Afghan Drug-Invader Swindle Exposed

Five Afghan invaders pretending to be refugees in Austria have been arrested after using their taxpayer-funded welfare payments to set up an international drug ring.

The leader of the gang used his €914 a month social security payment to pay for flights back to Kabul to set up the drug smuggling network, even though he claimed to have “fled” from Afghanistan in “fear of his life.”


According to a report on the Austrian Life Radio news network, the nonwhite invaders were arrested with at least €78,000 in cash—the revenue from the drug network which was only a few months old.

The invaders only “arrived” in Austria in March this year, claiming to be “fleeing for their lives” from Afghanistan, and were immediately given permission to stay as officially recognized “asylum seekers.”

As part of their benefits they received free housing, medical care, and the €917 per month cash payments each.

Their drug operation only came to light last week when police officers spotted four nonwhites behaving suspiciously in a vehicle. The vehicle was stopped and searched—and the Afghans, aged 17, 20, 24, and 30, were found to be in possession of a large quantity of marijuana.

Further investigation led to the gang’s ringleader, also aged 30, living in an apartment in Wels.

As revealed in the Krone newspaper, the gang’s leader had “repeatedly flown home to Kabul” and had financed the journeys out of his “asylum” welfare payments.

The nonwhite swindler had even claimed to have moved to Vienna earlier this year to draw an even larger welfare payment when the state government of Upper Austria had reduced the amount paid to the invaders.

In reality, he remained living in the apartment in the city of Wels.

He had been able to fly back to Kabul several times, claiming he was going on holiday despite the fact he had “fled” the country “because of the war.”

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  1. Poor stupid European citizens, they’re getting fleeced by the greedy EU Eurocrats and all those illegal invading savages. No tax cuts, increased pensions and better services for them then

  2. I live for the day these invader shi*s are fleeing for their lives from Austria, and the rest of Europe, back to the shi*holes they originated from.

    1. It’s the brainwashing and deception Folk like us know ALL that goes on. Other folk know absolutely nothing.All or Nothing. The big difference. We have to up our game if we are to survive, and educate the masses.

  3. The root of the problem is there are too many dim witted white politicians that are in power who have completely no knowledge of the treachery world west asians grow up in. Juncker, Merkel, Hollande are some of them.

  4. Not just a local drugs ring but an `international` cartel no less. These entrepreneurs could certainly teach EU governments how to handle money and make lots more.
    Let`s face it, the useless prats we vote in are only interested in wasting our hard`earned taxes on foreign aid and freeloaders after filling their own fat wallets first, of course.

  5. Perhaps I’m wrong, certainly out of touch, but during my time in Saudi Arabia, I was led to believe that drugs was viewed worse than illegal booze? But who smuggled the whiskey into Saudi, it was not people like me, it was the aristocrats within the country. These people in Austria should be sorted out and the one way ticket I would give them would not include landing at an airport in Afghanistan.

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