650,000 Go Home to Safe Afghanistan

The claim that Afghanistan is “unsafe” and therefore Europe must take “refugees” from that country has been utterly disproven with the news that over 650,000 Afghan “refugees” in Pakistan have already returned home, with 400,000 of them using UN agencies to facilitate their return.

According to a report in Pakistan’s Dawn newspaper, the Afghan Commissionerate and United Nations High Commissioner Refugees have announced a suspension in the “voluntary repatriation of refugees” program on account of the winter in Afghanistan.

An official told Dawn that “voluntary repatriation from Pakistan would remain suspended till March 1, 2018” due to “winter and all voluntary repatriation centres in the host country would be closed till next year.”

He said that refugees avoid going back to their country in winter and the UN agency had to suspend the operation from December to March every year. The official said that around 48,000 “refugees” residing in Pakistan, had returned to their country since March last.

“This season the return operation was extremely slow and average six to seven families were approaching repatriation centres daily,” he said.

The registered Afghan refugees would lose their legal status by the end of December and the federal government would decide whether to extend their duration or not.

Officials said that over 400,000 refugees had gone back to Afghanistan in four months last year in addition to 250,000 undocumented Afghan citizens who headed to their country without receiving cash assistance from the UN agency.

The United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR) pays $200 to every registered refugee who intended to return to their country.

The fact that the UNHCR will actually pay Afghans to return home conclusively proves that there is no necessity for Afghanis to be clamming “asylum” in Europe or anywhere else.

Consequently, all Afghans claiming “asylum” in Europe are not “refugees” at all, but merely chancers taking part in the leftist-promoted mass Third World invasion of white countries.

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  1. I wonder if these Afghan ‘refugees’ would have so readily returned to their homeland if they had been lodged in a rich country like Britain.

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