Africans Attack in Renewed Melbourne Violence

Dozens of members of the infamous Sudanese Apex gang rampaged through a crowd at a Melbourne, Australia, community festival, stealing cell phones, throwing rocks, and assaulting people watching a fireworks display—the latest incident in a long series of African crime and violence to strike the city.

The African attack took place at the Summersault Festival in Caroline Springs over the past weekend. In what onlookers described as a “planned attack,” the Africans struck while many in the large crowd where filming the fireworks on their cell phones—presenting easy targets as they held them up in the air.

Footage from the attack showed crowds screaming in terror as the Africans swooped, punching and beating white people at random as they marauded their way through the festival.


At least one white boy was admitted to the hospital after being beaten by the Africans. His mother told the Seven Network news that he was punched in the face and had his phone stolen at the event.

“My understanding is that he was knocked out. He didn’t know where he was, he didn’t know what day it was,” she told the Seven Network.

“He was just an innocent bystander,” she said. “We’re very fortunate it wasn’t worse. As a parent this is terrifying.”

Another witness said a “big pack” ran through the crowd, grabbing cell phones and handbags as festival-goers recorded the fireworks. He then saw the Africans throwing rocks at apartment buildings.

“Out of nowhere, everyone’s gone from standing there watching, having a lovely time, to people just running in all directions,” he told the Seven Network.

Victims also spoke out on Twitter about the attack:

The Sudanse Apex gang—named after the street in Melbourne where they were first formed—is notorious throughout Melbourne. Made up of Africans falsely claiming to be “refugees,” the Sudanese had quickly established a reputation as violent, primitive savages who freely engage in public violence with almost no limitations.

A witness, Penny, told the Nine Network it was a “great big mass of people” moving through the crowd. “It was like a stampede, it was awful,” she said.

Another witness, Carrie, told News Corp she also had her phone and wallet stolen and was shoved in the stomach. “It was a planned attack,” she said.

Another witness told media that the gang “have no fear. There’s a police station right next door, but it doesn’t seem to deter them,” she said.

“Once the fireworks started it was like the Running of the Bulls.”

To add insult to injury, the Africans then laughed and boasted about their raid on the whites on social media:

In her response, One Nation party leader and Australian Senator Pauline Hanson called for the Africans to be deported.

“I’ve got the best solution to this. Round them up and get them out!” the One Nation leader posted on her “Please Explain” Facebook page,

Media reports lamented the fact that Hanson’s comments had attracted “plenty of support across the country, with weekend polling showing her party may win up to 20 seats in the Queensland parliament at this year’s election.”

In 2009, Hanson described refugees as “incompatible with our way of life and culture.”

“They get around in gangs and there is escalating crime that is happening,” she said.

“If we want to do things for the Sudanese people, then let us send medical supplies, food, whatever they need over there — but let them stay in their own country.”

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  1. We have been sold out by our traitorous politicians and the deranged leftist regressives. They have ruined what was such a great place to live, and now so many parts of our beautiful country have been destroyed in a generation. What do we do? I can’t start a vigilante group, I’ve got kids, I’ll end up in jail while the savages run free. I’ve written more letters to Premier Deadshit Dan than St Paul wrote to the Corinthians. I’ll vote for One Nation but that’s two years away. I’m at a loss…

    1. Roy, you and like minded people must start protesting in large groups the government does nothing because you let them get away with it. It is time to stand up for your country and be heard.

  2. “If we want to do things for the Sudanese people, then let us send medical supplies, food, whatever they need over there — but let them stay in their own country.” Why bother at all? These people clearly don’t value lives of white people.

  3. When will the mass of Whites in every White nation unite, organize, take to the streets and march in a strong determined manner to the nearest HQ of the filthy traitor vermin politicians. This filth are implementing the (((JWO Cultural Marxist One-World agenda))) using mass immigration (White genocide) – totally against the wishes of White people.

    It will soon be Spring/Summer 2017 and (earlier in Oz) all Whites need to be at hand for to aid patriots in order to get the message across to these liberal/Cultural Marxist nation-wreckers that “Whites are sick, tired, fed-up and angry – and we’re not gonna put up with your crap for one single day more”.

  4. Pauline Hanson is the only politician in Australia who speaks the truth and that’s why the media and the political class loathe her.

  5. How can the Politicians destroy their own countries? What is really going on? Round them up and ship them them out. See what they do when you help them, stab you in the back!! The only thing they deserve is a live round, that is what is done in Africa. No aid no nothing. How can the local Ozzies sit back and watch this utter CR#$ and do nothing about it?

  6. Weak traitorous politicians have allowed this country to be invaded by these lawless Sudanese, they have no regard for the country or its laws and at present they are running riot and the Victorian police are doing nothing, at one festival they decided not to intervene when the Apex played up stating they would study CCTV and make arrests later, cowardice and of course they are scared to act as they will be deemed to be racist. How many of the Sudanese setting in Australia are working I guess the majority are on generous welfare, they arrested one Sudanese or Somali in Canberra for defrauding the government of a million dollars in a child minding fraud, although he claimed to be minding children he never had any, and the ACT government allowed this as it helps diversity, what rubbish.

  7. Every migrant attack creates more votes for One Nation and now the Australian Conservatives. Finally a choice of decent candidates.

  8. The whole of the civilised world has been infiltrated and swamped by these lawless hoards on the pretence of being refugees. There’s only one place for these people and that’s back from whence they came, together with our traitorous communist politicians.

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