Africans Given 90 Days to Leave Israel

African invaders pretending to be asylum seekers have officially been given 90 days to leave the Jewish ethnostate of Israel or be imprisoned, the Israeli government has announced.

According to a report in Israel’s Haaretz newspaper, “Thousands of asylum seekers from Eritrea and Sudan will soon be told to leave Israel within three months or face prison.”

The Israeli Interior Ministry’s Population, Immigration and Border Authority has begun this month preparing to deport the Africans on the orders of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Interior Minister Arye Dery and Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan, have announced.

In the first stage of the deportations, adults over 60, parents of minor children who rely on them for support, or those with serious medical or mental health problems will be exempted from immediate deportation, and will only be sent back to Africa later.

Thousands of other Africans who entered Israel illegally and who have been detained at Holot concentration camp in the past, or who meet the criteria for detention there, will receive notification that they must leave Israel within three months the next time they go to Interior Ministry offices to renew their residency permits or face indefinite imprisonment.

The Holot concentration camp is scheduled for closure in less than three months.

There are an estimated 27,000 citizens of Eritrea living in Israel, as well as 7,500 Sudanese nationals and 2,500 people from other African nations.

Some 5,000 children have been born to African “asylum seekers” in Israel—a striking indication of the depth of the demographic threat posed by allowing the Africans to stay.

According to the report, Netanyahu has told Interior Ministry officials that he expects many of the Africans to leave Israel within a short period.

The Interior Ministry estimates the total cost of its deportation operation at some 300 million shekels ($86 million) a year. This includes wages of Interior Ministry employees, deportation flights and money given to those who leave.

Every invader who leaves the country now will receive $3,500, but this amount will be reduced in the future.

The Israel Prison Service, which is under the Public Security Ministry, estimates that hundreds of Africans will have to be jailed in the Saharonim detention center.

Representatives of the Interior Ministry told the Knesset Finance Committee it spent 68 million shekels to deport 4,500 African invaders from Israel in the past year. This money went for airplane tickets and the cash grants.

Haaretz has found that the actual number was just under 4,000, meaning the state spent about 17,000 shekels for every African asylum seeker who left, “whether to their country of origin, to Uganda, or a Western country.”

This latter reference of deporting Africans to a “Western country” refers to the Israeli policy of dumping Africans in Sweden, as reported in the Israeli Ynet News service.

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