AFA Calls out Paypal Hypocrisy

Paypal recently boycotted the state of North Carolina over that state’s refusal to allow mentally-ill “transgenders” to use opposite sex bathrooms—even though the Internet company runs a global operations center in Malaysia where homosexuals are publicly whipped and jailed.

The American Family Association (AFA) has revealed the blatant hypocrisy of Paypal in a new advertisement taken out in San Jose, CA, Paypal’s hometown.


In a press release on the AFA website, that organization said that it was no longer using Paypal because the company “chose to boycott North Carolina after the governor signed HB 2, a bill requiring people to use the restroom consistent with their biological gender.”

As the AFA said, this law “means men use men’s restrooms and women use women’s restrooms. This law protects the privacy of women and children, and that is why AFA supports this law.”

North Carolina isn’t the first state, the AFA continued, “that has experienced corporate bullying by companies like PayPal.”

“Indiana, Georgia, Arkansas, Mississippi, and many others have all experienced corporate bullying in the last year or so. When states attempt to protect religious liberty via legislation, Fortune 500 companies threaten and bully states into submission.

“Sadly, these companies blindly take their marching orders from the homosexual activist groups like Human Rights Commission,” the AFA continued.

“As a way to fight back against corporate bullying, specifically by PayPal, AFA ran a full page ad in PayPal’s hometown newspaper in San Jose, CA. This ad was published Sunday, April 24.

“What most people don’t know is, PayPal built a global operations center in Malaysia where homosexuals are publicly whipped and jailed.

“Ironically, PayPal is boycotting North Carolina for enacting a common sense and simple law requiring people to use a restroom consistent with their biological gender.”


The advertisement placed by the AFA in a San Jose newspaper.

The AFA intends to continue its campaign to expose Paypal’s hypocrisy, and launched an appeal to funds to extend their advertising campaign further.

The AFA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, founded in 1977 by Donald E. Wildmon, who was the pastor of First United Methodist Church in Southaven, Mississippi. Under its current president, Tim Wildmon, the AFA continues to be one of the largest and most effective pro-family organizations in the US.

Unsurprisingly, simply because it advocates normal families (that is, marriages between males and females), the AFA has already featured on the Jewish supremacist “SPLC” lobby’s “hate group” list.

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  1. Wtf are corporate entities doing proselytising on social norms anyway? They should be forced to undertake their trading activities in a neutral fashion. Reinstating Andrew Anglins account should point one for paypal.

  2. More power to them. I’d be more impressed if they’d take on Jewish supremacy, violence, and lies organisations, though.

  3. Beautiful!!!! The hypocrisy of the left is so blatant in the states it makes me sick. 250 women in the middle east killed for not submitting to being sex slaves and not a word from the liberals. PayPal is just a small example of how bad this insanity has gotten. Bring on the revolution, armed and ready.

  4. It shows that they are at war against normal people. How hypocritical. They need the normal people money to sustain their business. What if normal people withdrew their money/stopped using their service?

  5. Stop using & paying for their services. Quite simple!
    Problem is 90% of the outraged commentators & general public can’t think past their own comfort zones and simply carry on business as usual.
    NO PAIN, NO GAIN. Just get organised & do something about it.

    1. You are right. Organized boycotts hit them where it hurts: their pockets. There is a reason why the kikes have so much power despite being so few, they hit (or merely threaten to do so) the livelihoods of anyone who dares to speak out against them and every piece of filth they promote. And 98% of people yield. It’s a very powerful tool if you can muster enough people to do it and keep it in time. And the jews are doggerly determined to do so, because they are tight-knit and, at the same time, against the rest of humanity who is not jewish. But also, there is the question of making/using alternatives to the services/goods they offer. Self-reliance and ingenuity are the way, that’s why the current curricula and the media dulls people’s minds, so they are ultra-dependent on services and goods not produced by them, but by someone else.
      How many people you know who can cook from scratch, for example? And I say cooking, which is a simple (if rather time consuming) task.
      Most of the western civilization seems to be trapped on the lullaby of comfort and ease of use. And these swarms of third worlders come, almost without exception, from places where things are anything but easy.
      Sure, they are enticed by the easy life that they’ll have in Europe. They turn every country they set foot into a cesspit, too. And the traitorus leaders they have (with some honorable exceptions in the East) sell their countries for thirty pieces of silver.
      Now it will cost blood, sweat and tears to regain Europe back and make it free of all this leftist crap to rise again. But there is a spark of hope. People like you and me are starting to speak out and fight back against the evil promoted by the jews and their lackeys.

  6. A violation of the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women 34/180 18 December 1979 is a Crime Against Peace Part 1 Article 2b “To adopt appropriate legislative and other measures, including sanctions where appropriate, prohibiting all discrimination against women.”
    It is time that this type of discrimination, where women cannot have their own equal facilities, and the right should be protected by legislation that suspends the licence to trade for any company that seeks to publically incite the violation of this right of equality.

  7. And yet all the anti-capitalist, international leftists will continue to project that Western Corporations are run by ‘rich, racist White Men’.

    Cognitive Dissonance knows no bounds!

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