Afghan Fakers to Get Boot

Hundreds of thousands of nonwhite invaders from Afghanistan who have attempted to parasite off the European welfare system are to be given the boot back to their home country in terms of a deal signed last week between the European Union and the Afghan government.

The agreement includes EU funding for a new terminal at Kabul airport which will be built to handle the already identified 80,000 fake asylum seekers who are awaiting deportation.


According to a press release issued by the European Commission, the agreement titled the “EU-Afghanistan Joint Way Forward on Migration issues,” will identify “a series of actions to be taken as a matter of urgency by the EU and the Government of Afghanistan with the objective to establish a rapid, effective and manageable process for a smooth, dignified and orderly return of Afghan nationals who do not fulfil the conditions in force for entry to, presence in, or residence on the territory of the EU, and to facilitate their reintegration in Afghanistan in a spirit of cooperation.”

The agreement binds the Afghanistan government to come into “line with its obligations under international law,” and affirms that nation’s government to “readmit its citizens who entered into the EU or are staying on the EU territory irregularly, after due consideration of each individual case by Member States.”

The document goes on to state that Afghan nationals “who are found to have no legal basis to remain in an EU Member State, whose protection needs or compelling humanitarian reasons, if any, have been considered in accordance with the applicable legislation and who have received an enforceable decision to leave that Member State, can choose to return voluntarily.”

However, it adds, “Afghan nationals who choose not to comply with such a decision on a voluntary basis will be returned to Afghanistan, once administrative and judicial procedures with suspensive effects have been exhausted.”

The agreement says that “unaccompanied minors are not to be returned without successful tracing of family members or without adequate reception and care-taking arrangements having been put in place in Afghanistan.”

“To facilitate the return process,” the EU will ensure that every deportee “returning to Afghanistan on a voluntary or non-voluntary basis” will be in possession of a “recognized valid travel document, such as an Afghan passport, an Afghan travel document, or the EU standard travel document for return.”

If the invader has no valid passport, the “Afghan competent authority will ensure that a passport or a travel document is issued no later than four weeks following the request made by the Member State.”

If the Afghan government takes longer than the allotted period to issue a passport, the EU will then be allowed to “issue the EU standard travel document for return.”

The agreement also makes provision for scheduled and non-scheduled flights to be used in the mass deportation process, and for EU aid in expanding Kabul airport to cope with the expected flood of invaders being kicked out of Europe.

The agreement also makes provision for “information campaigns targeted at Afghan communities in the EU” in order to make them aware that they are going to be sent back, and that to “prevent further irregular migration from Afghanistan,” the Government of Afghanistan will “take the necessary measures to sensitize the population to the dangers of irregular migration, including through information and awareness raising campaigns.”

Of course, the EU taxpayers are going to foot the bill for all these campaigns. The handing out of European taxpayers’ cash does not stop there however: the agreement also makes provision for what it calls “funding programs providing support for Afghan nationals returning to Afghanistan”—in other words, the invaders will be given cash to “reestablish” themselves in Afghanistan, after having broken every law in the book to get to Europe.

According to Eurostat, the EU’s official statistics agency, Afghans represented the most numerous citizenship of “asylum seekers” considered “unaccompanied minors” in the EU in 2015, and more than half were registered in Sweden.

In 2015 alone, 213,000 Afghans invaded Europe, with 176,900 claiming “asylum” that year, according to Eurostat. Just under 60 percent of requests have been denied so far, and the figure is likely to increase.

Even this “acceptance rate” is of course much too high, as there is no basis whatsoever for Afghans to claim asylum anywhere in Europe. According to all international conventions, asylum seekers can be granted refuge in the first safe country bordering the one they are fleeing—and in Afghanistan’s case, this would be Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, or Iran.

Once they move on from any one of those safe border countries, they are no longer “fleeing war” but are simply illegal immigrants, on the scrounge for bigger and better welfare handouts.

Finally, even the claim that Afghanistan is “unsafe” is negated by the EU itself with its agreement to send the “failed” asylum seekers back home. If even the EU—which is in favor of the racial destruction of Europe—argues that Afghanistan is safe, then there is no justification for any “asylum seekers” at all to be granted “refuge” in Europe.

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  1. The EU again bribing countries to take back their own. If they had one spine among them, they would send them all back, without having to use bribery! They think that throwing money away solves everything!

    1. Such a waste of money. They would have been better off using the money on environmental issues, parental leave, health and education for their citizens who pay taxes

  2. And just how long will it take the majority of the Afghan freeloaders to return to Europe ? There`ll be few who decide to stay home on their return to Afghanistan.

  3. It’s a hoax. They have to expand Kabul airport before the program starts! That means they are not serious about deporting anyone, although they will hand over a lot of dosh up front. The excessive concern for “unaccompanied minors” also gives the game away.

  4. So for every Afghan they try and deport they will need two or three security guards for each deported person, it will never happen, the EU will give in and accept them all.

    1. To prevent the usual Invader trick of screaming blue murder on the plane until security guards give in and let them stay, and also to prevent violence or danger to the air crews, a good dose of horse tranquillizer before boarding will insure a peaceful flight for all concerned.

  5. Much easier to not allow them into the EU in the first place. They will never get rid of these islamic invaders, never. Let the terror attacks begin….and the mass sexual assaults on New Years Eve.

    1. New years eve this year could well be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Wakey wakey time is on the cards for those libs that ignore the ficki ficki.

  6. Do you really, honestly think that are going to go, and go quietly?

    Just wait until the wanker lefties such as those bastards at ‘Amnesty International’ ( big salaries funded by UK taxpayer) start caterwauling.

  7. This is just to generate the ‘news’ that something is being done, while the invasion continues, thousands of blacks AIDED by italians et al to enter.

  8. Think about it, they’re walking, sailing or flying in by the 10’s of thousands. And they’re going to fly them Back? Really? How may decades would that take? They’re lying!

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