Air China Warns of Nonwhite Crime in London

The inflight magazine of Air China, Asia’s third largest airline, has advised its passengers to avoid the Indian, Pakistani, and black areas of London, and said that women should never go out alone for fear of being attacked.

The article, written in Wings of China in English and Chinese, added: “We advise tourists not to go out alone at night, and females always to be accompanied by another person when travelling.”

The featured piece on travel in the UK capital told its readers: “London is generally a safe place to travel, however precautions are needed when entering areas mainly populated by Indians, Pakistanis, and black people.”


The warning—which has of course been attacked as “racist” by liberals—is based on crime statistics produced by London’s Metropolitan Police going back to 2010 which showed that more than half of suspects charged in London over robbery and knife-point muggings last year are black.

In 2010, the “Met” statistics showed that 7,956 people were taken to court for robbery during the 12 months to the end of March of whom 55 percent were black. Just under a third of suspects were white, while 11 percent were Asian [in U.K. terminology Asian means Indian and Pakistani].

Three out of five of the 1,613 suspects charged with knife-point muggings were also black, compared with 27 percent white and 10 percent Asian.

The police figures also confirmed Air China’s warnings about areas dominated by nonwhites. The figures also showed that Westminster had the highest number of robberies, and neighboring Southwark had the most knifepoint muggings—all areas with large invader populations.

Other UK government figures show that blacks in London are 4.5 times more likely to be searched in London than white people—but this statistic is the product of a larger black propensity to criminal activity, rather than the oft-claimed “racism” on the part of the police.

The Met’s figures showed that in some of the worst affected boroughs for muggings and knifepoint robberies, the proportion of black people charged last year was significantly higher.

In black-overrun Lambeth and Lewisham, for example, three-quarters of those taken to court for robbery were black, while in Southwark the proportion was 69 percent, although in Westminster black suspects accounted for 37 percent of the 495 people charged.

Across the capital, 4,363 of the alleged robbers charged were black, compared with 2,166 “white north Europeans,” 360 “white south Europeans” and 860 Asians. The rest were Middle Eastern, Chinese, Japanese, southeast Asian, or of “unknown” ethnicity.

Separate figures for people charged for “knife-enabled robberies”—in which a victim is either shown a blade or told that the offender is carrying one—show that 967 of the 1,613 alleged offenders in 2010 were black. That represents 60 percent.

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  1. and of the white robbers, what portion is Anglo-Celtic? I expect it is just a fraction.

    yet on uk news yesterday, non-stop sob story for the invaders crossing from Liba. The media don’t even pretend these people are refugees now, interviewing a Nigerian!

  2. Funny, the Chinese have no qualms about being “racist” they just say what they want. Imagine if this was Air Canada or American Airlines?

  3. I fully agree that people should be warned of impending danger and the perpetrators of such danger must be described in detail. This warning is acceptable to the leftie pc cultural marxist retards because the authors thereof are not White Westerners.

  4. Such a shame that visitors/tourists have to be warned about the non-whites. They are ruining everything they come in contact with.

  5. Well of course CHINA must warn its people,years of non white immigration have taken their toll .Everyone in the world should be aware of the police cover up of the pakistani grooming gangs in their rape of young white girls ,take no heed of the politically correct left wing trash that runs my native country and be careful……terry

  6. It’s not RACISM it’s REALISM.

    In all the cities of the world it’s the same story, blacks are the leaders in crime and that’s not racism it’s realism.

    Check the statistics….or were they made up by a racist!

    Bloody arseholes, when these lefties wake up?? P

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