Afghan Refugee-Invader Stabbing Attack in Amsterdam Central Station

A 19-year-old Afghan refugee-invader “with a German residence permit” carried out a stabbing attack in Amsterdam city center’s busy Central [Train] Station on Friday, wounding two people before being shot by police.

According to the spokesman, the man was walking in the western subway of the station where there “was a tumult at some point, when this man stabbed two people, then walked away, with the knife in his hand, and the police officers shot him there.”

A police spokesman confirmed that the Afghan was in the western subway of the Central Station—which is the city’s biggest and busiest station—when he suddenly started attacking people with a knife.

Shortly after noon (1000 UTC) a “man in the west side tunnel of Amsterdam Central Station stabbed two other people and directly after that he was shot by the police,” Amsterdam police spokesman Rob van der Veen was quoted as saying.

All three people were taken to the hospital to receive treatment for their injuries.

“There was sudden screaming and people rushed up from the hall of the station to the platforms,” the Volkskrant newspaper cited a person at the scene as saying. “No one knew what was going on, the train announcements continued as usual.”

While Police are still officially declining to link the latest attack to terrorism, it appears likely that it is linked to the Afghan Taliban’s call this week to its supporters to carry out attacks in retaliation for a now-cancelled Muslim cartoon contest being planned by Dutch populist politician Geert Wilders.

The Taliban threat was issued shortly before Wilders announced on Thursday that he was calling off the planned contest.

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