ADL Declares War on Trump

In a clear breach of the Anti-Defamation League’s (ADL) “charity” status, that group’s head has openly declared war on Donald Trump. In an interview with the Times of Israel, ADL chief Jonathan Greenblatt said that Trump is “mainstreaming bias” toward “a xenophobic, Islamophobic kind of racism.”


At the same time, Greenblatt hypocritically ignores all comments from Israeli leaders which are one hundred times more extreme than anything Trump has said.


Greenblatt went on to say that Trump was introducing “things into the political conversation” which he and the ADL opposed. Greenblatt then went on to list these “things:”

“Suggesting that all the people coming, let’s say from a particular country, are rapists or murderers.

“Or suggesting that we would check people at our gates simply on the basis of what they believe.”

Greenblatt continued by saying that these were all

“[V]ery worrying ideas. And they have a scent that rings familiar, a sound that rings familiar to many of us.

“We as Jews know what it means when they say that people coming from another country are all a problem.”

We know what it means (when they say) we have to check you at the door on the basis of what you believe.”

The ADL, he continued, had

“[B]een mandated for more a century to both stop the defamation of the Jewish people and to secure justice and security for all. So we speak up for these things because they are very worrying…

“The idea that you judge people — where they’re from, what they believe — and don’t unequivocally, unambiguously, instantaneously, condemn people espousing some of those worst ideas, we’ve seen this before and it’s never been good.”

The ADL’s “mandate to speak up” of course only applies to non-Jews. Greenblatt was completely silent when his fellow Jews make statements one hundred times more inciting, racist, vicious, and defamatory than anything Trump has ever said.

For example, Greenblatt and the ADL never said a word when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he was going to “surround all of Israel with a fence” to protect the Jewish state from Arab “wild beasts.”


Greenblatt’s attack on Trump’s alleged “Islamophobia” is just as hypocritical. Greenblatt and the Israel-supporting ADL know very well that Israel’s Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law 5763, makes citizens of Iran, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, the West Bank, and Gaza Strip ineligible for residency in Israel, even if they are married to an Israeli citizen.


The law was most recently extended in June 2015 (“Controversial citizenship law that bans Palestinians married to Israelis from living in Israel extended by the Knesset,” the Independent, June 17, 2015).

This “Islamophobia” extends way beyond anything Trump has ever said—and it makes a mockery of Greenblatt’s whining about “knowing what it means when they say that people coming from another country are all a problem.”

As if all this was not enough, Israeli immigration law goes even further, and specifically limits all immigration to that state to those who can prove biological—in other words, racial—Jewish descent.


Israel’s immigration laws are controlled by the “Law of Return” of 1950, as amended in 1970, and the 1952 “Citizenship Law.”

The Law of Return grants the exclusive right of entry and settlement to people who could show Jewish ancestry, while the Citizenship law determines who can qualify for Israeli citizenship.

The Law of Return uses the same definition of Jewish ancestry as used by the Nazis in the 1936 Nuremberg Laws.


Israel also outlaws all marriages between Jews and non-Jews, and the legal loophole which allowed non-Jewish spouses to acquire Israeli citizenship through marriage outside of Israel was closed in 1999.

Finally, it is a blatant breach of the ADL’s tax-exempt charity status to engage in such vitriolic attacks on Trump.


Under the terms of the Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3),  an organization “may not attempt to influence legislation as a substantial part of its activities and it may not participate in any campaign activity for or against political candidates.”

The ADL’s blatant breach of this code would, under normal circumstances, lead to this extremist Jewish Supremacist pressure group being closed down and its leaders charged—but because the US government is totally under the control of the Jewish lobby, this of course will not happen.

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  1. No, No sir Trump brings out all the worst in others. A lot of what he says makes perfect sense. I think most of America would prefer it to be great again and hold its head high. However like the UK, the quality of politics of the last few decades has been an utter, utter disgrace.

    Trump cannot do worse, so give him the chance. I think he will do better than the current President.

    1. The ‘ADL’ was founded in the same year as the ‘Federal Reserve’ gave financial power on a huge scale to Jews. One of the motives for its founding was a notorious murder case by a Jew – thanks to Internet, these long-buried secrets are rising to haunt garbage like Greenblatt.

    2. “The state of politics in the last few decades” is nothing less then the infiltration of traditional western values by Marxist, globalist, jews and their gentile minions. That’s why we have faggot marriage being forced on the majority, transgender Olympic stars with fake tits, vicious leftist Marxists using violence to shut up the traditional values of normal Americans and a moral decline not seen since the fall of the Roman empire. These leftist communists have undone 1400 years of sacrifice by our ancestors who fought and died to ensure that the Muslim hordes would never again step foot on European soil. They’ve brainwashed our children and have turned most of our men into feminist weaklings who wear dresses and march in the streets so they can carry pocketbooks and support the destruction of their own race.

      As for Trump, he’s just playing the role of the controlled opposition, or at least I think that’s the most likely case. I mean, who could be so stupid as to say women who get an abortion should be punished (meaning he’s committing political suicide)? It’s like Trump is purposely tanking his own run for the presidency. The only thing that can save western civilization at this point is the people themselves. We have to make our will felt to such an extent that anything that runs contrary to it equals treason.

  2. There is a final solution to Jewish aggression and the result inevitable. Small countries just go bankrupt first and large ones later. The law I refer to is a ballistic one and similar to the type of physics that describes the reason why our sun is surrounded by brown and red dwarf stars while the large ones are still shining. The Jews are loosing their investments in Nigeria and South Africa and they hate the situation and their victims who cannot support them and it will repeat itself in Europe and America.

    1. If central banks are run by Jews in these countries, as is the case in almost all of them, what does ‘going bankrupt’ mean? If you can find a physical-law-like proof that Jews must fall, please share it!

      1. It is called Reciprocal relations. The more the Jews accumulate the less the Debtors will have, Tell me how is it possible to pay for Chinese goods if there is no reciprocal relationship and there is only the willingness to offer credit. It looks like the USA national debt and is meaningless. Germany has its own economy and the only way Chinese goods can be dumped there is if third world hoards are imported to use the shoes, clothes food etc. that can be imported a German expense, and when Germany is stripped of its cash to pay for the dumping I suppose a situation of a Bankrupt economy will result in the stripping Germany of all its assets to pay for the imports.

        1. It’s true Jews have their own manufacture and circulation of money — they act as a separate country inside other countries, grab assets, and offload costs onto their hosts. Most people don’t know this. It’s essential to explain how it works, and why for example Jews support wars. (Because they make money from weapons factories, make money from loans to government, make money in other countries by secretly dealing with Jews there, kill goys etc.) Your explanation seems to me confused, but if you can prove a law involving bankruptcies of countries, great. More power to you.

    2. Speaking of final solutions, six months prior to the Pearl Harbor attack, a book was printed and distributed by Argyl Press, written by a guy named Kaufman. It was titled “Germany Must Perish !”, with the exclamation point. Kaufman wrote in his book that all Germans were such evil people, that the world would have to sterilize all Seventy Million (70,000,000) Germans existing on that planet at the time. He even went into detail on how long it would take using so many doctors on so many bodies per day. Many of the publications in our great and free country exclaimed in editorials how that was such a wonderful idea. They just loved the idea of a “final solution” of the Germans, written by the Zionist Kaufman himself. It is interesting to note that there is no written evidence that the Nazis planned a final solution for the traitors that stabbed them in the back, but there is a book in existence that shows just who coined the term, and nobody is talking about it !

  3. In the near future and next few years, the world needs a strong leader like Trump not a people (especially saudi) pleaser. Trump is the only one able to take a strong position and right the wrongs of the naive ideas of the democrats/ neo liberals. He will make america great again. The world will look up to america for direction again.

  4. The ADL defames itself by race baiting a fine American Citizen like Trump… Their TAX exempt status should be revoked ASAP.

  5. ADL declares FAKE war on Trump.

    Of all the candidates, Trump has embraced Jews at every level, for 30 years, a track record second to none.

    Every position of power in his numerous businesses is populated by a Jew.

    His Daughter converted to Judaism, and married a orthodox Jew. His grandchildren are Jewish

    This anti-Trump stance is all for show, to deceive those that may dislike Jews into thinking he is their man. Real Jews know better, and will be there at the polls for him when it counts.

  6. ADL is worried because they can’t bribe Trump and obviously Greenblatt is worried his corrupt organization stands to loose millions of Americans tax payer dollars. They Jews could not care less about any anti Islam comments. They hate Islam as equal as Christians so who are they kidding !

  7. To identify the truly sick racists google: chief rabbi of Israel says only purpose of goyim is to serve jews, life of goyim worth same as donkey. Obadiah Yosef.

    Netanyahu says this loser was the greatest mind of this generation.


  8. I have had it with the ADL and these Jews. All they ever talk about is the Holocaust, well WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO APOLOGISE FOR KILLING OVER 40 MILLION CHRISTIANS IN RUSSIA? WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO APOLOGIZE FOR BLOWING UP THE USS LIBERTY, AND THOUSANDS OF OTHER ATROcTIES THEY HAVE COMMITTED OVER THE CENTURIES? The holocaust was their karma and no one should have sympathy for Jews and everyone should boycott Israel for the torture of innocent Palestinians as well. Jews have destroyed good people in every country on earth for almost two thousand years and they still are and always have been and always will be the problem.

  9. To my mind Jews are just another breakaway Arab desert tribe.All desert dwellers hate each other and follow stupid religions that subjugate their daft inter bred followers!

  10. Trump is deliberately quoted out of context.Because white races only produce 1.8 children per couple,he realises we are loosing the population race against the slimes who make at least 5 of their subs.Abortion is encouraged by the criminal left to ensure muslimes out breed us as soon as possible.

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