African Invasion: 11,000 in 48 hrs

There has been a massive surge in the African invasion of Europe across the Mediterranean, with 11,000 sub-Saharans being plucked from the sea and brought to Italy within a 48-hour period from October 4 to 5, 2016.

The Africans came from Nigeria, Eritrea, Guinea, Gambia, Sudan, Ivory Coast, and Somalia, according to the Italian coast guard.


The coast guard said the invaders were lifted off dozens of boats off the Libyan coast during the two days, including one wooden boat that was carrying at least 1,000 Africans.

On Wednesday, October 5, European navy ships carried out more than 30 operations off the Libyan coast, taking at least 4,700 Africans off boats just a few miles from the North African coast.

The previous day, at least 6,000 Africans, packed into barely seaworthy rubber dinghies, were also picked up off the Libyan coast.

The invaders were brought to Italy, where European Union and Italian officials tried to identify them—a near impossible task given the fact that they mostly have no papers anyway, and those that do, have long since thrown them away.

They were fingerprinted in the hope that they could later be identified.

Meanwhile, they are accommodated in invader centers in Italy—but most then immediately move on to try and claim “asylum” in Germany or other European countries which have better welfare handouts.

According to the International Organization for Migration, 302,975 invaders crossed the Mediterranean Sea into Europe as of October 1, 2016.

This figure does not include the mass surge of the first week of October.

The narrative that Africans are fleeing “war and poverty” in Africa is one which is regularly used by the controlled media when “explaining” what they call the “migrant crisis.”

In reality, Africans are not fleeing “war and poverty” but their own societies. By moving en masse to Europe, they will be bringing this misery and poverty with them, not “escaping” it.

Africa is one of the most naturally mineral- and agriculturally-rich continents on the planet, and should therefore be one of the world’s richest.

Instead, it is immersed in dire poverty and backwardness, not because of its environment, but because its population is unable to create any sort of wealth or progress by themselves.

Africa’s backwardness is caused by two factors—both of them racial in nature. Firstly, the average IQ in Africa is 70 or below.

On the Stanford-Binet IQ testing scale (Stanford–Binet Fifth Edition, SB5, classification), an IQ of between 70 and 79 is officially classed as “Borderline impaired or delayed.”

This means that the average African is completely unable to function in, maintain, or create any society which even approximates European standards.

As science has now proven beyond any question, these differences in intelligence are genetic in origin, and not environmental.

Secondly—and just as importantly—there are significant psychological differences between the races, caused by differing morphological makeups in both body and brain structure.

These psychological differences account for different behavioral patterns, different levels of social responsibility, and even mental health issues—such as dramatically higher levels of schizophrenia among Africans in particular.

These psychological differences—which are ultimately genetic in origin—are also the cause of the high levels of crime and social disturbances associated with black populations all over the world.

Ultimately, these racial differences are the cause of the African invasion of Europe. Unable to even subsist on their own, Africans are taking advantage of European race-denying liberalism to move to Europe to demand the benefits of European civilization, as they are unable to create it by themselves.

Under the present race-denying liberal worldview, there is therefore no end to the “migrant crisis” (as the controlled media describes it). All 1.3 billion Africans will seek a “better life” as supposedly on offer in Europe if they are granted the opportunity.

At their current invasion levels, Africans are moving to Europe by the millions—and there is no end in sight.

Unless Europeans drop their race-denying liberalism—and decisively halt and reverse the nonwhite invasion—it is a matter of demographic certainty that Europe and European civilization will be destroyed under the Third World flood.

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  1. Surely after all this time, when are the authorities going to return all those that have no papers, are there any politicians really listening to the people anywhere. Just try to get off a plane without the right paperwork anywhere else. Of course, these people come from a background that refuses to accept that their countries are at fault and they lack the backbone to sort them out.

    1. Dope Francis says that Italy must take more refugees & make them feel welcome!

      Wait until these people claim the Vatican & St Peters as their new flash Mosque.

  2. Either the EU – with its wooden-headed ‘liberal’ immigration and ‘asylum’ policies goes, or Europe goes.

    1. Dope Francis says that Italy must take more refugees & make them feel welcome!

      Wait until these people claim the Vatican & St Peters as their new flash Mosque.

      1. The pope needs to house them at his expense. otherwise he is a hypocrite, because the average European cannot pay for all this and higher taxes along with it. Europe is basically conquered by consent, soon to become a Muslim caliphate with the middle east and N. Africa, etc. European males are cowards for allowing this craziness. Apathy, decadence and stupidity describes Europeans. Jihadists will rise up soon and the chaos and killing will start

  3. As long as the vessels act as a ferry service rather than returning these migrants back to the north African coast, they will continue to come. Has no one suggested this? To force the issue all migrants dropped onto Italy or any other coastal country should be promptly put on trains to Berlin, after all it was Merkel who invited them all to come without giving anyone else a choice, let her deal with the problem.

    1. The short answer is that the EU – and the so-called ‘European Court of Justice’ – to which the Italians (just like every other European state for that matter) have acceded sovereignty and judicial supremacy to – has expressly forbidden the Italian government, on pain of punishment – to ‘refoul’ , that is return, these so-called ‘migrants’ to their point of origin.

      It is an utter absurdity, unthinkable in any age but our present degraded degenerate age, I know.

      All of the above is only vital point to then whole disgusting sub-comical question. Any other ‘explanation’ is pure bullshit.
      It is imperative, therefore, that the EU and the the treaties which force the European Court of Justice to have legal supremacy over supposedly ‘independent’ states, are destroyed as quickly as possible.

      Brexit was a step in the right direction.

        1. The ECJ successfully sued the Berlusconi government – and forced it to pay a very very hefty fine for returning African ‘migrants’ just a few years ago.

  4. The Italian authorities supporting the genocide of Europe. Traitorous scum! The illegals should all have been turned back or else. Were they all scientists and brain surgeons benefiting Europe?

      1. Italy could DEFY the EU at any time, just like France, Germany & other countries simply refuse to carry out any EU policies they don’t like. It is only Italy & Britain whose politicians slavishly bow to every EU edict.

    1. The average European is unable to think critically, knows nothing of their history or the wars with Muslims hundreds of years ago. They need to first “man up[” then throw their leaders out and exit the EU, deport the invaders back to N. Africa. A third world will be Europe real soon the way things are headed.

  5. The mass invasion has been left too late by the enablers. People are awakening rapidly, and it’s only a matter of time before the military also awaken.

  6. So the shortest distance between Italy and Libya is 1,104 MILES. The Muslim Invaders are being launched in rubber dinghies from a perfectly safe country, knowing that our Treasonous Fabian governments will FORCE our own naval ships & crews to waste their time and scarce funding to travel 1000 MILES to the Libyan coast to pick up Invaders, bring them to Italy, palm them off onto other European countries including Britain, and give them free housing and welfare benefits, while they lounge around in coffee houses, deciding who to gang-rape next, and waiting for the signal to attack us all.

    1. Apparently, the ‘rescued’ ship was only 12 miles off the Libyan coast.
      Surely close enough for a mildly distressed vessel to turn to safety.

  7. I say let them come, as long a I can find a like minded large group of intelligent, non pacifist, heterosexual whites willing to effectively become modern day Boers and march in and commandeer a large swathe of yet to be properly utilised Africa. Throw out the rubbish and prosper. Europe and America are spent forces and will only flex their facial muscles and the UN has been a laughing stock since I was a kid and that was many moons ago. China and Russia are realists and they’ll be looking to trade not whine.
    Come on those out there still possessed of a pioneering spirit, lets amass an invasion force and show the retards how to do it properly.

    1. Um, that’s exactly what the Fabian Globalists want: to drive Europeans out of Europe. Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan. And if you want to know how European farmers are faring in Africa, ask the ones already in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

  8. Not even waiting for them to wash ashore on Italy, but picking them up literally, off the Libyan coast. The coast guard is doing such a “good job” protecting Italy from invaders . . . by trying to figure out their “nationalities.”

    Wow, and our national security depends on these type of idiots.
    They’re black. That;s all you need to know. Therefore, keep them out of Europe.
    Don’t obey the orders from above, if they are harmful to your people.

  9. This is unbelievable when it could so easily be stopped.

    Presumably, EU taxpayers have pockets of infinite depth and do not care about their cities being trashed.

    1. Exactly, bankruptcy and poverty just around the corner. Theyre too stupid to work so obviously only two other ways to earn money, benefits and crime. Stupid Europeans

  10. Perhaps Europe should simply swap homes with Africa. They all come here and we all go there. We build a new and prosperous homeland, they turn Europe into a cesspit.

  11. Bryn,
    They not only lack the backbone to sort out their countries. They first, and foremost of all lack the brains to sort them out. And they are lazy as hell, if you’ve ever employed or worked with them. The would much prefer to sit there and watch the world go by while we are looking around for something to do. Neither they or many of our people understand the basics of this. They have an IQ that in our western nations is “borderline delayed or impaired.” Now THEY don’t know that, which is why they become angry when they can’t seem to get where we can get. Our countries are made for us, to our specifications. We should never be afraid to say this and to point it out so they cannot keep getting away with blaming us and accusing us of any fault for why they don’t get ahead. For God’s sake, they shouldn’t even be here. Only a truly sick society would accept hordes of them coming here, knowing they will rob, assault, and rape our culture until it and it’s people are a shadow of the brilliance the world once followed.

    1. You say that, but they are a damned sight more intelligent than the supposedly ‘highly able’ unelected highly paid bureaucrats who run the EU.

      Put it this way. In a hundred or so years time, their descendants will still be here. They will be running Europe. They will be bossing the few remixing white descendants about.

      Just who are the stupid, unintelligent, lazy, idle, inactive fools?

      It’s not the blacks.

      1. No, the Africans will be trampled underfoot by Indian Subcontinentals, already infesting western governments & legal systems, which is why they were kicked out of Kenya, Tanzania & Uganda in the 1970s.

        1. Sorry, but the way things are going, it will be European whites who will be bossed about by all those darkie groups.
          There is very little sign of change in the shithead caste of management of the EU, ECJ, Merkel and all the rest of those tossers.

          Do your bit and vote nationalist.

      2. It is not naïvete or stupidity on the part of the unelected EU elite, they KNOW what they are doing and are fully aware of the outcome. They are doing this on purpose, the rape apes are brutal enough to provide the terror, but not smart enough to see they are merely a pawn on a board…

  12. Bryn, it seems many people ask when are the “authorities” going to do this or going to do that.

    However, what you must realise is that these “authorities” ie the government, are either blackmailed puppets, or outright scoundrels taking money from their Judaic overlords. I think we all know the type of people who are colloquially known as effin bastards. Well these effin bastards only care about their own status in the small number of years they are on earth, they don’t even see that their own children or at least distant relatives will be directly affected by their actions. When these bastards slowly percolate to the top of society, we will see the types of problems we are having today, because they can be easily bought, sold, and traded.

    In my view there is far too much emphasis on “status” “money” and “power”, however this is instilled into us by the Jewish controlled media. The reason for this is because it denatures the human side of our people and turns us into wage slaves, working for their usurious dollar (look up usury, basically it is interest rates from a central bank which we have in Australia)

    Many, many countries (the vast majority of countries), have strict immigration laws, designed to prevent the genocide of their own people.

    In White countries, there is a concerted, top down driven agenda of bringing in non-Whites in order to wash our people away. This is known as genocide and is a very serious crime.

    This mass world-wide genocide of the White people began in earnest in the 1960s. Conveniently, this was when social engineering programs were enacted proclaiming the new age of love and inclusion for all. New drugs were pushed, advertised as liberating the people, however what they actually did was poison many minds and turn them into self hating Whites.

    If you do some research into all the laws enacted in the 1960s regarding mass immigration, you will find a common racial treat. If you want to do some more research, in the USA in the year 1913, which really isn’t that long ago, all these 4 organisations were created: The Federal Reserve (Jewish Central Bank of Usury), The IRS (Tax Department, to siphon off the workers), The FBI (Tax enforcement with weapons) and the ADL (Jewish run shaming organisation that calls White and only White people Nazi Racist KKKs who speak publicly about the Jewish led genocide of our people.)

    Treason laws in Australia: Section 80.1 clause (e) engages in conduct that assists by any means whatever, with intent to assist, an enemy;

    (f) engages in conduct that assists by any means whatever, with intent to assist:
    (i) another country; or
    (ii) an organisation;

    Anyone with open eyes can see that the government is assisting the enemy by bringing in non-Whites into our nations who will eventually harm our genetic survival at the very least, and most probably cause massive grief and hardship to our people if we don’t stand up and thus become disenfranchised.

    At the very worst we could see outright slaughters of the last Whites as we are seeing in South Africa and the complete genocide of Whites in Hait, where every single White was chased down and slaughtered.

    The traitors working for the monied up Jews and White elites are all engaged in treason, by the very definition of the word in the Australian Criminal Code.

    The maximum penalty for treason is life imprisonment, and that should be enacted against the whole lot of them. Huge trials need to be created and all funders of our genocide need to be imprisoned as well.

    It is a massive international conspiracy being played out in plain sight. We are being stifled because of the brainwashing of the holy HOAX (holocaust), and name calling (racist, bigot, nazi, xenophobe, ad infinitum), all designed to attack our survival mechanism so that we can be completely destroyed.

    I understand this is hard to take, but having done the research I know what I am saying is the truth.

    Even though it’s Jewtube, do this search

    Here is a video of a Rabbi saying that Muslims are his brothers and that together Jews and Muslims are bringing the end to the “Old” Europe. I am not exaggerating, watch:

    What he means is the Jews and Muslims are committing genocide against Europeans.

    There is no possible way violence can solve this problem before the vast majority of people are awakened to the indisputable facts.

    The enemy organised (military, police) while they are probably mostly White in White countries, and are probably good people, are unfortunately completely brainwashed and will attack any uprising. They are in the system completely, they want their paychecks and have no-way out.

    The only way out of this mess is the mass spreading of factual information, factual propaganda, and whatever we can do at the present time to spread the truth.

    Of course, it is always a good idea to mentally and physically prepare for what is coming.

  13. They collect these people 30 miles off Libya and then ferry them the rest of the journey to Italy, why not return them to Libya.

    1. Why not just leave them the hell alone in their little boats? Let come what may. Do you think they’d save you if you were drowning? No, they’d just rob your body.

  14. Not one European leader will do anything about this situation, they are happy to allow them to come because they won’t live in streets full of refugees or queue up at a doctors, they live in their own bubble and care nothing for their own citizens.

  15. @CHADWICK, well said i can see you have done some homework,i think the biggest threat to the welfare of Australia are the Greens followed closely by Labour……terry

  16. Ultimately, Europeans themselves are entirely to blame for this terrible absurdity because they refuse to vote for nationalist parties in sufficient numbers.
    There is no excuse.
    Virtually every European nation has a viable nationalist party to vite for.

    In Britain it is UKIP.

    1. Unfortunately, UKIP will NOT stand up for the rights of the Indigenous British people: the English, Welsh, Scots & Irish, whose ancestors have lived in these islands for more than a thousand years. UKIP only opposes “white” immigration from the EU, and pushes links with the Commonwealth, which means Parasitic India/Pakistan, which is why so many of their candidates were Third World Invaders. As a former BNP candidate pointed out, UKIP regards the British Isles as just an empty space on the map, to be filled in by people from anywhere in the world. UKIP’s role was to draw voters away from any genuinely nationalist party like the BNP or Liberty GB.

  17. Yes, you’re right, but they don’t just want us out of Europe, they want our extinction, as Koudenhove-Kalergi laid out in his book ‘Praktischer Idealismus’ (Practical Idealism). He is also very brazen about exactly who the ‘they’ are.

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