Afghan “Refugee” Lie Exposed by UN

More than 380,000 Afghans have now been deported back home from Pakistan, with the active assistance of the United Nations (U.N.)—and with money paid to them by that organization.

The mere fact that the U.N. moves the Afghans back home proves that the “refugee” claim that they “flee in fear of their lives” is a complete lie.


The 380,000 registered Afghan “refugees” who have been deported from Pakistan this year—the highest number since 2007—was confirmed by the United Nations last week.

The organization added that it had handed out $135 million in “cash assistance” to the Afghans in the last three months alone.

A crackdown on invaders by the Pakistan government, combined with a doubling of the U.N.’s cash grant for “voluntary returnees” to $400 saw a surge over the border after July this year, the UN has said.

“These are unprecedented numbers we did not anticipate. In October alone some 148,000 returned, which is the highest number of returns in one month since August 2005,” Duniya Aslam Khan, a spokesman for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) said.

At one point UNHCR was processing an average of 5,500 refugees per day, she added. Estimates suggest that a further half a million unregistered “refugees” may also have returned this year, though the figure could not be verified by officials.

The UNHCR said that the voluntary repatriations were halted from December 1 for a routine winter break, and will resume in March. The break will also allow the agency time to mobilize additional resources, Khan said.

UNHCR had estimated just 50,000 “refugees” would return in 2016, based on trends from previous years.

Khan said some 1.34 million registered “refugees” still reside in Pakistan. A further half a million “undocumented refugees” are also estimated to still be in the country.

Pakistan has extended a deadline for the Afghans to leave its territory from March 2017 to December next year. Some 4.2 million Afghans have returned to Afghanistan voluntarily under the UNHCR-funded Voluntary Repatriation program since 2002.

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  1. Another bloody farce !! Pakistan sends Afghans back with impunity while Europe insists they need “sanctuary.”
    Send the bloody lot packing !

  2. Funny, when the Pakistanis do it, it’s not “racism” when the Europeans want to do it, it’s “white supremacy and racism”. Deport them, it’s possible and getting mandatory for the existence for Europe and it’s culture.

  3. Slightly off topic….google

    “Something strange is taking place in the Mediterranean.”

    Be careful which charities you support…

  4. All are lies. They were created by politicians to raid money from taxpayers. There are so many poor europeans in europe, they should be getting help first. The oil rich arabs should help their poor brothers in arabs. That is stated in their religion.

  5. How stupid these people are. They will just walk back in and collect another $400.00 until either their shoes wear out or the UN runs out of money. Never mind, the UN will never run out of money.

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