“Aid” to Israel: New Court Move

The blatantly illegal American government’s “aid” to Israel might come to an end sooner than expected after the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy’s (IRmep) filed a new urgent application on November 28.

The motion aims to block all payments pending the outcome of an earlier and ongoing lawsuit over the matter.


According to the motion, filed in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, the temporary injunction is necessary because the “plaintiff is likely to prevail on the merits” of the case, and it is therefore in the public interest that the subject of the suit—“aid” to Israel—be halted pending the court’s final decision.

According to the lawsuit, filed in August and amended in November 2016, U.S. aid to Israel is illegal because it violates longstanding amendments to the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961.

The Symington and Glenn amendments ban or subject to mandatory waivers U.S. foreign aid to countries with nuclear weapons programs that have not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

As Israel has nuclear weapons and refuses to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, U.S. foreign aid to the Jewish ethnostate is clearly illegal in terms of the U.S. government’s own laws.

Although this legal situation has been obvious for decades, the power of the Jewish lobby in Washington D.C. has been able to suppress all legal challenges until now.

The original IRmep case is legally watertight, but the controlled media has ignored the ongoing court case as it fundamentally challenges the Jewish lobby’s control over the U.S. government—and anybody who even dares mention that aspect of Jewish Supremacy is labelled an “anti-Semite.”

The new motion points out that since the presidency of Richard Nixon, “nuclear ambiguity” has been the de facto law of the land in a foreign policy decision made by executive decision, rather than a specific law.

In other words, the new motion says, all U.S. presidents since Nixon onward have simply overridden the Symington and Glenn amendments through “executive decision” foreign policy rulings.

But, the motion continues, the U.S. Constitution’s “Take Care Clause,” (U.S. CONST. art. II, § 3, cl. 5) specifically forbids such executive lawmaking and the “Presidents unilateralism is procedurally and substantively unlawful.”

Furthermore, the motion says, without a preliminary injunction halting the aid, the government will “continue to refuse to properly respond to Plaintiff’s sunshine law requests for benign information, particularly under the Freedom of Information Act.”

IRmep has noted that various government agencies are under executive orders not to cooperate with any media or Freedom of Information requests regarding the exact details of “aid” to Israel, and “if this conduct is allowed to continue, it will be more difficult to obtain a claw back of illegal aid once the Defendants divvy aid up between military contractors in the United States and Israel after a December omnibus bill mandates funding.”

The original suit filed in September noted that that the Obama administration committed to providing $3.8 billion per year to Israel over ten years. This secret “memorandum of understanding” replaces an expiring MOU signed by the Bush administration.

The lawsuit also demanded that a gag order passed by the Obama administration in 2012 prohibiting federal employees and contractors from discussing or releasing government information about Israel’s clandestine nuclear weapons program be overturned.

The decision to enjoin is up to D.C. District Court Judge Tanya Chutkan, who is handling a number of related plaintiff cases.

A statement issued by IRmep pointed out that it had won release of a Department of Defense report detailing Israel’s nuclear weapons infrastructure and quest for the hydrogen bomb in a 2014 lawsuit, and in a separate lawsuit, IRmep’s plaintiff won release of files indicating that the CIA withheld information from an FBI investigation into the unlawful diversion of U.S. weapons-grade uranium to Israel.

The IRmep statement also noted that their original lawsuit aims to “claw back” $234 billion in foreign aid unlawfully delivered to Israel since the laws preventing it went into effect.

“A public opinion poll cited in the lawsuit indicates most Americans would rather spend such funds on caring for veterans, education or paying down the national debt,” the IRmep statement said, concluding with the remark that an “economic analysis reveals that Israel foreign aid generates far fewer U.S. jobs (7,000) than would spending on U.S. infrastructure (30,000).”

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  1. Now who wouldn’t that make sense to? Israel is like a whole nation on US Welfare. But we are just one. Consider all the money they extort from so many other nations.

  2. How DO they do it ? And more to the point – how do they always get away with it?
    Israel deceitfully manipulated “Aid” payments over many years aided and abetted by successive US presidents who actually colluded with them to fleece the US.
    “Political discourse has become so rotten that it’s no longer possible to tell the stench of one presidential candidate from the stink of another. “P. J. O’Rourke
    Indeed !!

  3. Its even worse than it appears on the surface. Granted, it’s infuriating enough to see this entire nation of blood sucking vampires loafing while the American tax payers are robbed out of their hard earned money and being forced to support this entire nation of leeches. But, I’ve done some digging into this subject using the WRMEA website and found out that these parasites have somehow managed to force the US Government to hand over their ENTIRE annual foreign aid sum on January 1st of each other in a gigantic lump sum. And, since the US government doesn’t have that kind of money on hand – they have to BORROW it from the jewish owned and controlled Federal Reserve, whereupon those jewish bankers then charge INTEREST on that borrowed money.

    The Israeli vampires then put that massive lump sum in the bank and collect multiple millions of dollars of interest on it, to add to the already gargantuan swindle of the American taxpayers. Oh, and here is another wrinkle that I learned about. The Israelis take a percentage of the money that they steal from the American taxpayers and funnel it back into the US and use it to bribe / buy our US politicians via these PACs that donate to their campaigns. In other words, these conniving rats have a system set up where the American taxpayers are being forced to pay for their own enslavement to a foreign nation.

    Thus, when we see our treasonous US Congress voting to increase foreign aid to Israel – what they are actually doing is voting to raise the amount of our money that the Israelis will be able to funnel back into
    the US in order to influence our elections and keep their puppet politicians in office.

    1. Well said, Tucker. We pay for our own brainwashing going forward and backward. I cannot stomach MSM cable news anymore… so rife with propagandists. I’ve been carefully noting who the guests are (80% Jewish) and listening to was is, and more importantly, what isn’t being said. They really have the majority of us by the short hairs. Take a good look at the CFR and who their doners are. A veritable murderers row. We need a major sea change and quickly… beginning with kicking all of Congress out the door.

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