African Invader Mass Attack in Turin

Over a thousand African invaders launched a mass attack on passersby and buildings in the city of Turin, Italy, on Wednesday and Thursday this week, and were only beaten back by a police contingent using armored vehicles and full body armor.

News of the African attack was almost completely suppressed by the controlled media outside of Italy, and details have only just started to emerge as coverage in Italian newspapers appeared online.


According to the La Stampa newspaper’s Turin bureau, the Africans threw rocks and bottles at police, smashed road signs and parked cars, overturned trash cans and attacked passerby, terrorizing locals who were forced to take refuge in nearly shops which were forced to close.

The invaders are illegally squatting in the former Olympic Park village housing complex on the outskirts of the city, where at least 1,500 have been living since being picked up at sea and brought to Italy by the European Union’s naval fleet in the Mediterranean.

An Italian army truck also came under attack, and the police were forced to deploy in full body armor to bring the Africans under control.

The Africans—from Ghana, Nigeria, and the Cameroon—also attacked a fire-fighting truck sent to douse the blazes they had started, and then proceeded to barricade the streets of the city.

The Libero Quotidiano newspaper quoted some of the African rioters as saying that they were acting out of “revenge” for their conditions, and that “Allah would guide” them further.

That newspaper said that three explosive devices went off outside their illegally seized housing on Wednesday evening.

Libero Quotidiano claimed they were “letter bombs,” but as this seems unlikely, further clarification is awaited from the Turin police on the matter.

There is also no indication as of yet as to who set off the explosions, but Libero Quotidiano quoted some of the Africans as saying that the devices were the prime cause of the African outburst.

Libero Quotidiano quoted one of the Africans as follows:

”You Italians now tell your children that we are not dogs. Keep them quiet, because our patience will end, sooner or later. And then we’re going to take the gasoline cans and throw them at your windows.”

Another told Libero Quotidiano: “One of ours dead means the death of others. The Bataclan was the revenge of the excluded”—a reference to the invader terrorist attack in Paris in November last year, carried out by ISIS fighters who came to Europe as “refugees” and legal immigrants.

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  1. Send them to theVatican. Dope Paul will bless them all & no doubt find some loaves & fishes to feed them.

    The invaders can check out their mosque of the future whilst there.
    St Peter’s will be a real flash trophy!

  2. These “people” are not welcome in Europe. They will NOT be staying in Europe. The indigenous Europeans of ALL countries will never stand for this. So the invaders have a choice. Leave of their own accord or…

  3. Allah will lead them, says it all, why doesn’t he lead them back to Africa and Italy will keep ferrying these people across the med to invade their country and Europe. Stop rescuing them, thats why they keep coming.

    1. It’s the UN that is the cause of this invasion by the third world, if countries disbanded the UN and stopped instigating their refugee policies, (article 210 I believe) it would stop.

  4. You can take them from the jungle,
    but you can never take the jungle out of them. Europe is in suicidal mode.What
    a shame. Wait until they start to breed.

  5. There are many examples of species of animals and plants having been transported to new areas, thanks to modern means of transport. Rabbits and sheep and prickly pear in Australia, grey squirrels and signal crayfish and invasive flatworms and water hyacinth to in Britain, tomatoes and tobacco from the Americas into Europe – just a tiny sample. This type of comparison may help in working out what to do with more-or-less human populations. Read up on parasitism, inbreeding, fanaticism of Jews and Muslims, genetic effects of long winters and the need to plan ahead. And of course human groups held together by language – Greek and Roman empires, then Latin; the dialects of China; French and English as examples of lingua franca; Arabic as a unifying force; Yiddish as another example, but spread worldwide in a layer. We are all basically biological animals; it may help to overview all life to see what tricks nature plays.

    1. You are so right Rerevisionist. Yet why do the vast majority of our politicians seem unable to grasp such unalterable basic facts even when staring them in the face. No wonder the world`s in such a mess.
      Are voters at fault for constantly choosing the wrong people to run our countries ?
      Or do we have to just accept that politicians as a breed are too easily dazzled by power and what comes with it. .
      When money talks bullsh*t walks.

  6. So a terrorist attack on the people of Turin. They should have been shot and at the very least water cannons, it’ll be the first bath they’ve had in years anyway. Think what fantastic citizens they’ll make…..

  7. Only now – when it’s too late – have the rather gullible and naive Italians come to see what a violent, dangerous, irrational, nasty, unpleasant and downright hateful people they have imported.

  8. “….at least 1,500 have been living since being picked up at sea and brought to Italy by the European Union’s naval (TAXI) fleet in the Mediterranean.” – TNO, just one word missing in your excellent article. Spot the one……….
    The, “fleet”, including Royal Navy ships, can be seen as the convicted tax-payers awaiting the hangman’s noose and being forced to pay for the gallows and rope.

  9. Don’t worry folks about these trivial teething troubles – once they have “integrated” they will make excellent citizens and our age-ing European countries and moribund economies need infusions of fresh young blood from wherever we can get it – as everyone is the same and there is only one race, the human race, right? And we desperately need their tax contributions to fund our old peoples pensions and welfare in the future….. It must be true if the infallible Economist says so…!

  10. It is the African way. If their demands are not met fully,they resort to violence. If you fight fire with fire you are the bad guy. Then they cry foul like little children. Then they are the victims. After that come next set of demands and so it goes on and on. They always want everything for nothing. They will also be violent only when they outnumber their victims. In South Africa where they are the majority by far,we have seen this behaviour many many times over many many years. And they see absolutely nothing wrong with it so fasten your seat belts Italy. It is there to stay and they will NEVER change.

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