Afghanistan Bans Illegal Immigrants

The Afghan government has barred all people from entering their country—and particularly Pakistanis—without valid travel documents, following months of tension along the border between those two countries.

The move is being seen as retaliation for Pakistan’s ongoing expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Afghan invaders.

Banners were displayed at various points in Torkham reminding Pakistani nationals that as from January 1, 2017, they would not be permitted to cross the Torkham border and enter Afghanistan without legal travel documents.

At the same time, the Afghanistan government has deployed extra army and police units at the border to implement the new policy.

According to Pakistan’s Nation newspaper, the banning of illegal immigration into Afghanistan came into effect the same day it was announced that the Kabul government had launched “tight border management measures.”

The report added that hundreds of Pakistanis who had crossed the border into Afghanistan before the clampdown had hurriedly returned home after the announcement.

Just under half a million Afghans living illegally in Pakistan have returned home with the assistance of the United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR).

In September 2016, the Pakistan government announced that it intended to expel all Afghans living illegally within its borders—a number estimated at 1.4 million strong—by March 2017.

Pakistan’s Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan told media in December that border controls were vital to “eliminating terrorism” in his country.

Speaking after visiting the Pakistan–Afghanistan border, Khan said incidents of terrorism had “significantly descended in the country after the government’s result-oriented policies and persistent and timely actions of our security forces.”

He said that “efforts are being made to secure and monitor the long porous Pakistan–Afghan border for the safety of the people.”

Furthermore, he said, his government had decided to establish six controlled routes by 2020 to “check the movement of unwanted groups from across the border.”

To bolster security, Khan said new wings of the Frontier Corps (FC) would be operational by July 2017. He also praised former Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif for “taking measures to monitor and secure the Pakistan–Afghan border.”

The irony of Pakistan and Afghanistan taking measures to prevent illegal immigration—while at the same time being the nations with the largest origin of illegal immigrants invading Europe—will not be lost on observers.

Furthermore, it seems that when nonwhite nations take steps to close their borders and secure their nations, the controlled media in the West either ignores them or reports it without comment.

If, however, a white or European nation should dare impose restrictions on illegal immigration, the same controlled media would pillory them as “bigots” and “inhuman.”

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  1. Deporting 1.4 milion illegal immigrants would be impossible in Europe thanks to human rights advocates, immigration lawyers and the European Court Of Justice.

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