Afghanistan: The War of Fools

The 15-year-old U.S. invasion of Afghanistan has been an unmitigated disaster which has cost the American taxpayers $6 trillion, 2,216 dead, and 20,049 seriously wounded—and has done nothing to root out the Taliban.

In addition, opium production has increased by 43 percent to a historic high, while eradication of that drug-crop has been reduced by 91 percent, and even more U.S. soldiers are being sent there to protect the Kabul puppet regime from its own people.


A new article by the veteran journalist Eric Margolis (“Afghanistan—Fool’s war”) as published on his website, cuts right to the folly of the invasion, and deals fearlessly with the Jewish lobby’s manipulation of events and the real causes and consequences of the of the 9-11 attack.

“Many Americans believed 9/11 was an inside job by pro-war neocons,” Margolis wrote, saying that “Afghanistan was picked as the target of U.S. vengeance even though the 9/11 attacks were hatched (if in fact done from abroad) in Germany and Spain.”

Furthermore, he wrote, the “suicide attackers made clear their kamikaze mission was to punish the U.S. for ‘occupying’ the holy land of Saudi Arabia, and for Washington’s open-ended support of Israel in its occupation of Palestine.”

“This rationale was quickly obscured by the Bush administration that claimed the 9/11 attackers, most of whom were Saudis, were motivated by hatred of American ‘values’ and ‘freedoms.’ This nonsense planted the seeds of the rising tide of Islamophobia that we see today and the faux ‘war on terror.’”

“The supposed ‘terrorist training camps’ in Afghanistan were, as I saw with my eyes, camps where Pakistani intelligence trained jihadis to fight in India-occupied Kashmir,” Margolis continued.

“During the 2001 U.S. invasion, the Americans allied themselves to the heroin- and opium-dealing Tajik Northern Alliance, to former Communist allies of the Soviets, and to the northern Uzbeks, blood foes of the Pashtun and former Soviet Communist allies.”

The Taliban, Margolis continued, “which had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11, had shut down 90 percent of Afghanistan’s heroin and opium trade. The US-allied Northern Alliance restored it, making Afghanistan again the world’s leading supplier of heroin and opium.”

This assertion has been borne out with the news that opium production in Afghanistan has risen by 43 percent to 4,800 metric tons in 2016 compared with 2015 levels, according to the latest  Afghanistan Opium Survey figures released by the Afghan Ministry of Counter Narcotics and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

Margolis goes on to point out that the Afghan government is only a government in name.

“U.S. occupation forces, backed by immense tactical airpower, allied themselves with the most criminal elements in Afghanistan and installed a puppet regime of CIA assets. The old Communist secret police, notorious for their record of torture and atrocities, was kept in power by the CIA to fight Taliban.

“Last week, Washington’s Special Inspector General for Afghan Relief (SIGAR) issued a totally damning report showing how mass corruption, bribery, payoffs, and drug money had fatally undermined U.S. efforts to build a viable Afghan society.

“What’s more, without 24/7 U.S. air cover, Washington’s yes-men in Kabul would be quickly swept away. The Afghan Army and police have no loyalty to the regime; they fight only for the Yankee dollar. Like Baghdad, Kabul is a U.S.-guarded island in a sea of animosity.”

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  2. The CIA now control the opium out of Afghanistan. US troops protect poppyfields! They only destroy the crops of those farmers unwilling to co-operate. The money from this illegal trade is used to fund black ops.

  3. Why haven’t you mentioned the fact that Europe has been Invaded because of all the pussy-footin around the Evil Gov. has done

  4. Yet another clear indication of what is not being told to the taxpayers across the Western World. The UK were ‘kicked out’ of Afghanistan in the 1840’s, and then the Russians were as well. The CIA (Corruption Is Almighty) has been involved in more deaths as well as the supply of arms and ammunition to questionable regimes over many decades. No wonder the USA media decided to dig the dirt on Trump, they knew if he is elected, they are in the front row for some tough restrictions being placed on them.

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