Africans “Running Riot” in Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia—the spike in street crime to more than one million incidents in the last year is largely due to the activities of “Apex” gang whose members are all from a “Sudanese refugee background,” police say.

The African crime wave has led local media to claim that “young thieves are running riot” in the suburbs, while the police chief said they “would rather steal than work.”


The nonwhite gang is so named because their gang originated in Apex Street, Dandenong, about 20 miles southwest of Melbourne.

According to a report on Australia’s 7 News, police have blamed the Apex gang for what they say is an “alarming spike” in violent crime in Melbourne, with Victoria’s crime rate soaring by 12.4 percent in the past year.

7 News said that the one million recorded offences have led to “claims young thieves are running riot on the suburbs.”

Car thefts are up 22 percent across Victoria, while house burglaries have increased almost 14 percent.

Weapons and explosives offences have soared 18.5 percent, theft has increased 16 percent, and drug use and possession is up 13.4 percent. Reported family violence offences have also jumped 10 percent since last year, the figures also revealed.

Crime in the area where the Apex gang is most active, in Dandenong, is up an astonishing 24 percent.

Apex gang members are mostly in their early twenties, but some as young as 13 have recently been arrested in connection with violent home invasions and carjackings.

Only last week, police arrested 13 African “refugees” after they pounced on a St. Albans family, in Melbourne’s west, while they were in their BMW.

A 12-year-old victim was dragged out of her family’s car and told she would be killed, and the family home was robbed. The youngest nonwhite criminal was just 13 years old.

The arrests come after two other African criminals, a 17-year-old living in Taylors Hill, and a 14-year-old from South Yarra, were arrested the previous weekend, accused of smashing their way into Caroline Springs home and stealing two cars.

They have also been questioned over an aggravated burglary at a Taylors Lakes home, where vehicles were also stolen.

Earlier this month, six Africans were arrested after a stolen BMW with nine people on board crashed into a pole in Melbourne.

According to police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton—who hosted a pointless “summit to tackle youth offending” to try and deal with the nonwhite crime plague, the “youths would rather steal than work.”

Ashton said that he had found that the Africans “struggle resisting the urge to re-offend.”

“We are finding that we are arresting the same young people again and again and again…We’re hearing it’s easier for them to deal drugs than to deal with the bureaucracy of Centrelink’ [the job agency]. For them it’s easier to steal than to work.”

Typically, the “summit” came up with a number of useless liberal “suggestions” on how to tackle the African crime wave, including “”opening lines of communication to young offenders, finding new ways to rehabilitate rather than jail, and better resourcing of youth services.”

All of these “measures” will have no effect whatsoever, because they fail to address the real cause of nonwhite crime, which is the same in every Western country, namely the inability of heterogeneous societies to form any degree of social cohesiveness which is the only guarantor of stability.

The deliberate importation of low-IQ individuals in large numbers to any advanced Western society which requires a high degree of adaptability and intelligence to fit in, can result in nothing else but the creation of a criminal underclass which can never be “reformed.”

Although Commissioner Ashton’s summit will never admit it, the only solution for the African crime wave is to halt and reverse African immigration to Australia.

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      1. Our brother nations in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, America and Canada, forced us in South Africa
        to integrate, end segregation. They told us we are all the same, blacks,whites etc……we had over 300 years
        experience that proved,that we are not the same. Yet you forced us, look at the sh.t we are in now.

        How many thousands of us have been murdered these last 23 years. We never wanted it either.
        Multiculturalism does not work, it never will.

        1. Frank, you certainly made a great point. australia now has an African problem. White people simply can’t live with third world people.

        2. Right Frank, however the Ausies are getting the hint of a taste of what is to come. Wait until those refugees refugees find out that they have more rights than the Ausies. Up till now there don’t appear to have been any violent house invasions where the entire family has been tortured and butchered for fun. No boundries, ineffective laws and rampant liberalism will be paid for in their own blood (hope not), but this scenario has played out wherever there are significant numbers and easy people,

    1. Reaping what you sow?So another words you are saying we should not take anymore refugees from Africa because they cause trouble all over the world?You are right we should send them all back

    2. Why are they not deported when they commit crimes especially reoffenders, why should Australia keep them if they are criminals. In fact how do we know they weren’t already criminals?

  1. These people know nothing else but crime, they shouldn’t have been allowed into the country, at the moment the Police seem powerless to do anything about them and they don’t fear the law, perhaps is they started to deport them it might send a message but I doubt it.

    1. Send them to The EU where they’ll be welcomed with open arms & allowed to do as they please.
      The Europeans have been told they just have to accept the new ways of Europe so everyone will be happy.

      However here in Australia the population is not happy and will nor accept this. Remember what happened to a lot of uppity Lebanese in Cronulla? It’s going to happen again, soon!

      The current government knows what happens when the electorate get pissed off and are busy passing laws to jail terror activists for life.
      It’s a reasonable start but deportations of perpetrators & their whole families ( grandpa & Grandma included) would be a real deterrent.
      Assets of deportees should also be forfeited to the state to pay repeat ions to victims. Time to get really tough & nasty!

    2. I have seen them in “action”. They have absolutely, positively NO fear!
      They’d have to be TAUGHT fear, but they’re not, so they are not fearful, as sensible people are.

  2. The story is about African thugs in Melbourne but the picture is outside Central Station in Sydney, so there is a problem in both cities, Somalis and Sudanese are completely lawless some of the outer suburbs of Sydney are like some African cities.

  3. “struggle resisting the urge to re-offend.”? It is impossible for the Blacks to avoid crime. Crime is endemic throughout the Black community, it is a natural expression of their ‘Blackness’ and as such it should be cherished and encouraged as an important cultural difference. Naturally, the Blacks will strive to retain some practical semblance of their lives before arriving in Australia. If the demented multiculturalists amongst the Australian public haven’t made these observations yet, Australia, you have that to come!
    Aussies, look to the USA to see what your future holds for you.

  4. These migrants will never fit in. They are WMD. So sad that politicians allow these migrants to come to civilized countries and cause mayhem. All part of the bigger plan.

  5. Another beautiful country being ruined
    by racial dilution pollution. I would like
    to know which group and individuals
    brought this garbage in. I was in
    New Zealand recently. I hope this does
    not happen to NZ another absolutely
    gorgeous country.

    1. NZ is about the same. Who brings the said element in? Isn’t it the ruling elite, and isn’t the latter predominantly of British extraction?

  6. It’s been said on other threads, over 90% of these people are not fit for any sort of work above manual labour and most employers have very little of that available even for their own countrymen and women, let alone the economic migrants. Sadly, the public have no proper representatives that will fight their corner, and we all know what will happen if you decide to deal with one of them yourself.

    1. I have an idea, give them a £ for every brownsnake they bring in. Tell ’em they have to grab them by the nose to catch ’em.
      Also, tell ’em you’ll give ’em 2£ for every tunnel web spider and that they need to catch them by the front legs.

  7. …and the hapless Aussies have no way to defend themselves against these invaders as they allowed themselves to be disarmed.

  8. Its happening right here in Norway- more and more Blacks being shipped in. I keep telling people there will be trouble but no one here has any experiance living in the same borders with black people. Norwegians still worship them like some kind of nature god thinking if we can all appease them enough they will be nice to us. Just get ready to rumble.

  9. I am heartily sick of liberals and politicians from civilised countries who constantly make excuses for criminal behaviour of blacks. The code that the majority of blacks live by, understand and perpetrate is violence and criminality which they mete out to others. Punishment has to match the crime to even begin to instil a modicum of respect for others. Soft treatment and understanding just doesn`t work with lowlife. Both are a standing joke which blacks constantly use to their advantage.
    Bring back the birch, harsh punishment regimes and the death penalty – no liberal intervention allowed and no get-out clauses.
    Lowlifes are then free to make their own lifestyle choice fully aware of the consequences.

  10. Police arrest mostly under age offenders in connection with house break-ins and car jackings. The gangs use kids because they can’t be prosecuted fully and within days (literally) the same offenders are back committing crimes, or a new gang of youths violently invades a house. As I write this another overnight violent home invasion took place and is being reported. Sadly, there is no stopping this and it now appear the ‘run through’ during the Moomba festival earlier in the year announced the gang’s openly violent activities.
    Importantly, the government and people turned on the police and vilified them for profiling African youth. The law backed off arresting Sudanese some years ago (mirroring the Chicago and ‘Blacklivesmatter’ fiasco), so the Africans grew in confidence and numbers. Victoria is now building a new gaol to house the growing Sudanese and Islander offenders, yet the liberal bleeding hearts are telling Australians these people bring economic benefits. Go figure.

  11. Why aren’t African refugees resettled in African countries? Why the hell are they shipped into Western countries? I’m so sick of this.

  12. Treason is defined in the UK as: (The crime of) showing no loyalty to your country, especially by helping its enemies or trying to defeat its government:

    Silly me! I always thought it was the first function of a Government, yes, its overriding principle, to protect its citizens singularly and en masse. We are witnessing a failure of most Governments in the so-called, ‘Developed’ world to achieve this essential principle. I would call that Treason.
    If the current influx of Third-World and so-called, ‘Refugees’ is not halted soon and reversed pretty quickly, the ‘Developed’ World will become ‘Undeveloped’ equally as quickly. It has to be that way as a result of dilution since these people have no desire to conform and fit in – they simply want to impose their miserable (and very different) lifestyles on the rest of us. The number of contributors to the TNO who are witnessing this deterioration worldwide and reporting it is growing exponentially. Until the politicians responsible for advancing the cause of ‘Multiculturalism’ and ‘Cultural diversity’ are removed from their positions in Governments nothing will change.

    1. It is for me i cannot stand communism and those who support it, and a lot of Australian born chinese do support Communist China and the communist regime so yes it is a problem

  13. There is one good, permanent answer to the gang problem…Send them back to Africa. Australia does NOT need these uncontrollable, criminals here. They are so young, already following their elder brothers, what will they be like in 5-10 yrs? Murderers, rapists, hardened criminals…Be tough, take the unpopular, hard decision for all of the Australian people. Don’t be afraid to make the tough choices, get a back bone…

  14. these people can be deported all the courts have to do is if they are born here then the parents need to be deported along with their unwanted family members . job done

  15. The reason blacks want to leave Africa is because they have ruined it so now they need to go to new countries to leach off . We left Zimbabwe 35 years ago because the blacks had destroyed Rhodesia as it was known with the aid of the Western world ,notably Australia, under the arch socialist Malcolm Fraser. Now the scum have follwed us and now busy destroying Australia. Blacks are good at one thing and that is reproducing , they and the North Africans will destroy Europe and Western civilisation and weak and useless white socialists are to blame.

  16. Deport them back to Sudan. You cannot take refugee-camp mentality and put it into first world living. It was hard enough for white, English speaking, British defendants with money to adapt. How could they ever?

  17. A lot of these Africans are also born in refugee camps, yet we give them asylum. Why? History has now proven that we do not solve the problem of the 3rd and 4th world by bringing the people onto our shores. As for aid for Africa…. teach the man how to fish and you feed him for life. What has the western world done for decades? give food. This creates dependency big time!! Let these people solve their own problems, let them solve their own civil wars. Why we even get involved beats me. These people have been killing each other since the beginning, what makes us the do gooding bleeding hearts that they can save them?

  18. All of them MUST be deported – No courts, No lawyers – just throw them out from our country!
    Save the bright and peaceful future for our children!
    And our PMs and Premiers, who have brought them here MUST pay for their deportation!
    God won’t save Australia, if we will play with this POLITCORRECTNESS.

  19. Oh my God is this the end Because of our stupid politicians we the people have to suffer?Our generation and the future generation is going to suffer because of Australian Canadian,American and rest of E.U countries who’s politicians who don’t care to atleast see whats really happening around the world.its planned Muslim Invation folks and our identity culture all is going to vanish only countries like India will be able to survive but that too with pakistan as its neighbour cannot fight back fanatic muslims God save us

    1. rick, these politicans know exactly what is happening and what they are doing it for. The NWO is the issue to them and they have all signed on to it . Look up the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan and do some reading but prepare to feel your blood boil when you realize it s happening right before your eyes.

  20. The only option is to send the perpetrators of home invasions either to jail or back to their home land, and not just them but their entire family. Who ever heard of home invasions ten years ago? For those of us that are bleating about racism tell me that after your home or a family members home has been targeted by these individuals. Another home invasion occured yesterday where the resident was hit in the head with an axe. Are you kidding me? Why would we as a nation even contemplate not taking some hard core punishment to the perpetrators of such crimes. I for one are sick of hearing about the crimes that are being carried out by these low lifes. The government must act NOW! Get the message out there that these crimes will not be tolerated.

  21. It is good to read the views of readers on the subject of crimes by these black Africans . If the locals committ crimes they are dealt with sometimes harshly or as we say “Punishment must fit the crimes.” In Australia, a relatively wealthy country and had been somewhat peaceful, it is extremely alarming to note crimes are committed for no obvious reasons except that after observing these so called “REFUGEES” , we are convinced that we have brought in criminals in the name of “REFUGEES.” Let us not pretend or try to justify the reasons behind their crimes. we have found out after seeing these and observing these young criminals that more than 60% should not be considered as Refugees and they definitely are not refugees.

    We have hundreds of thousands of our own people, genuine Australians are ” Homeless”, very poor, disabled, helpless and vulnerable and if we believe in “CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME” THEN OUR PEOPLE thousands of them have worked and paid taxes and served our country in someway and they must be given priority, but they are left to Charity Organisations while those undeserved and undesirable ones are looked after in the name of refugees. Australians are waking up to these facts and once they realise that our very people are on deprived list and criminals on provide list there will be a problem for the governments. We want peace , safety and security in our homes , in our towns and cities and in our country and sadly we don’t have those any more , instead we have danger lurking every where . And the source of these calamitiesand dangers are the very people who we gave refuge and protection. I am sure thousands of readers will agree with me when I suggest we send ALL the trouble makers back to where they have come from. We won’t stand and watch our country being destroyed, used as killing field and a playground for criminals. we will rise one day and tell everybody that we had “ENOUGH.” Send these criminals back!!!!

  22. If our politicians , leaders included, remind us that we are signatory to the United Nations Charters for Human Rights, we just tell them that we have over 21 millions humans in our country and it is the moral duty of the governments to ensure their human rights are protected. We have not surrendered our rights to anyone else whether refugees or just migrants. It is up to us to decide who should come to our country and United Nations can go to hell. And to the States, Territories and the Federal governments I very strongly suggest that no FIREARMS be issued to any ex refugees, any Muslims at any time.

  23. You people, especially the bleedin’ ‘earts, don’t realize what you’ve done by accepting these people into your country.
    I can tell you from a lifetime of experience (75 years), that’s what they do. They steal, rape, car-jack, murder, etc., and you people, like our liberals, democRats and RINOs (republicans in name ONLY), have condoned their behavior.
    Welcome to the Washington, DC, and other inner city syndrome.

  24. There are a number of Muslim Sudanese illegal migrants in detention on Manus Island at this moment. Don’t let them in!!!

  25. Sadly I believe we’re on the verge of another “CRONULLA ” incident in the near future.
    Our patience is just about at its limit. We are an accomadting society that wants cohesion with our newest arrivals and generally wants them to prosper, however our tolerance has been eroded by their absolute distain of authority and recent disgusting behaviour.

  26. Now they are attacking Jewellery stores in Melbourne.
    Even the head of the Sudanese community says the only thing that would ever stop these youth criminals is the threat of them being returned to Africa, but current Aussie politicians like Shorten and Turnbull do not have the balls to even consider this.
    As Father Brown says “THEY SEE TARMAC AND GET EXCITED”.
    Thank you Liberal and Labor for bringing them here and endangering me and my families life, thank you very much.
    Aussies seem bewildered when a US president is voted in on the platform of “make the country great again”. When we get someone like Bolt or Bernadi to take control the Liberal and Labor Parties will just be memories (who in their rights mind would ever vote Liberal or Labor again ????), certainly no true Aussies would.

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