African Invasion Of Europe Drops By 50% Every Week Because Fake Charity “Rescue” Ships Stopped

Only 365 African invaders pretending to be refugees landed in Italy during the week August 21 to 17, the United Nation’s International Organization for Migration (IOM) has announced—a dramatic drop from the thousands that were being brought ashore every day when the fake charity “rescue” ships were being allowed to collude with the smugglers in North Africa.

According to the latest figures released by the IOM, the 365 who landed in Italy during the period August 21 to 27 represented a 42 percent drop from the previous week (August 14 to 20, when only 624 made it ashore.
The dramatic decline is obviously linked to the decision by the Italian government to help recreate the Libyan coast guard and launch criminal investigations into the so-called charities operating “rescue” ships in the Mediterranean.
These fake charities—run by organizations such as “Save the Children,” “Doctors without Borders” and a host of other far-left groups—were shown to be actively colluding with the smugglers in North Africa and at least two of the boats were seized by Italian police.
It turned out that the “charities” were not “rescuing” the Africans at all, but pre-arranging meeting points with the smugglers less than ten miles off the Libyan coast, where the invaders were transferred from the short-distance rubber dinghies to the larger boats and shipped to Europe to claim “asylum.”
Thanks to race-denying liberal European policies, these invaders’ claims to “asylum” are actually considered—instead of being thrown out as they should be.
While these “asylum applications” are being “considered,” the Africans are paid welfare, given housing—and allowed to wander around border-free Europe at will. This freedom of movement makes it almost impossible to deport—even if their patently bogus “asylum” applications are rejected.
In its latest figures, the IOM said that the main nationalities of the invaders who did land in Italy were as follows:  Nigeria, Bangladesh, Guinea, Ivory Coast, and Mali.
At the same time, some 678 invaders pretending to be refugees landed in Greece (for the week August 21 to 27), a decrease from the previous week’s 1,282 (for the week August 14 to August 20). The main nationalities of the invaders landing in Greece were as follows: the Syrian Arab Republic, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Republic of the Congo.
The number of invaders crossing into Bulgaria from Turkey went down to zero for the latest week, and stood at only three for the previous week.
Spain—which had earlier been the target of a number of invaders seeking to cross the Straits of Gibraltar, also reported zero landings over the latest reported week. So far this year (Jan to August 9, 2017), some 11,849 invaders have landed in Spain.

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