African Invaders attack Spanish Border Guards with Battery Acid, Aerosol Flame Throwers, Quicklime, Excrement

Hundreds of African invaders pretending to be refugees successfully forced their way into Ceuta, the Spanish enclave in Morocco this week after attacking border guards with battery acid, caustic quicklime, aerosol flame throwers, plastic containers filled with excrement, electric saws, shears and mallets.

The major attack—one of the most violent yet—was carried out by a mob of Africans nearly 1,000 strong in a coordinated effort to overwhelm the border guards. The invaders also used sticks and stones to keep officers at bay, police said.

The attack, the second on the Spanish border this month, saw seven officers wounded from the quicklime and battery acid, a spokesman for the Spanish government’s representative in Ceuta told AFP, adding that some 115 invaders managed to enter the territory.

Images published by local newspaper El Faro de Ceuta showed the Africans celebrating their invasion of Ceuta, waving Spanish or European Union flags as they made their way to a temporary accommodation center.

Some 3,100 African invaders have reached Ceuta and its twin town Melilla by land since the start of the year, according to the International Organization for Migration. Over 25,000 other Africans have invaded Spain by sea, making it the main entry point for the Third World invasion of Europe, after Italy and Greece.

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  1. And nobody started shooting? These are savage invaders and nothing more.
    In defense of ones country you do what must be done.

  2. I saw videos of this. The afros looked liked a bunch
    of crazed wild animals. It’s sad to think what Europe is becoming. It disgusts me to see bezerkel
    merkel, moron macron, and the rest of the elite
    scum bags still in power. Europe is becoming the
    new jungle.

  3. It’s time to greet these new want-to-be residents with hot lead, and lots of it. They will soon get the message they’re not wanted. Spain needs to get some cuhones!

  4. Whatdoyoumean? Their religion is the religion of ‘Peace.’ Or maybe Piece. Gimmee my Piece.

    I don’t know how it wouldn’t be legal for the Spanish border guards to use self-defense. Real flame throwers might be in order. They look like a good delousing is in order.

  5. start putting up barb wire as a wall to keep them out. Rubber bullets , flash grenades , anything that you can think of, t keep them out. Get the miitary on the borders.

  6. Yet again, the majority will be men who are incapable of being employed, who will also rape and plunder and even kill anyone who stands in their way. The UN, the EU are both impotent with dealing with this and never will be unless someone does what should have been done, both those crossing the Mediterranean and these in Spain, use the level of force necessary to end it all. Yes there will be outcry but those that defend these people will not be picking up the problems they will create.

  7. Sometime there are the ones. That whatsoever you try to help will be the ones that will kill you too. It’s in there nature to bring destruction in return.

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