go. She is committed to continuing, enshrining, and accelerating the destruction of the past eight years,” he wrote, with Bruce Abramson, on the CNBC website.

Sid Dinerstein, former chairman of the Palm Beach, Fla., Republican Party: “A 35 point victory is a statement rocking the world: Donald will be the Republican nominee and then he’ll do to Hillary what he did to the Republicans—take no prisoners,” he wrote on Newsmax after Trump’s New York primary vote.

The number of “right wing” Republican Party Jews opposing Trump is still however higher. According to the JTA, they include:

Norm Coleman, former US Senator from Minnesota: “Not voting Trump or Clinton,” he said in an email.

Bill Kristol, founder of the Weekly Standard and the Emergency Committee for Israel: “I feel like we should do better than Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. I suspect the Lord would reward us if we try hard to find a better president for the country than those two people,” he said May 5, on WMAL, a Washington DC-area talk radio station.

Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post columnist: “There have been and will continue to be efforts to find an alternative candidate to Trump and Clinton,” she wrote on May 3, the day after Trump clinched the presumptive nomination. “Honorable men and women who find Trumpism repugnant and are willing to step into the fray should be commended regardless of the election’s outcome. They will have a ready answer to the question: What did you do to stop Trump?”

Noam Neusner, former speechwriter for President George W. Bush: “Not Trump, not Hillary,” he said in an email.

Seth Mandel, New York Post Op-Ed page editor.

Max Boot, Council on Foreign Relations fellow, foreign policy adviser to John McCain’s presidential run in 2008: “I’m literally losing sleep over Donald Trump,” he told Vox. Hillary Clinton “would be vastly preferable to Trump.”

Bethany Mandel, blogger, contributor to NY Post, The Federalist, and The New York Observer: “I would be open to voting third party if there’s a decent choice, or not voting if there’s no,” Mandel told JTA. “If New Jersey is close (where I’m registered) I would vote for Hillary in a heartbeat.”

Robert Kagan, Brookings Institution fellow and foreign policy adviser to John McCain’s presidential run in 2008: “For this former Republican, and perhaps for others, the only choice will be to vote for Hillary Clinton. The party cannot be saved, but the country still can be,” he wrote in the Washington Post.

Joshua Muravchik, neoconservative thinker, author of Making David into Goliath: How the World Turned against Israel: “I’m voting for Hillary” if she wins the Democratic nomination, he told JTA. “I am very skeptical of her. But Trump has degraded American politics in a way unlike anything I have ever witnessed. I can’t say enough bad things about him. His ignorance is staggering and his personality is revolting.”

Paul Singer, hedge fund manager, backed Marco Rubio and major anti-Trump SuperPAC: Back in March, Singer helped arrange an anti-Trump advertising campaign in Florida, Illinois, Missouri, Arizona, Wisconsin, and other states.

Eric Cantor, former majority leader in the US House of Representatives, backed Jeb Bush: Cantor, who backed Jeb Bush for the GOP nomination, told CNBC May 3 that he had underestimated Trump, but did not volunteer where he now stood. “I’ve sat it out until now, and I will see.”

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  1. Quote: ” the single-loyalty nature of the Jewish lobby is exclusively motivated by Jewish interests—and nothing else.”
    If only our own Western politicians would concentrate on doing the same for us. I thought that`s what we voted the duplicitous bastards into government for .

  2. They’re exclusively motivated by what they think are Jewish interests. A ten-year old can see Jews are piling up problems for themselves. Possibly it’s genetic, fuelled by the hate texts of the Talmud and similar stuff. They hate so much it gets priority over wiser counsel.

  3. Come to think of it, Americans could do themselves a big favor by not gambling in Adelson’s godawful places. Do they think they’ll win?

  4. The obvious aside, what is beginning to really bother me is so many of these die hard “the system works” types in both parties saying they won’t vote at all. I can’t count how many times in the past I have heard these same tax paid whores berate those that have said the same thing.

    Guess if your not going to play by their rules they’ll just take their ball and go home.

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