Afghan “Immigrant” Car Ram Attack in Australia

Yet another “car ram” attack in Australia—this time carried out by an Afghan living in that country—has taken place, highlighting once again the growing danger posed by mass Third World immigration to Western nations.

According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) news, the Afghan—arrested after the attack—rammed his car into pedestrians outside Melbourne’s Flinders Street train station, sending 19 people to hospital and creating peak-hour chaos.

The controlled media has immediately trotted out its usual range of excuses, including the claim that the Afghan has a “history of mental health issues”—as if anybody ramming a car into a crowd does not have mental health issues.

In reality, ISIS has long been calling for Muslims in Western countries  to carry out precisely such attacks upon Europeans in particular, and vehicle ramming attacks have taken place in Germany, France, and Britain—firmly establishing a pattern which only the race-denying controlled media could deny.

Police said the driver was a “32-year-old Australian citizen of Afghan descent,” and was known to police, but was not on bail at the time of the incident.

Of the 19 admitted to hospital, 15 are in a stable condition — including a four-year-old boy and the driver — and four are in a critical condition.

Acting Chief Commissioner Shane Patton said the man was arrested by an off-duty police officer.

Witnesses say they heard screams and saw bodies “thrown into the air” as a white SUV ploughed into pedestrians near Melbourne’s Flinders Street Station.

A second man, 24, was seen filming the incident and was found to be carrying a bag with knifes in it.

He was also arrested, and is still “assisting police with their inquiries.”

“We believe based on what we have seen that it is a deliberate act. The motivations are unknown,” Victoria Police Commander Russell Barrett said.

A witness, John, described seeing an SUV travelling “at high speed” and “hitting people” just after 4:30pm.

“I saw a car, a SUV coming at high speed and really just heard the collision with people with bags and what must be shopping trolleys — and I hope not prams,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

The injured include a preschool-aged child with a head injury, who was taken to the Royal Children’s Hospital in a serious condition.

The owner of a bakery on Flinders Street, identified as Jim, said the intersection was “full of pedestrians” when the car drove through it.

“He came to rest just next to the tram stop — maybe the side of the tram stop stopped him — but the only thing that seemed to be slowing him down was the amount of pedestrians he had hit.

“All you could hear was just ‘bang bang bang bang bang’.”

Melbourne has been on high alert for a pedestrian attack since a Muslim Kurd ran down pedestrians in the busy Bourke Street mall in January.
Temporary concrete bollards were subsequently placed around key CBD locations, including Southern Cross Station and Federation Square, to prevent vehicle attacks.

The Victorian Government has since begun replacing them with permanent security features, such as planter boxes, as part of a $10 million CBD security upgrade.

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  1. Mental Health Issues / Drug user is the new code word for Islamic attack. Funny how at least 50% of people will believe it at face value even though there was a 2nd Haji caught attempting to video record the incident AND had a bag with 3 knives…… funny that..

  2. I live in Melbourne and I am very grateful for the New Observer posting not just this story, but others relating to the increased number of planned attacks by Muslims prior to Xmas. It is clear what was going to happen in this incident: ram innocent people, have a mate ready with knives, then unleash a wave of throat cuttings, as occurred in London. My guess is it came unstuck when this dickhead hit the concrete tram stop instead of continuing on. People swamped the car and pulled him out, and police were close at hand to arrest him. The bloke with the knives was also pounced on. This was intended to be far, far worse. And it’s happening world wide, thanks to Islam.

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