AfD Set for Big Breakthrough in Elections

The establishment parties in Germany are bracing themselves for what is expected to be a major breakthrough by the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party this coming Sunday in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Polls indicate that the AfD might come first, defeating both Angela Merkel’s ruling CDU party and her socialist party coalition partners, the SPD.


The AfD has used the Third World invasion crisis to woo disaffected voters and makes it very clear who it thinks is responsible for the country’s problems: Merkel.

“The refugee crisis has helped us, there’s little question about that,” Leif-Erik Holm, the AfD’s lead candidate in the regional election, said.

The CDU and SPD are still hoping to maintain their rule in the state, but are wary of the previous state election in March in Saxony-Anhalt, where the AfD won 24 percent. It finished second in that ballot and hopes to go one further this time.

Whatever happens, the AfD will almost certainly enter its ninth state parliament out of 16. Number 10 will likely follow two weeks later when voters go to the polls in Berlin.

The changing face of German politics was on display when Merkel traveled to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in mid-August to meet with farmers, traditionally staunch supporters of her conservatives.

The chancellor was well prepared, telling farmers she would support their use of the weed killer glyphosate, answering questions about security regulations, and describing in great detail how impressed she was by a combine harvester in front of the farm.

However, as soon as it came to question time, only one theme came to the fore.

“I’m not just a farmer, I am also a worried citizen,” one man told Merkel. “Please use your power so that our children will have a safe future.”

At a campaign event in Schwerin a day later, Björn Höcke, one of the AfD’s regional leaders, spoke in the main square. The former teacher was asked to give his opinions on education, but went much further, being cheered for comments such as “I would like to live in a democratic state based on the rule of law. This is why I say ‘No’ to a multicultural society,” and “we can’t take this unbearable dictator of a chancellor anymore.”

“First, it was the Euro-Retterei, the [flawed] rescue of the euro, then it was the energy transformation with Merkel overtaking even the Green Party, and then—which marks the low point—the refugee crisis, which caused a fear among people about what else might come,” he said. “Those crises were managed poorly, and there was no conservative alternative [to the ruling parties.]”

At the AfD campaign event in Schwerin, there were protesters holding up signs against the “lying press” and the “warmonger United States.”

An architect from Hamburg, who refused to give his name, said he was there to complain about what he called the “step-by-step Islamization” of Germany. One woman said she wanted to protest against “gender mainstreaming,” such as schoolchildren being taught about homosexuality. All agreed that the Merkel invasion policy had to stop.

The event ended with the crowd chanting, “Merkel muss weg” (Merkel has to go).

For a decade, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern has been governed by a “grand coalition” of the SPD and CDU. The AfD claims there is no longer a difference between the two big beasts, thanks to Merkel’s “social democratization” of her party as she opened the doors to refugees from Syria and the wider Middle East. “We basically replace the old CDU, because Ms. Merkel moved it too far to the left,” Holm said, echoing comments from the national party leadership.

At the last state elections, in 2011, the National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD) won 6 percent of the votes and took seats in the state parliament.

If the AfD becomes the strongest party in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the other parties will almost certainly club together to block it. But the effect will still be huge.

“If we end up becoming the strongest party in the parliament, this will have an enormous effect [on the national stage],” the AfD’s Leif-Erik Holm said. “There also seems to be pressure now [on Merkel] to move further toward our direction—the question is if she wants to do that.”

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    1. Even if her party get few votes it seems the other parties will flock to her side to create a bloc against Adf. So in effect she’s in charge until she dies, a dictatorship. Good grief, worse than trying to route out an alien. Westminster seems wonderful by comparison. Cameron went so fast his feet barely touched the ground.

    2. Pam, people ARE more than sick of her. She managed to create something like an “einheitspartei”, so that people voted right and got ultra-left. It dosn’t matter anymore which party you vote it’s always the same what you get. So vera is right: the problem is how to get mutti off that chair.

  1. The AfD ist only against illegal immigration. Legal immigration is perfectly fine for them. They will continue the destruction of Germany, because they don’t seem to understand the biological realities. They are presented in the media as right wing extremists, but apparently the media forgot to tell that a lot of members from the AfD come from the CDU ( Merkel’s party) an some from the FDP ( liberals).
    Even though the party had lost some of their globalist lovers, she will not be capable to change anything for the better, as they are still in line with international banker’s order.
    There thinking pattern still resembles the Jewish spirit where economy is seen disconnected from its biological creators. That is the people themselves.
    According to the AfD legal immigration from “qualified” Africans and Middle Easterners would still maintain Germany economically strong.
    And this should be the Alternative for Germany?
    In a view years from now they are either forced to admit that Hitler was right what he predicted or they will expose themselves as another spineless party who is rather interested in complying with banksters and rabbis orders then truly take the challenge to change for the better.
    But that would mean a radical turnaround and I doubt that the AfD people will do that or have even the courage and intellect to do it.
    But who knows what will happen.

  2. Germany will be the battleground of European resistance. Imagine white patriots and nationalists from around Europe, gathering over one million voices of discontent, alongside their German brethren, to protest vigorously on German soil, for the preservation and defence of their ancestry.

    1. I disagree. If there is a fight back it will be led by Orban with Slovakia, Czech R. & Poland as allies and Russia as support.

    2. Ste-g, one million won’t be enough. Last year have arrived 1.5 Million from syria/africa, we have more the 4 mio turks. With 30% of germans beeing older than 65 this will be a very poor and tired resistance, I fear. Well, I still hope for a miracle in peace.

  3. Are people of their own countries finally waking up to this stuff? I always have to remember, being an American, that many of your individual countries are as big and as individually cool as many of our states, and regions are. Our individual towns are different and different sections of our towns. Idiots spread chaos. Period. I do not want them near me nor my town.

  4. West asia is so big and the germans can easily help those refugees in west asia. No need to make them go thru the smuggling, the boat and all those nasty thingy. Its more than just humanitarian in the play. The show is all about power and helping their master to earn a big profit.

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