Afrikaner Orania Delegation Received by Members of the Dutch and Flemish Parliaments

A delegation from the Afrikaner self-determination community of Orania has conducted what it called a “highly successful” promotional tour in Europe, and was received by, among others, members of the Dutch and Flemish parliaments.

The delegation, led by the head of the Orania movement, Carel IV Boshoff, set out to explain the purpose and rationale of the Afrikaner town—which grows larger by the month—to interested Europeans.

“The team is very happy with the results of their discussions and the feedback they have received,” an official statement on the Orania website said.


Above left, Carel IV Boshoff, president of the Orania Movement, and his Chief Executive Jaco Kleynhans, in discussion with members of the Dutch Parliament in The Hague, capital of Holland.

“We have expectations of greater co-operation going into the future,” the Orania statement continued.

Earlier, the Orania team visited the European Union head offices in Brussels, and then met with members of the Flemish parliament as guests of the “Vriendenkring Vlaams Zuid-Afrika” in the Flemish assembly.

Later that same evening, a large crowd turned out to hear Carel Boshoff deliver a speech on Orania and its plans for the future.


Most recently, the Orania team was hosted by a “Friend of Orania” group in South Tyrol. According to the Orania statement, there is great enthusiasm for Orania in South Tyrol. Members of the Friends of Orania in that region have in the past given regular donations for social projects in the town.

* Orania is an attempt by Afrikaners seeking self-determination in South Africa to create the basis upon which they might at some future stage be able to create an independent Afrikaner state.

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  1. I am truly interested in Orania as a born and bred South African, whose children and husband protected South Africa when they had to, I am pleased to see that someone is listening to the Afrikaner. I actually would like to know how to make application to live there myself.

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