Africans Earn 10x More as “Refugees” than at Home

Sub-Saharan poverty levels are so catastrophically bad that the average “refugee welfare benefit” paid in Europe is ten times the average income in Sub-Saharan Africa, official figures reveal.

The average sub-Saharan African exists on €58 per month—while the German government spends around €670 per month feeding, housing, clothing, and subsidizing “refugees.”

According to official German government data, the €670 allocated every month to each nonwhite invader in that country includes the costs of housing, food, healthcare, education, transportation, and cash subsidies.

This money is handed out not only to the 1.5 million nonwhite invaders who entered Europe in 2015, but to all the ones who invaded Europe in previous years as well.

According to data provided by the World Bank, the average annual income in Sub-Saharan Africa is $762 per year (2005 US dollars). This translates to approximately €58 per month.

This means that claiming “asylum” in Germany is more than ten times more profitable than living in Africa, and even more if it is considered that the “asylum seeker” does not even have to work for this money.

There are also one set of standards and laws applied to the native European population (who also provide the tax base for this largesse), and the nonwhite invaders. Here are a few examples:

Police in numerous cities have completely given up prosecuting asylum seekers for various crimes.

Meanwhile any European who speaks out about refugee policies on social media risks losing their job, being arrested, and having their children taken away by the government.

While homeless and unemployed Europeans struggle to get by, asylum seekers are being housed in Swiss mansions, luxury cruise ships, alpine resorts, and high-end hotels.

Meanwhile, it was recently reported that an Italian homeless man froze to death just outside a four star hotel housing “asylum seekers.”

Asylum seekers in most of Europe do not have to pay for any public transportation (such as trains, buses, etc.) and will often just ride in the first class train car. However, native Europeans will be promptly fined and subjected to the law if they don’t have a ticket.

Refugees are given priority over native Europeans at hospitals. At the same time, hospitals are so overwhelmed by the influx of nonwhite invaders and the tropical diseases many carry, that it is turning into a public health crisis for Europe.

Most incredibly of all, the western European liberals genuinely appear to believe that all these sub-Saharan Africans, who have created the grinding poverty and misery in Africa, will suddenly become “hard working Europeans” and “contribute to the tax base” once they land in Europe.

In fact, all that is happening is that the endemic Third World chaos and poverty—created by the low IQ of sub-Saharan Africa—is being transferred to Europe along with that population.

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  1. I can`t see how this particular piece of Human Rights crap is relevant re any of these gimmigrant invaders.
    They are neither indigenous nor tribal peoples native to whichever EU country they`re currently infesting.
    That`s not to say that EU bureaucrats aren`t already burning the midnight oil doing dodgy deals to placate and provide whatever the greedy gimmegrants want.


  2. Why keep wasting money on prolonging their existence ?
    Let them slip away from their hell on earth cesspits to paradise.

  3. The white people on South Africa has to put up with this bullshit on a daily basis. There is a solution though. One in five blacks are HIV positive and is kept alive by importing anti retrovirals paid for by the white tax payer. Increase the price to beyond what the ANC government can afford
    and they will start dying.

  4. In fact, the disparity is even greater than that we you consider the tax mediated transfer from ethnic Germans to the invaders in such matters as health, education, retirement pensions, family allowances etc and even collectively paid 'public goods' such as roads, infrastructure, public buildings, military defence, law enforcement etc.

  5. I really dont understand why this is allowed. The people should protest and let the government know that this is not acceptable
    This is so wrong.

  6. I think there will be a liberation struggle for their self-determination and rights of subsistence consistent with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, C169 Convention Concerning Indigenous and Tribal People in Independent Countries 27 June 1989 etc. Recognises he aspiration of these people to exercise control over their own institutions, ways of life and economic development and to maintain and develop their identities, languages and religions, within the framework of the states in which they live.
    I think half of what was West Germany will be sufficient for the immigrants and Angela can implement a plan to evacuate Germans from the area for them.

  7. Having arrived and been treated better than many of the hard working, loyal and patriotic taxpayers who are footing the bill, their next step will be to take over local councils and start demanding changes to laws so that they can have their mosques, separate schools, sharia law and probably much, much more that escapes me at present. Never in my wildest dream, having 7+ years experience of living and working in parts of the Middle East, did I see this coming. But there again, Merkel wasn't around then either.

  8. Publish this in South Africa and 20 000 000 or 30 000 000 will be on their way from SA. Then in 100 years from now there will be 4450 000 000 to 660 000 000 of them living on welfare in Germany.

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