African Violence in Melbourne

The ongoing Third World mass invasion of Australia has caused yet another sharp spike in African gang violence in Melbourne, with car vandalism, stabbings, robberies, and assaults reaching a new high in December.

At the same time, two of the African gangsters—one born in the Sudan—will be deported at the end of their prison sentences, the government has announced. Another 173 nonwhites are also lined up for deportation.

According to a report in the Herald Sun newspaper, the two Africans are among a group of 173 nonwhite criminals in Victoria who face deportation after their visas were cancelled in the past year due to their criminal activities.

The Apex gang, which takes its name from a street in the Third World colonized suburb of Dandenong, Melbourne, has become infamous for its ongoing violence, thefts and carjackings.

A recent article in the Australian newspaper revealed that the suburb of Caroline Springs to the west of Melbourne is now known as “Criminal Springs” by its residents because of the African invader crime wave which has enveloped it.

The crime rate per head of a population has risen by more than 23 percent in the past five years, and the offences perpetrated by what the Australian coyly called “youth gang members” is soaring.

Carjacking offences are up 80 percent across the past 12 months to March and home invasions where thieves steal a car more than doubled. Burglaries and break-and-enter offences rose almost 13 percent while robbery offences rose 14 percent in the year to June 30, official figures show.

Figures released by the Crime Statistics Agency Victoria show that offenders under the age of 25 are committing more and more crimes.

None of these figures and statistics dared mention the race of the offenders, and the Australian—typically—went out of its way to pretend that the crime wave was being committed by a “united nations” of offenders.

However, the reality is obvious from arrest records, photographs of gang members in court, and the police’s own wanted notices.

For example, in one of the more recent incidents, Victoria police have announced that they are seeking “two males and a female, perceived to be of African appearance,” for a vicious stabbing and robbery in north Melbourne on December 21.

The police wanted notice said that the victim, a woman in her 30s, was “riding a bike along Harker Street about 2.30am when she was approached by two males and a female.”

“One of the males produced a knife and made demands for her bike and personal belongings. The victim was then slashed on her face, upper arms, torso, and neck before the offenders ran off on foot.”

The police statement said that they are “keen to speak to anyone who may have seen two males and a female, perceived to be of African appearance, that were in the vicinity of Harker Street about 2.30am.”

An August 2016 report by 7News revealed that residents in Melbourne’s western suburbs have resorted to fencing their homes with barbed wire in an attempt to stop the Africans from breaking in.

The 7News report added that the gang members were “African in appearance,” in their “mid 20s” and of “thin build,” in case anyone was having difficulty identifying the culprits.

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  1. A perfect example of the “enrichment” of what liberals and fantasists of multiculturalism believe to be our too-white, too-Christian societies and cultures. Why not ensure “diversity” by bringing in low IQ, unskilled, violent black Africans? What could possibly go wrong?

  2. Hope the Aussies do a better job deporting African invader criminals than “soft touch” UK with our `revolving door` justice system.
    After a spell in jail offenders are set free to reoffend here.

  3. I live in Melbourne and can’t believe what has become of not only Australia, but the western world. The black crims here are often first born Australians, their parents having been brought in through controlled migration some 15-odd years ago. The suburbs these Africans live in have very low crime rates, preferring to use all night trains and stolen cars to access the ‘better’ suburbs of Melbourne where they do as they please. Nothing good will come of this unfortunate migration as Melburnians move towards gated communities or arm themselves as best they can. We cannot stop their breeding and some African parents have even blamed Australia’s slack attitudes to punishment for their kid’s clearly inherited criminal behaviour. Truth is, their own African countries are sh*tholes, and we bring them from Africa and yet expected there wouldn’t be a stench on our own streets.

  4. Easy to say they will be deported but will the Sudan take them back without asking for millions in aid, they shouldn’t have been allowed into the country in the first place, Sudanese and Somalis are a lawless breed, all wanting to take as much as possible from their host country. They caught one Somali in Canberra who claimed to be running a child minding service he managed to get over one million dollars off the ACT government and nobody ever saw a child there, its called diversity by the lefties.

  5. We are having the same thing in the USA since Obama vetoed the closed border bill and his democrat party stood solid behind him to prevent a 2/3rds majority to stop the veto—-we are in a mess with this same ones—-they are being rushed across our borders as fast as Obama can get them her for votes in the election 4 years from now for Democrats, our New president will have a terrible mess to try and straiten out? Their party takes no responsibility for anything—it is always someone else’s fault and they will still cause trouble after the election

  6. Again another result of poor voting choices by the indigenous population, believing Socialists and greens and the like have their welfare at heart.Until this mindset is eliminated from the population things can only get worse.Vote for PAULINE HANSON any aussies reading this.Reders from other countries find a nationalistic party or candidate.Do not end up like Sweden.

    1. Agreed, ozzies should vote Hanson and push for closing their borders and deport. Commit a crime, you get punished then deported

      1. Pauline hopes to field a lot more candidates in the next several years. I think one nation will have an increased presence in Canberra, I’m waiting for candidates in Tasmania.

      2. Its Sad me as a White Person with Skills in IT would have a very hard time trying to immigrate to Australia but these low life scum bags get in no problem because of people feeling sorry for it

    2. Nobody in Australia got a say on immigration, these treasonous western governments are definitely not working for the people they are supposed to represent. They are doing what they’re told by the hidden hand of “the chosen ones”

  7. Let’s not forget that Rupert Murdoch has spent his whole life pushing immigration into Australia, and defending crime – not just against whites, to be fair, but against Vietnamese, Iraqis, Libyans, and others. However, all good things must come to an end and soon enough he’ll exit – and I’m sure there will be large-scale outpourings of grief, some of which may even be sincere.

  8. These “CRIMINALS” Are “DICKLESS DAN’S” Pets! I call him dickless Dan because he’s been emasculated by the Roz Wards of Victoria.

  9. The people need to reclaim their streets. Why has not a BJC crew gone out on a street patrol? It worked in Brisbane (Valley) in the 90s and in Townsville in 2009. I would say a crew of 20-30 Zen Do Kai lads would clean it up in a week or two. Save the police and public a lot of time and money.

    1. @Doug – we are talking Melbourne here, which has the only Green member of Parliament in the Lower House/Houseof /Representatives in the entire country. This person, a legal graduate, wrote his PhD on Marxist interpolation with law. You should read what he wrote. The Green Party is a vehicle for the Red Party. His appointment shows how lost people are in that city and how they will pay dearly for their indoctrination by communist agitation. Much of this crime is by actual refugees or their descendents, 100% clamoured for by leftists in media, especially the taxpayer funded variety, but also, the first page of every google search full of leftist media such that the trusting would not see past the power structure. One cannot speak out against this openly in Australia in cattle class, because the Left has stitched up the law with section 18c of a racial discrimination act, a true communist travesty which enables this criminal activity and suppresses speech against it by those that are its intended victims, allot he while calling them “racists”. It can only lead to more innocent blood spilled, which we know from our clear-eyed knowledge of communism, is the only historical conclusion and one thirstily sought by these calculating autocrats, who callously manipulate decent people using their better intentions to facilitate their own destruction as a conduit to power. They are truly scum.

  10. We have been warning the rest of the world for many years that black Africans do not care for law and order.
    Look what is happening in SA now.

  11. So now the Aussies who shouted for democratic rule in South Africa and condemned our policies up to the time that demon-ocracy enabled Africans to take over the government, are getting a feel of what we have to live with since 1994! Check out how since “they” took over this once beautiful and peaceful country,they crashed the economy, sent murder rape and violent crime through the clouds.
    Hate speech towards whites is being spewed forth in every country where they have moved. We are the “racists” and are constantly being accused as the reason why they behave like barbarians.

    1. If I could give more like’s to this post i would flood it , it is so True what you said we knew what the black race was all about but No we where just been Racist according too the World , not actually living with the Blacks and seeing what they where all about the whole world was against us. Now the shit is on the Australians front step now you will see what a wonderful race they are. You Give them a hand they take both your Arms and expect more.

  12. Just wondering…………. if the world was split in half and people of colour having one half and whites having one-half …..I can’t help wondering who would be the first to totally rape all its resources, become ungovernable, have the most amount of crime consisting of RAPE, MURDER, THEFT, CORRUPTION, GENOCIDE, OVER POPULATION…etc..etc…etc.!!!!!!…………………left totally ungovernable, unmanagable and having depleted all foreign aid, will start to plunder the other half, believing it to be totally justifiable due to whatever excuse is plausible at time!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I’d like the world to split in another way: Looney Left (Libtards), Muslims, Welfare recipients, politicians in one half and the rest in the other half. It’d be great to watch that Titanic go down with the Pollies and the Looney Left still telling people that it’s all for a wonder future. Hahaha…

  13. Oh? So it isn’t the bikies after all… but that’s what these government have been busy fictionalising for the last few years. Gosh..

  14. hahahahaha wake-up Australia? have the Australians been drinking beer to long?have they lost their minds? to give up their country like that is disgusting….

  15. We have govts – federal and state, of real terrorists in Australia, who knew exactly what they were doing in the first place when importing these people into our country; to use the Africans, initially, to terrorise us, and later, when there’s vastly more of them, to rape and murder us wholesale, on taxpayer money too.

  16. In 1996? Australians agreed to give up most of their firearms. The government moved quickly, capitalizing on an outpouring of grief over a horrible shooting spree by a psychopath. A non-existent Police response allowed the deranged individual to kill and continue to kill 24 hours after the initial murders. Since then there have been no more mass-shootings in Australia. Of note: There was not a plague of mass-shootings prior to then either.

    Now will Australia ban (or just eschew) machetes, cricket bats, crowbars, sledges and the like? They’ll be much safer.

  17. I wonder what this will do to foreign tourism. There are many websites, like TripAdvisor, where people can post comments about their own experiences without a government trying to silence them.

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