Africans Paying Thousands to Invade US

Africans pretending to be refugees are paying thousands of dollars to fly commercial airliners to Sao Paulo in Brazil and Quito in Ecuador—and then thousands more to smugglers—to invade America through Mexico, it has been revealed.

One invader interviewed by Reuters revealed that he had reached Mexico in December, after a four month journey that included a flight from Somalia to Brazil, and then across seven countries on bus, boat, and foot. He has spent US$10,000 so far, hiding dollar bills in his underwear and socks.

The Africans fly to Ecuador and Brazil in particular because there are few visa restrictions in those countries, and they allow an easy point of entry into the Americas.

There they join the hundreds of thousands of Central Americans, who, fleeing their own self-created crime-ridden economic disaster zones, have been pushing north for decades to live off white America.

U.S. immigration officials first noticed the African invasion from Mexico in 2013, when around six were crossing the border every day, mainly through Tapachula along Mexico’s southern border with Guatemala.

Now, hundreds turn up every day, and last year, between 150 to 700 African invaders arrived every day at Tapachula, with a total of 19,000 for the whole year, according to Mexican government figures.

With few diplomatic ties with African nations, it is difficult for the Mexican authorities to deport illegal migrants back to Africa.

As a result, many Africans are issued with a “temporary transit permit,” which supposedly gives them 20 days to leave Mexico. However, in reality this allows them to continue their journey toward the United States border without being detained by immigration officials.

The route followed makes it clear that these Africans are not refugees by any definition of the word, but simply illegal immigrants seeking to parasite off any country which is still majority white, as is the case with the ongoing invasion of Europe across the Mediterranean Sea.

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  1. Keep in mind the source for this article, a Reuters news item. Reuters is Jewish-owned mass media. Common sense says, “How on earth does a penniless, unemployed, unskilled, uneducated, African get from Africa to the U.S.?” These people aren’t using their own money. That’s just more propaganda to make people believe this massive invasion of Third Worlders into the White world is organically driven by people looking for a better life, using their life savings to make it to the land of opportunity. Hardly. These people are unwitting pawns, recruited by NGO’s to infiltrate the White world, while the entire process is paid for with the money of George Soros and his ilk. These “refugees” aren’t spending a dime of their own money because they have none. Ten thousand dollars in travel costs is more money than 99.999% of them will ever make in their entire lifetime. Be careful of unknowingly passing on these globalist memes via mass media sources.

    1. Of course they are UN pawns. So are all the migrants invading Europe. It’s asymmetrical warfare against the west to bring us down from the inside with civil unrest and economic collapse. Destroy our borders and in come the final stages of UN agenda 21/30.

      Don’t see anywhere in the article it claims they aren’t being funded or are using their own money, though, so the article is basically true. There are a couple of thousand of them right now, amassed on our southern border, being let in at the rate of 100-200 per day. A Mexican journalist did a story on this a couple of weeks ago (and video). When questioned, they said all they had to do was say refugee (admitted they were not) or that they feared for their life. Instant access to the USA. Hundreds are also from Haiti.

      Didn’t Obama recently say America’s about to get more “brown”?

  2. I was thinking the same thing! Where the hell does a Somali get $10,000.00??? Maybe AIPAC charities. Wait until those weird diseases start spreading like wildfire.

  3. They are founded not only from Soros but from the muslims rich states like Saudi Arabia and Qatar to install their muslims laws everywhere.

  4. Some are undoubtedly funded, but many are using their own money, putting paid to another liberal lie: THESE ARE NOT THE WORLD’S POOR. The true desperate people of the world who DO need our help are trapped in poverty, war and corruption, hundreds of millions struggling to survive on a dollar a day. These “migrants” are the well-off, even rich, of the Third World who have the thousands of dollars to pay people smugglers. They also have access to technology like smart phones and know exactly which countries to head for: those with the most generous welfare systems and those most obsessed with “diversity” and multiculturalism – and therefore the least likely to deport them – like Obama’s US or Britain. THEY ARE ECONOMIC PARASITES, PURE AND SIMPLE.

  5. They are a biological weapon. Literally a plague. Since we know the negro cant rule himself, he will do whatever his (((boss))) pays him to do. I also heard Obama say something about a dark time is coming, I knew exactly what he was talking about. If Trump does nothing else, I hope he will wall out the beasts.

  6. Don’t forget the west sends billions in ‘aid’ to the third world (sorry, ‘developing world’).

    We are in effect paying to be invaded.

    1. who is paying for this dirt poor people ? Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the other muslim countries because the slaves have to obey their masters and conquer the occident that has to be islamized ( Quoran ).

  7. Although it is possible that the fake African refugees are being financed by Soros funded NGOs and the gulf states I have yet to see evidence for this, so I tend to agree with Rog Stresman that what we are seeing is a consequence of rising incomes in developing countries with the more affluent members of these societies being able to emigrate both legally and illegally. What probably happens is that when their incomes reach the threshold for financing emigration they move to the West where they can achieve an instant ten to twenty fold increase in income for little effort or financial investment. If they invested that $10,000 in their own countries, by starting a business or buying a farm for instance, they probably would not achieve the same income. Even without substantial savings finding that sum of money is not so difficult for an African as we imagine. Sometimes they sell land or property or borrow the money from relatives both at home and in the West. The Guardian interviewed one of the African boat people from Eritrea and he recounted how he contacted his relatives at each stage of the journey to wire him enough money to continue to the next stage. Another source of finance for the migrants is the people smugglers who lend them the money for the journey on the understanding that they will pay it back from future earnings once they are established in the West.
    Once you understand the economics behind undocumented migration then the massive eight fold increase in asylum applications to the EU since 1984 is clearly nothing to do with war and persecution in the migrants countries of origin as bleeding heart liberals imagine.

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