African Rioting Tears through Melbourne

“Hundreds” of African invaders engaged in a widespread orgy of violence over the Christmas weekend in Melbourne, the capital and most populous city in the Australian state of Victoria.

According to local media reports—all of which deliberately failed to report on the race of the rioters—the incidents took place outside a train station in Melbourne’s southeast and outside a Carlton nightclub on Queensberry Street, North Melbourne.

melbourne-01 melbourne-02 melbourne-03

In addition, a further brawl took place later at a police station when groups of the arrested Africans went on a rampage, attacking each other and wounding two policemen in the process.

The violence outside the Kananook Railway Station in Seaford took place on Sunday, December 27, with two large gangs of Africans—estimated at around 200 in total—battled it out with knives, baseball bats, stones, and at least one samurai sword and a machete.

One of the Africans was stabbed several times and admitted to the hospital with what was described as “life-threatening” wounds.

None of the controlled media coverage dared point out the race of the rioters, with only the website making a slight reference to their origin by reporting that the fight was believed to have started in the car park of the nearby Frankston Basketball Centre during the “South Sudanese Australian Summer Slam” basketball competition.

However, CCTV and photographs of the fighting showed clearly that the perpetrators were Africans, despite the controlled media’s efforts to ignore that reality.

Police arrested 12 Africans, aged between 19 and 32, and detained them for questioning.

However, not long after the Africans were placed in a communal cell at Frankston Police Station, at least two of them started fighting with one another again, forcing a second police intervention which also saw two officers slightly wounded.

The second incident involved at least 250 Africans outside a Carlton nightclub on Queensberry Street about 5:30 a.m. on Sunday, local media reported. A police car was damaged and a woman suffered minor injuries.

Officers were forced to use pepper spray to control the crowd, and four men and a woman were arrested and will be issued with penalty notices for riotous behavior.

Once again, the controlled media coverage refused to mention the race of the rioters, although their efforts at censorship were also once again undone by the video and still photography footage of the event.

melbourne-05 melbourne-06

According to the Australian Census Bureau, there are some 19,370 Sudanese-born Africans in Australia. Of that number some 5,911 live in Melbourne. Sudanese are by far the single largest black immigrant group in Australia.

If nearly 500 Sudanese were rioting over Christmas in these two incidents, this means that at least 10 percent of Melbourne’s Sudanese took part in the street violence in the space of one day.

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  1. I really find it hard to believe that Australia has allowed itself to get into this mess.There used to a white’s only policy on immigration,and it’s not hard to understand why is it ?

        1. It could have been expanded to include other groups, but shouldn’t have been dropped outright.

          By way of example, a reasonable number of Koreans, Chinese, Philippinos, etc., can merge in easily.

          Sudanese? With very occasional exceptions, you know right from the start that it’ll be a disaster. So I’d cap it at… oh, maybe 10 per year, to allow for those exceptions!

    1. Yes, I’m aghast that we’ve come to this. Every wave of migrants has brought its baddies, but in recent times it’s got far worse. I think that civil discontent will be with us for a long time now as we keep bringing more and more of them in from strife-torn parts of the world. The anger and hostility is in their cultural and religious DNA now.

    1. Nope. It be in Melbourne and Sydney but I’d like to see these filthy little scumbags try it in Queensland – they would be disposed of so quickly that they wouldn’t even know it happened.

    1. The official king of South Africa’s Zulu tribe has announced that that country was economically, militarily, and socially better under white Afrikaner rule—and that history will judge blacks as only having destroyed everything that they had inherited from the white government.

      1. They have had more than enough support over the last 100 yrs or more,what do they do when they have a chance to run their own affair’s,they murder all the white farmer’s,and burn down the farmhouse’s. So now they cant grow enough food for themselve’s,never mind export any,thick as shit or what !

        1. They don’t really care whether there will be farmers to produce food. They want it African way – no whiteys and to destroy everything that whiteys have created. They are quite fine with the perspective of living in rubble and starving as long as they have a liberal bunch of bleeding hearts to beg for food and “apataid” to blame. Even when there’s no whites left in SA and they go for each others throats out of desperation they will be casting blame on Van Riebek, Retief and Verwoerd.

      2. Here’s a thought: allow unrestricted immigration into Europe from Africa and the Middle East – let them get on with the slow destruction of Europe. Meanwhile, ship millions of white Europeans down to Africa to take over the continent. Massive fertile land, unlimited natural assets, a land where solar panels would work properly etc. etc.
        It is said that, “Exchange is no robbery”. Although it would need a new governmental system: one that work fairly and democratically.

        1. A good idea Grah,W, but it would all come back around again,i.e get Whitey to pour all their resources into it, slog their guts out for many years, make it one of the finest parts of the world,and the parasites would follow,did you read the article I believe on this forum, about the Afrikaners clearing and setting up yet another scrub area, near a river, started from scratch,now looking good,full of crops,self-sustainable,plus loads to sell on, look out for the first tin shack to pitch near,and it will be a copy of what has happened in other parts of South Africa,they (Blacks) did not want what to them was a large piece of useless wasteland, will now move in and want to bleed it dry, without doing anything workwise themselves to build it up.

        2. I said this years ago, the only problem when they have ruined Europe, and the Muzungus have made AFrica a success, the BlackEuroAfrican will blame it all went wrong because of the MuzunguAfrican and what their land back. Welcome to Africa’s despot logic?

      3. Yes it was and Australia was one of the country’s forcing us to give our coupon to the black to destroy hope the same effect happen s to you

      4. The Zulus actually were trying to reach an accomodation with the white SA gov’t towards the end. They didn’t want what happened to happen. They knew.

        In Zimbabwe, it’s common for blacks to say that things were better under Smith. That’s because they were.

  2. where ever these people go there are riots,fights,desruption,damage why on earth do we let them come to our countries Africa is ruined its all insane

  3. Ahhh I recognise good new South Africa on Australian soil. Weren’t the ozzies same chaps who used to say “ye’r a racist, mate” when encountering someone from “evil apartheid state” somewhat twenty years ago ? Now your poor oppressed mates coming to stir up k.k in your own home. I would be feeling satisfied if it wasn’t so sad. After all them rioting and burning everything doesn’t improve my own country’s situation.

    1. I agree with you wholeheartedly, we tried to uphold a decent living standard in SA and they shouted us down for years – now let them get a taste of what we had to put with! Some people NEVER change and will attempt to drag everyone down to their level!!

    1. Yes, Aussies were quick to condemn South Africa and Rhodesia , what goes around comes around . We left Africa in 1983 to get away from the houts and they have bloody well followed us!

  4. Hey Glenda we can’t send them back who would we give all of our welfare to, those Kiwi’s come over here and they work, that ‘s not what the gov wants. Sounds like crap but I’m sure its true.

  5. I find it disgraceful that our press have not reported these major incidents as they happened. The public should be informed when such violence is being enacted on our streets. Labor has a lot to answer for when they let ‘anyone’ in to Australia. Protect our country and its citizens.
    Thank you Mr. Morrison and Mr. Abbott for stopping the boats! Now stop the influx of Muslims refugees trying to get in because we have enough problems here -there are many homeless Australians who need help!

    1. Sorry, Amber. The Africans didn’t come ‘by boat’. They’ve been invited in by Labor and Liberal governments too. It was the Libs who rolled back ‘White Australia’, not Labor, and brought Africans in back in the early 2000s. All parties are involved in bleeding-heart policies and settling the worst of the world’s refuge here, and they’re turning our suburbs in to ghettos and no-go zones of drugs and violence, plus selling us out to Asian over-development and towers.

  6. Show the government about how piss off you feel by not voting for either Labour, Liberal or the Greens, vote for any other party but those mention. Vote: ALA, / One Nation, / Shooters and Fishers Party, / Rise Up Australia Party, /Australian Christians,

  7. This has become a global problem, exacerbated by increasingly generous, but short sighted social programs that keep large numbers of people locked in dependency, instead of encouraging assimilation, self reliance and self sufficiency. Toss in a healthy dose of tribalism, and you’ve got a recipe for societal disaster.

    And it will only get worse as our media and “leaders” continually fail to identify the culprits, the root causes, and avoid any responsibility. From the spawn of the “great society” in the US, to the fall of Rhodesia and South Africa, the “immigrant” invasions in Scandinavia, it will ultimately fall to the people to correct these situations. Our leaders are toothless.

    1. Great post, Buddy! You clearly laid out the very cause of some serious problems with the immigration policies of some irresponsible governments acting like they were children in the mist.

      1. When younger (and dumber) I used to support so-called ‘Mulitculturalism’. The word actually means, “Divide and Conquer’. By keeping populations fighting amongst themselves the PTB continually use the Hagaelian Dialect to stay in power

  8. Lot of better informed folk here. The west is not totally innocent here. Exploitation of the corrupt within governments or leaderships. On the whole though evolution has produced differences within the races for which we are not allowed to talk about due to the extreme left wing libertarians (facists) within our own systems.

    Look at the Australian Aboriginal and their level of advancement compared to white Europeans and their ability to fly and send cameras and telemetry equipment out to space or take photographs of the universe when it was young.

    That’s not to say one is right or wrong or better or worse. Maybe it was better for all of humanity to live like the Australian Aboriginal. Unfortunately the differences in evolution make that all but impossible.

    1. I agree Mr CB, Back in the day Africans traded in cattle and ivory. It was a way of trading at the time and it worked. The tribal royal family gave families communal land to do subsistence farming. Can we call that uncivilized or was it the economics of the time? Look at the 2008 sub-prime crash. Truth be told, greedon Wall Street made a lot of people loose their houses but what did the US government do? They bailed the very same banks who crashed world economies. In all fairness it was white capitalists who blundered, did you hear any Africans blaming white people? Unfortunately we will never agree, however Africa is growing at a faster rate than any continent at the moment. We may have problems but times are changing and I’ll stay here to experience it.

  9. This is just the start. Australia made the biggest mistake to let these brainless idiots into the country. They breed like flies and will live on the dole forever !!! All they can do well is rape, murder and steal what ever they can lay there dirty hands on. Wake up Australia and send this useless bastards back to where they came from !!!!!!!!

  10. You can take them out of the bush, but you can never take the bush out of them. Evolution left them behind and so far behind that they can never catch up

  11. that is why i say that you can not trust any government and politicians, they are liars out of hell once they get your vote they think they can do what they want

  12. The main reason I believe it is not reported is because the first response would be ‘This is racist” and then watch all the bleeding hearts bend over backwards apologising and what can we do? More money? Ok here have it. They just love playing the racist card. You try doing what you want in their country and claim Racist to them and see what happens All the best Melbourne great city Please keep it that way Deport them

  13. When will white people learn that black culture does not gel with white culture. If you believe in Karma then you have to realise that for what all yours,Europe,NZ,USA and Canadas’ protests and sanctions has brought to South African whites there, will have it’s impact on you.Remember, you reap what you sow! You’re beginning to reap.BLACKS WERE NOT THE FIRST PEOPLE IN UNINHABITED SA.YOU BELIEVED TERRORISTS!!. You’d better prepare well.Whatever negative actions you now bring upon those “people” you gave freedom to will now be registered in Aus’ Karma. You have created a monster.

  14. Apartheid was terrible, I’d give you that. But I myself (a resident of SA for years), watch my beloved country burn down each day because of poverty, idiocy and greed. 36 reported attacks on white farmers in a month is a slow genocide in my opinion, yet the world does nothing to help or acknowledge us!

  15. I know how to solve this. We just have to let more in. A LOT more in. So they’ll feel more comfortable, see. We need to set aside $1Billion to import quadruple the number of Sudanese there are now. Then they’ll all feel very comfortable and at home and not riot. That’s the plan.

  16. what happens now? we have a pissweak government who allows all these so called refugees, asylum seekers to enter our country, they cry poor mouth “please help us”, but our pissweak government gives them sanction! free welfare, housing, medical facilities, then they turn on us the country that saved their arses and cause untold mayhem, citing racism because we dont have places for them to practice there bullshit religion, or the food is not to their standard, or because they cannot get work, excuses, excuses, nothing seems to satisfy these leeches, the blacks, yes “BLACKS” not our indigenous aussies, but sudanese etc.
    Is this going to become a civil war?? are we going to have blood on our hands, or on the street? must we take up arms? people of Australia(trublue aussies) lets get to gether and vote for a government that cares for and listens to it citizens

  17. What really annoys me is the so called refugee’s and asylum seekers are fully aware of their rights, but not of there responsibilities. There should be a contract stating that they will only be allowed in if they work, and citizenship will only be granted after a 10 year period, subject a solid work history, and that they must have good English skills, and above all they should not wear facial coverings in any public place….

  18. The only people to blame are ourselves allowing political correctness the government only does what the vocal people want and unfortunately the do gooders have caused this but watch them melt away into the shadows when it gets worse look what they have done to europe

  19. What Australia needs is a new President with the same convictions as Donald Trump, and you won’t even need to build a wall.
    The Western World is under serious threat from African immigrants and Islam.

    1. Nope the western world is under threat from the yanks constant stirring and their own moronic lefties and PC eejits. Oz is an island, why do you let them in? Moletovs would be handy

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