African Mayhem in Central London

At least 4,000  Africans chanting “black lives matter” and other anti-white racial epithets rioted in London’s famous Hyde Park last night. Several blacks were stabbed, at least five police officers were injured, and a  supermarket was ransacked.

The Africans were only halted in their mayhem by rigorous police action in the early hours of Wednesday morning.


According to the Metro newspaper, the violence erupted as the “spontaneous event” disrupted into chaos. Video footage showed Africans chasing people with knives “through the busy streets of London.”

The large crowd of Africans gathered in the park as Britain experienced its hottest day of the year, with temperatures reaching 90 degrees Fahrenheit (33 degrees Celsius). As the crowd grew ever larger—spurred on by social media—the Africans turned “hostile towards officers,” the Metro said in an understatement.

“People were heard chanting ‘black lives matter’ throughout the evening as more people arrived.”

Two people who were not identified by police were stabbed when “violence flared” at around 8.40 p.m. Police said both were taken to the hospital where one received treatment for nonlife-threatening injuries. The condition of the second victim is not known.

Police units moved in to disperse the crowds and the operation lasted into the early hours of Wednesday morning, the Metro concluded.

Of course, the Metro refused to identify the rioters by race, even though the photographs and video make that clear. The media’s refusal to identify nonwhites by race in criminal situations is in marked contrast to their behavior whenever any white person is involved in some overt criminal act which can be racially tagged—then the perpetrator is instantly labelled as a “white racist” or such like.

The Daily Mail coverage of the violence, for example, referred only to “youths”—a word which has become the controlled media’s alternative to “nonwhite.”

In their coverage, the Daily Mail in fact exceeded itself in its deliberate farcical deception by referring to the stabbed Africans as “revelers.”

London became a majority nonwhite city in 2010, when statistics from that year’s census showed that 45 percent—or 3.7 million people—of the capital’s population classed themselves as white Britons. This was down from 58 percent—or 4.3 million—in 2001.

This figure will have declined even further in the intervening years since that census was taken.

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  1. This was reported in the mainstream media as a “water fight” among people enjoying the heatwave, which had got out of control.!

    1. Lol true I read that BS, amazing how many liars are out there now, seems to be a disease associated with those disgusting PC liberal socialists.

    2. Ripping their bathing suits off and sexual molestation is animal behavior. All people should avoid Germany. Tourist with children risk having their young ones raped. You owe it to your children to not permit this despicable sexual violation from happening.

  2. Get used to it – these event and similar will become more commonplace as the numbers of non-whites grow further. Visualise the future: there will be a time when these event become the norm and the police will not even bother to turn out to deal with it. Anyone caught up in it will be blamed for voluntarily exposing themselves. No matter that it was just walking the dog. The time is getting very close when whites will refuse to witness the accelerating deterioration of their county anymore. Enough is enough.

    1. Do you really think so? I think that two fratricidal wars killed all the West’s bravest – Germans, British, English, Australians, Canadians Russians – in short whites.

      Is that why people in the West are such pussies?

      1. Yes, I do. Take a mental ‘snapshot’ every 10 years retrospectively and see what, 10, 20, 30 years ago we would not tolerate but do now. That’s one of the benefits in being 70+ – I can do that. If I were a statistician, I would put it on a graph.

      2. The West still has a lot of brave white men. It only seems that it doesn’t. They’re just lying low. No sense getting involved in anything that doesn’t require full-out, 100% effort, and then getting sued by some dirtbag Human Rights lawyer on behalf of PC, affirmative action hustlers. No, white men are just itching to start kicking serious ass, but it has to be for a major threat endangering the very survival of their homelands and women and children.

        We haven’t reached that stage yet, but it’s getting close!

      3. In both of those wars the Germans were right and the Western allies were wrong. In both wars the Germans were the conservative force which stood for the health and preservation of our civilization and race.

        For example, look around on the streets of central and western European cities today and see the demographic transformation deliberately wrought by the victors of World War II. Contemplate whether the Germans, if they had won WWII, would have embarked on such a project of replacing the indigenous Europeans with nonwhite peoples, as the victors have done. The very question itself is a joke!

        1. Watched ‘Adolph Hitler…The Greatest Story Never Told’ over a few nights. Very interesting. More people should watch it to get the real truth. It’s on You Tube.

        2. Well, Lee, the Kosher Conservatives who rely on the Daily Mail, The Sun, etc, for their intellectual nourishment are convinced that those evil Nartzies did win WW2. You can witness their intellectual prowess in the comments they make in FB pages such as “UKIP”, “Britain First”, and “Anti-EU, Pro-British”.

          I have been remarked impressed with the impeccable intellectual wit in the comments section. Comments such as:
          “The evil Germans are tying it on again; this time with the EU”
          “The EU is a Nartzy Fourth Reich”
          “Angela Merkel is a relative of Adolf Hitler/ is AH reincarnated”

          I despair; I really do.

        3. Well, Lee, the Kosher Conservatives who rely on the Daily Mail, The Sun, etc, for their intellectual nourishment are convinced that those evil Nartzies did win WW2. You can witness their intellectual prowess in the comments they make in FB pages such as “UKIP”, “Britain First”, and “Anti-EU, Pro-British”.

          I have been remarkably impressed with the impeccable intellectual wit in the comments section. Comments such as:
          “The evil Germans are tying it on again; this time with the EU”
          “The EU is a Nartzy Fourth Reich”
          “Angela Merkel is a relative of Adolf Hitler/ is AH reincarnated”

          I despair; I really do.

      4. That is not the only reason. The other reason is the total onslaught of the masculine, feminine and the family by the leftie pc cultural marxist pondscum.

      5. Bravest? They just did what they were told, like sheep or monkey bands. And how brave do you have to be to drop bombs on people, or shoots shells from tanks, or machine-gun people? Maybe we survivors will have enough cunning to survive, which they lacked

  3. It’s nice to see George Soros is now creating franchises of his manufactured political agitation and social destabilization movements in London. If you’ve ever seen the famous speech given by KGB agent, Yuri Bezmenov, you know that the Marxist plan for the institution of communism in the U.S. is a four step plan. Demoralization (destroy all social values and boundaries). That was accomplished decades ago. Destabilization. That’s where we are now with massive forced immigration, agitation groups like BLM, false flags everywhere, etc. When the Third World crime was explodes and racial unrest reaches its crescendo, then we move into the Crisis phase, the economic collapse that will lead to even more crime, unrest and starvation on a massive scale. The final phase in “Normalization”, the Order Out of Chaos moment, when the communists move in and slaughter tens of millions or “remake” the wreckage of the society in their own image and by their own totalitarian ideals. The point is that these BLM agitation agents better enjoy their Soros paycheck now because, according to Bezemenov, these “useful idiots”, as Karl Marx called them, will be the first to be executed during the “normalization” phase, because the LAST thing totalitarian communist globalists want are agitators and people who disrupt the new social order. They have no idea what they’re actually doing or what’s waiting for them.

    1. Remember the USSR was funded by Jewish money externally, so they were equipped with guns, torture equipment, motor vehicles and so on. If Jewish paper money fails, this may not be the case.

  4. Also, you’ve got to remember that London school pupils are at least 75%+, overall, non-white.
    This proportion can, and will only grow.
    Of course, these children will mostly all grow into adults.

    In the future, expect more of these American ghetto style mass black disturbances in London.

  5. Well, it’s been said so many times, the UK were warned, Enoch Powell was so right. I’m also of the 70+ club and feel that the future generations have a major problem on their hands when the streets where they live will be 99.9% non English/British born and bred. It happened in London in the 50/60’s and has been happening ever since. Every person that sat in the House of Commons since around 1948 contributed to it in one way or another.

    1. Bryn,you are in the 70+ club so, in essence, should know better on the basis that you are closer to historical nature of the sins of your forefathers which are clearly being visited upon the “sons”: unless of course you were one of the few who gained directly from spoils of imperialism, colonialism and privelege and, I repeat AKA: rape, murder, plunder, enslavement, concentration. In which case, you won’t care as very little of the “riches” reached the great unwashed supported an affirmed the status of the upper and middle classes who did not give to hoots about the aforementioned and still don’t to this very day.

      Now, turning to Enoch a highly intelligent and well read “man”, of course he was right! Why. Because he, quite simply; in my humble working class opinion, knew within himself what his forefathers had engineered, his part in it, thus an intellectual understanding of the vacuum they had created. Put simply, he said to himself “sh**, we need to get out of here and those buggers are conming over here”!

      Thus, as we know, the nature of thermodynamics means that vacuums are filled! Now, this does not mean that I condone violence an civil disobedience: far from it!

      Individuals of limited intellectual and even lesser critical reasoning skills point to ” liberal globalisation” which is quite simply a joke!

      Globalisation was the construct of the ruling classes: resulting in rape murder, plunder, enslavement and concentration in pursuit of resources ie gold, bauxite, oil, gas, diamonds coal and labour which of course precedes 1948 by FAR! The Industrial Revolution was driven innovation AND plunder. The latter cannot be dissolved from the former!

  6. I saw one photo where the thugs were clearly Somali, they have a very distinctive appeance – long, angular faces. As I and many others (and newobserveronline agrees) have been saying, Brexit was irrelevant to Britain’s huge immigration problems. For decades successive governments encouraged mass immigration from the Third World, from lawless countries like Pakistan, Nigeria and Jamaica – who brought Third World chaos and criminality with them. And in the case of Pakistan, Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism. It then sheltered so many dangerous fanatics from the Muslim world that London became known internationally as “Londonistan”. The country is so crippled by political correctness and fantasties of multiculturalism that undesirables like Somalis can do no wrong and are beyond criticism, being backward black African AND strict Muslim. Jackpot. The country will pay a terrible price for its stupidity and racial blindness.

    1. If seems that if the British, or should I say the English, really attempted to clean up the mess their country is in, at this point they cannot do it successfully on their own but need lots of help from fellow Europeans. It actually seems that bad with Britain now, after long decades of Third World colonization, interbreeding, etc. I don’t believe Brexit and the people behind it, such as Farage (whom even a prominent hack from the pro-Brexit Daily Mail called a “charlatan”), are conducive to Britain’s recovery. By attempting to sever Britain’s ties with Europe, Farage and co. actually act for the purpose of a further inundation of Britain with the Third World crowds and “multikulti.”

  7. I remember when we used to gather in large crowds in villages , towns and cities to thoroughly enjoy ourselves at many various events .
    No vile language, chanting and violence which are so run of the mill now with the police regularly called out.
    Another piece of British life falls by the wayside ruined by alien invaders .

  8. Is it the pro-Brexit media propagandists that especially zealously conceal the African identity of the rioters? I mean the propagandists from the Daily Mail, the Daily Expresss (belonging to a Jewish pornographer and generous UKiP supporter), etc. Watch out, British, who’s been talking you into severing ties with the EU, and for what real purpose.

    1. Brexit was the right move. EU sucks. Vote UKIP ! Hope you continue to enjoy the stupidity and Islamification of the EU.

      1. Why exactly was Brexit the right move? Please enlighten, but specifically, not metaphorically of the kind “EU sucks”. So why? I’ve never heard UKiP agitators say they wanted to stop crowds from the Third World pouring into Britain. On the contrary, they seem to be in favor of them coming in still. Instead, the ukipers, including Farage, have been hatefully and cowardly bashing the humble and hard-working Poles. All in order, it seems, to divert attention from the real British immigration problem, i.e. Africans, Asians and others of this ilk. Even if you leave the EU, you’ll still belong to so-called British Commonwealth, a 53-member (!) body of mostly Third World nations including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Jamaica, Fiji. So it seems you will have them pouring in, however loud you shout :”EU sucks!” or “Vote UKiP!” Did UKiP ever demand that Britain leave the British Commonwealth? As for enjoying “Islamification of the EU”, do you enjoy the islamification of Britain? How many mosques you’ve got in London alone? The sharia courts operate in Britain independently of the British ones, don’t they? I’ve never heard UKiP fakes promise they will deal with this phenomenon either. In fact, the chief advisor to Farage was a Middle-Easterner, wasn’t he?

        1. Brexit was a vote to leave the EU – nothing else – and certainly nothing to do with the Commonwealth.
          Why should Farage be expected to conflate two totally separate issues ?
          Democratic countries decide policy and determine laws through government.
          In a dictatorship everything is decided by the elite for everyone across all `participating` countries.
          I voted Brexit because I believe in my democratic right to hold politicians to account for “their” decisions and boot them out if they don`t heed the will of the people. It`s what I grew up with and is definitely what`s best for Britain.
          Ousting Merkel and her cronies from the fabled EU “top table” by democratic means is well nigh impossible.

          1. Brexit had something to do with the Commonwealth because Brexit had to do with Britain and Britain is in the Commonwealth. Brexit, or the attempt by the British to leave the EU, is due to the conviction that it’s the EU that is the cause of Britain’s “immigration problem”, right? But isn’t this conviction false and delusional? Is really the EU to blame for the giant mass of people from the Third World residing in Britain? Or is Britain’s membership in the largely Third World British Commonwealth to blame for that?

    2. The EU encourages black immigration.

      Just read news reports from Italy.
      Those blacks which the stupid Italian fools ‘rescued’ all want to go to England. If England remained in the EU then their wish would have been possible.

      1. If the EU indeed “encourages black immigration”, then Britain seems to encourage such immigration even more. Britain is the head of so-called British Commonwealth, an entity consisting of 53, yes, FIFTY-THREE, predominantly Third World states, including 18 (EIGHTEEN) African ones. Being British Commonwealth “nationals” they don’t seem to find it impossible to settle in Britain and then bring in their relatives. Of course, they can also move out of Britain and reside in any EU country they please.

        1. The Commonwealth consists of former British colonies and dependencies. Each is now an independent country in its own right with no power over any of the others.
          The EU is a totally political construct with expansionist visions of its global future.
          Two totally different entities in every respect in today`s world.

          1. I see what you mean: the European body, the EU, is undemocratic and disrespectable, but the Third World Commonwealth is democratic and respectable. Including Third World London with a Pakistani Muslim “mayor” and African riots. Right on the dough, bud. 🙂

      2. Too soon to say that Jonathan. 2years + to go – a lot could happen within that time. One thing for sure, David Davis said that immigrants rushing now to beat the deadline (whatever that is) would be asked to leave the UK once the UK is actually out the EU. There is, of course a vast difference between Davis’ throw away’ musings and that principle set out in law (legislation). The public should not be deceived by believing Davis.

        1. Aaarrggh! I detest mealy-mouthed politicians who assure us that immigrants will be “asked” to leave.
          There`s no prospect of them complying so why `request`? It must be forced repatriation, no ifs or buts and no right of return.
          The appointment of wet wimp Davis re Brexit talks is not a guarantee he`d ever really be fighting our corner either. The merest mention of `rights` plus `foreigners` and maudlin Davis would immediately swap sides.

  9. “Several blacks were stabbed,…”. Did nobody tell them what “black lives matter” movement is about?

    That shirtless male on the second video at 0:17 seems to be the silverback of the pack. 🙂

  10. Ditch the human rights, and race hate laws, and we’ll see a fair fight. Too much chimpin’ ‘n bitchin’! A strong leader to announce “let’s do this”, and then get the party started.

  11. I never gave the race issue a second thought just got on with life.But now I couldn’t care a less if I never see another black/brown face again, they have been over the years programmed to a sense of entitlement they riot at the drop of a hat a lot seem to have the destruct and destroy button and use it to their advantage I wonder how this will read in the history books?????????????

    1. If there’s any consolation in your predictions Ni, it is this, once we are gone, they can set about destroying what’s left of the country/Europe and, hey presto! it will eventually be the same as what they left, but, then, there’s nowhere for them to go and start all over again.

  12. Has mayor khan sold his water cannon or is he too afraid to use it on his fellow Muslims ,only cowards carry knives. If this had been white young men they would have been labeled far right racist scum and their faces splashed across every comic in the UK and of course the remainiacs would have blamed Brexit.

  13. These apparitions send home! I mean in Africa! It will not condition anybody or anything! You escaped the yoke of the EU!

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